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The importance of Machine Learning in digital planning

Gustavo Goncalves
Gustavo Goncalves

Mar 29, 2023

The importance of Machine Learning in digital planning - 4revops

Years ago, when it came to technology, it seemed impossible to think that a machine would be able to solve problems and make decisions without human intervention. But today, with Machine Learning, this is already a reality.

The tool, which is one of the greatest technological advances in recent years, shows that it is possible to use machines to optimize your process and can be a great ally in your strategy of inbound marketing.

Ok, maybe at this point in the text, you are asking yourself: "how will a machine know the best decision for my company?". The answer to this and other questions, you find in this post!

Continue reading and find out what machine learning is, what is its importance and how to start a business online using technology to your advantage.

In this post you will see:

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What is Machine Learning?

Translated, Machine Learning is an English term that means “machine learning”. In practice, technology, which is an offshoot of Artificial intelligence, allows machines to make decisions by reading data.

That is, the software analyzes a large volume of information 24 hours a day and, based on that, it can identify patterns and automate processes, without depending on a person for this.

What types of Machine Learning?

Okay, now that you understand how this new technology works, it's time to move forward on the subject and get to know the four types of Machine Learning, which are:

  • Supervised learning;
  • Unsupervised learning;
  • Semi-supervised learning;
  • Reinforcement learning.

Continue reading and learn in detail about each of these four types.

Supervised learning:

 Supervised learning occurs when the machine receives labeled data. In practice, a professional enters data from different classifications to teach the system. In this way, the software is based on this information to analyze and provide answers.

Unsupervised learning:

Unlike the previous method, in this type of Machine Learning, there is no labeled data or previous information passed to the system. Basically, in this model, the software acts alone to identify patterns and characteristics, and from there find logic among the information.

Semi-supervised learning:

Combining the two types of Machine Learning that we mentioned earlier, the semi-supervised method is used when there is a large amount of information to be analyzed, but not all of it has labels.

In this case, there is no way to analyze everything collected in a supervised way, and this is where the third method comes in: semi-supervised. In summary, this type of Machine Learning can analyze both pieces of information, whether they are labeled or not.

Reinforcement learning:

Finally, the fourth and last method used is reinforcement learning. Based on experience, the machine learns through trials and according to its mistakes and successes, it finds the best strategies.

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How important is Machine Learning to your company?

As we mentioned earlier, Machine Learning arrived precisely to optimize procedures and make them even more humanized. But, those are not its only benefits.

With the strengthening of the digital market and more and more people connected, there is a sea of ​​information online. There are thousands of pieces of data every day and the big question is: what to do with all of it? This is where Machine Learning comes into play.

Com o Machine Learning, Big Data and Analytics, it is possible to analyze collected data and use it in your favor. Such a technological advance allows machines to learn by themselves to process all this information.

In this way, the system is capable of anticipating possible problems, solving some situations, giving answers to specific commands, contributing to strategic decision-making, identifying whether the content offered has been useful or not, and even proposing suggestions according to the profile of the user.

Machine Learning in action!

An example of Machine Learning in practice are the ads you see on Google or the content suggestions that appear on Netflix. I bet most of them show up at the right time when you need that service or want to know more about a certain product.

When that happens, it even seems that the platform knows your tastes or that someone has read your mind, the recommendations are so assertive. But the truth is that this is only possible thanks to Machine Learning, which collects and analyzes all your information frequently.

Another example of using Machine Learning is in traffic applications, such as Waze. The platform uses new technology to analyze user data, patterns and identify the best route for the driver. You can already see that Machine Learning is very present in your daily life, right?

What are the benefits of Machine Learning?

Now that you have managed to visualize how this tool works in practice, you must be wondering: what are the benefits for your company, am I right?

Although we have mentioned major brands here, the new technology brings numerous advantages regardless of its segment.

In addition to being able to be applied in the referral system, Machine Learning can help increase your engagement through more assertive content for each profile and direct your Digital Marketing team through reports with insights. 

But it does not stop there! In addition to streamlining your processes and allowing your team to focus on other procedures, with Machine Learning, you can perfect your chatbot and prepare you for an even more personalized service and with natural language processing.

Not to mention that, with this great technological advance, you have an unlimited data process. That is, in this way, your company is not only constantly learning and following up on your lead, but it can also improve its strategies.

Hubspot and Machine Learning: allies in your Digital Marketing strategy!

If you invest in your company's Marketing, you should already know that a Marketing Software CRM is essential to your strategy. In addition to improving the capture and retention process, a good CRM platform can save you time and reduce unnecessary costs.

Here at Mkt4edu we use theHubspot, one of the best software in the world. The free platform has several resources that can help with your strategies. But, do you know what they are? Next, we will explain what hubspot is and how software can make all the difference to your business.

What is Hubspot and how can it contribute to your strategies?

Based on the concept of Inbound Marketing, the Hubspot is a CRM capable of integrating all your marketing, sales and support professionals in one place. The software allows your entire team to be connected with each other and aligned with each step of the consumer journey.

The platform also unites its contact and customer base to facilitate information control, and with the use of Machine Learning, allows the system to collect and analyze advanced data, and optimize various activities.

With a simple and intuitive interface, dynamic and personalized analysis dashboards, and the possibility of integration with other platforms, it is possible to promote an increasingly efficient and personalized management.

In addition, with CRM from Hubspot combined with technological advances, such as Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, you can configure your chatbots to promote faster and more humanized service.

It's time to transform your results with Mkt4edu!

Used correctly, this duo, Hubspot and Machine Learning, can have a big impact on your strategies. But, it is clear that to achieve such results it is essential to have a team specialized not only in software, but also in Inbound strategies.

When it comes to technology and innovation in the world of Marketing, Mkt4edu is a reference in the subject. We use the Hubspot platform within our company and with our customers, and as a result, we were elected for the second consecutive year, a reference in Latin America in terms of results using Hubspot.

In addition, we are experts in attracting and retaining strategies using AI, and we have already tested more than 200 different software, always looking for the latest to add to Digital Marketing strategies.

If you are just starting out in the world of Marketing and want to know more about Mkt4edu, access the Our site and learn more about our strategic plans and the technologies we use.

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