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Want to reduce your team's manual work by using the right technology to optimize time and increase efficiency?


With Mkt4Edu's Automation services, you can! To improve our customers' internal processes, we use the HubSpot Marketing Hub, the best tool on the market responsible for triggering agreements with the created flows.

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Our biggest goal is to deliver maximum results to our customers!

Always looking for the best tools to optimize processes, our team is always attuned to the possibilities that can make goals come true.

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What to expect from automation for your company?

  • 01. Automated flow triggering

    By designing a flow, the different steps and responses can be automated to ease the submission process and ensure delivery for all leads. In addition, it is possible to configure the layout and the space between the shooting days.

  • 02. Lead scoring

    Performing a lead ranking, the software is able to classify contacts according to their profile and interest, that is, to understand which ones are more advanced in the sales funnel stage, enabling a more effective approach.

  • 03. Smart dashboards

    A good strategy is based on accurate and up-to-date data. For this, the automation tool creates intelligent dashboards and reports capable of maintaining real-time data according to selected filters.

  • 04. Lead tracking

    Need to optimize call center actions? With lead tracking, it is possible to notify the team to get in touch whenever the lead visits one of the pages categorized as important, so this contact may be more interested in the purchase.

  • 05. Application of A/B tests

    For email marketing layouts, the tool allows you to perform A/B tests to find the option that generates the most results, increasing the chances of success of the campaign in question.

  • 06. Dynamic lists

    Within your website, the lead can take different actions that can be characterized as evolutions in the sales funnel. In order for communication to follow this change, dynamic lists serve to reallocate the lead in the most appropriate flow for its placement.

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Strategic educational marketing planning, only if it's with the best!

Technology, innovation, knowledge, business intelligence and the best partners in generating marketing results. This is the panorama you will find when you get to know the MKT4EDU team up close.

We use technologies that allow us to collect, analyze and monitor data, such as Hubspot, RD Station, Sales Force, LuckyOrange and Kissmetrics, among others, to promote the success of your marketing actions and monitor the performance of your company on and offline.

If what you want is to leverage your results, get to know our team better and what we can do for your brand!


Why leave your company's strategy with Mkt4edu?

MKT4EDU is the largest educational marketing agency in Brazil, Mexico and the United States and also Hubspot's largest partner worldwide. This means that your brand can count on the best professionals in the market to develop a marketing strategy with excellence. We bring together all the marketing expertise in a highly qualified team ready to make use of the most recent and strategic technologies in the segment. Contact us and discover a new way to generate results for your capture!