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Social networks have become the great megaphone of the internet.
Anyone who wants to be seen, remembered and mentioned must maintain active communication with students, generating value, entertainment and information.

And how has your educational institution been conducting this relationship of social networks in Education?

A good social networking strategy for educational institutions takes into account the profile of the students, the characteristics of each network and, of course, its objectives.

This means that it is not enough to just publish content, it is necessary to share the right knowledge.

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Are you interacting with students?

Social media requires technology, interaction and data analysis!

58% of the Brazilian population uses social media, spending about 3h45 a day on these platforms. Among the most used, we have YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

And who is on these platforms? Exactly your audience: 12 to 24 year olds and 25 to 49 year olds are the predominant audience on social networks. This means that by working on social media marketing strategies, you are capturing the attention of those who might become a new student.

But the purpose of social media is not to sell, right? What you have to do is make them sources of traffic to your website, which is where 99% of enrollments happen.

That is why more than having a page on social networks, your educational institution needs an integrated strategy that considers all points of contact with students to work with social networks in Education.

Social media means more students and more engagement for your educational institution

What to expect from your educational institution's strategic planning

  • 01. Greater visibility for the brand

    Every day more and more students make use of social networks, making it easier to attract, interact and show that their educational institution is the best in educational solutions for them.

  • 02. More traffic to the website

    Social media is the biggest source of traffic for an educational institution, as long as you develop the best inbound marketing strategies to grab students' attention and convert them into brand advocates.

  • 03. More qualified leads

    Social networks are an excellent source of nurturing leads, preparing them for the most important moment in their relationship with your educational institution: the enrollment process.

  • 04. Lower cost of recruiting students

    When compared to other digital marketing strategies, social networks have a much lower cost in attracting students, helping to control the marketing budget and bringing better results to your campaigns.

  • 05. Greater digital presence

    If you want to reach students with your digital marketing campaigns, you must be constantly connected and be part of the mobile universe, investing in social media strategies for educational institutions.

  • 06. Less outreach efforts

    Who doesn't want to attract more students with less effort? By developing smart social media campaigns with viral content, you increase the potential of each action and reduce your outreach efforts.

  • 07. Greater engagement

    To gain visibility and more enrollments, your educational institution needs the engagement of current students. And how to achieve this? Through loyalty and engagement strategies on social networks!

  • 08. More results in less time

    The constant presence of your brand among students is vital for successful educational marketing campaigns. And the best way to stay close to students is, without a doubt, through social media!

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