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What is Revenue Operations (RevOps) and how does it work?

Gustavo Goncalves
Gustavo Goncalves

Dec 23, 2022

RevOps is divided into 3 sectors: marketing, sales and customer success. Its role is to ensure that these distinct sectors are well aligned to increase the revenues generated.

Since the objective is to attract new customers or increase the average number of customer tickets with new products, it always focuses on improving the customer experience with a unique and personalized service.

The analysis, monitoring and of KPI's (Key Performance Indicator) data for each client is the most important principle of RevOps, since it is through these identifiers that we can extract relevant data for our leads and target audience, which will enable the optimization of the sales process.

Basically, this is RevOps (Revenue Operations), which is nothing more than the alignment between departments of your company that allows you to improve the analysis of the collected data, increase the generation of leads and make all the difference in each step of the process for your customers.

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What is Revenue Operations (RevOps)?

RevOps is about unifying departments (marketing, sales and customer success) to better manage processes, create more cohesive strategic plans, and monitor the performance of your marketing campaigns.

Providing more effective analyzes when converting your leads and creating better proposals to be offered to customers, improving your relationship.

In summary, it will be a facilitating factor to improve your results by enabling processes more proactively. Enabling the creation of strategic plans in which the collected data and insights are available to all three departments.

Revenue Operations (RevOps): How does it work?

The top priority for RevOps is the integration and centralization of work across sectors. This change will require processes to become more dynamic. And that’s why the use of a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform will be essential for these new processes to be, in fact, implemented in a cohesive and well-organized manner.

This integration foresees that the individual objectives of each sector will still be different, but their structures will be modified, since now the focus on alignment between them must be a priority, in order to guarantee a better customer experience.

For example, departments like marketing, sales, and customer success aim for a better lifecycle for customers. Therefore, if this factor is defined as a priority, the other departments must establish metrics that are beneficial to that priority in question. Adopting the use of digital tools aimed at the best enchantment of its customers and leads.

Alignment between all departments is the ultimate goal here, as sharing information and data will provide much more fruitful analysis and insights. And the correct implementation of RevOps is the key factor for marketing strategies to be more effective and focused on customer success.

How can RevOps impact my customers?

One concept to consider when implementing RevOps is understanding the best way to attract, engage, and delight our customers and leads. Therefore, establishing a language and an attitude that captivates them during your marketing campaign and at all stages of the buying journey is an indispensable practice.

Based on the assumption that a customer's buyer’s journey can be seen as a funnel, in which this customer, after going through the entire purchase process, will no longer be a relevant factor for the business in question, since this customer is located only at the top of the funnel and the due attention that should be given to all customers, in this case, starts and ends right here.

This is a misguided practice and will only give priority to customers who are at the beginning of their buyer’s journey. Something that can be harmful to your company, as it implies that there is not much importance in keeping those who are already customers.

While in the concept of a flywheel, in which the customer will always be at the center of it and in contact with the stages of attraction, involvement and delight that your company or service provides to him, is, in fact, the model to follow. Because it will add more value to your business and to that customer in question.

Centralizing your processes around your customer will make them have a more humane perception of your company and, consequently, become your main marketing tool, as satisfied customers generate better business and results and, even, can become positive references of your brand.

The attraction can be done through emails, bots, live chats and messaging applications, so that, then, the engagement of leads may turn into proper conversions. And then, when it's time to delight your customers, forward emails and marketing pieces that are relevant at the right time and to the right person. Something that can have an incredible impact on conversion of new customers.

And this process can be optimized by implementing RevOps, because, through the strategic planning it provides, in addition to the integration of your team for a single purpose, it will ensure that the customer experience is much more pleasant. Which can generate more revenue as practices are successfully executed during your marketing campaigns.

RevOps and the digital marketplace

With the constant growth of the digital market, the relationship between customers and prospects with companies and brands is becoming increasingly relevant, since the strengthening of this relationship allows the collection of valuable data about these customers and, consequently, allows the development of a much more reliable buyer persona for your business.

Armed with this information, optimizing it to convert quality leads to your business is a priority.

However, just knowing who your target audience is is not enough, as the way you communicate or interact with your buyer personas can make all the difference, in the same way that incorporating tools such as chatbots can facilitate the use of the your company's website and access to more specific information that customers might want to find.

As customer service has become faster and even immediate, it's important to make these processes viable as they can generate great leads and conversions.

Trends are fickle and constantly changing, so a well-crafted revenue marketing plan for your sales strategy will require in-depth knowledge of your prospects and buyer personas.

And this can actually be achieved through RevOps, since, with it, the quantification of relevant information about your customers becomes more tangible and ensures a better course of action to better engage your customers. And always remember that the customer's success is also your success.

Organization tools

In order for departments to achieve the best results in a unified manner and for strategies to be objectively created, it is important to emphasize the use of the correct tools when implementing RevOps, therefore, having a CRM platform on which departments can have access to your customer and lead data and relationships is essential.

Hubspot, for example, provides in its CRM system not only contact management tools, but also a series of functionalities, such as real-time activity analysis, prospect tracking and many others. Considering that the platform allows data collection to be done in a simple and integrated manner among all departments of your company, facilitating communication between employees and access to important information.

By implementing the tools available on the platform in your assignments, your team will have easy access to your customers' most important data and make it easier to put your marketing strategy into practice. Not to mention how easy it is to share insights from each department and how best to use them to attract, engage and delight your customers.

Why implement RevOps in your company?

RevOps is first and foremost a tool that will streamline your processes and align your teams even more. Without losing focus on generating more revenue by capturing quality leads.

 Here are some of the advantages and benefits that RevOps will give you:

Creating better processes

With the integration of all departments through a CRM platform, new processes that are simpler and more dynamic will replace the old ones, eliminating bureaucratic loops and saving time.

Understand what really works

Data mapping of your customers, leads and prospects is very important. Therefore, knowing what type of content should be forwarded to each of them is essential. Something that can be facilitated through RevOps, as it allows a better interpretation of this data and how best to assign content to each type of customer.

Data organization

A good CRM platform, like Hubspot, will give you the support you need to access metrics and other important information in a simple and practical way. And RevOps is the path that will always lead to organizing that data.

Integrated tools

The acquisition, implementation and management of relevant RevOps tools for your company or business enables better control over the activities of all departments and can also reduce costs.

Optimize to delight

Considering, finally, that RevOps aims at customer centricity and a better understanding of how they behave in relation to your company or brand, optimizing your processes will be the key to attracting, engaging and delighting this customer.

Since this process can bring many benefits to you and your company, it is of great value to always evaluate how to integrate processes and simplify your customers' buyer’s journey, always seeking to make the experience pleasant and memorable.

A dissatisfied customer will never recommend your brand, even if your product or service is great. The differential that will retain this customer and bring him to your brand will depend on how you will approach him and, above all, how you meet his needs. On top of that, really captivating your customer based on real data that is relevant to him is the most important foundation of RevOps, because, over time, your customers will become your best marketing asset. And it is through word of mouth that they will spread your brand name and add value to your company.

To learn more about RevOps, Inbound and many other methodologies and tools that can make a difference for you and your business, visit our website and check out our articles to learn more about how to best delight your customers.

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