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Having an excellent online positioning can be the difference between high investments in marketing to attract students or making your reputation and credibility a true enrollment machine.

When your educational institution is present in the first organic search results on Google, capturing it is even easier, since more than 90% of clicks are given in the first three positions of the SERP.

And how to get to the top of these search results? With Search Engine Optimization or, simply, SEO. After all, what is SEO?

How is your
online positioning?

SEO it is done with experienced professionals and technology

SEO is not just technique, it's intelligence

Optimizing educational institution websites for search engines cannot be restricted to simple checklists or best practices tutorials.

A true SEO strategy involves intelligence and a good deal of knowledge about your market: education. And what does it mean?

That in addition to optimizing the titles, intertitles and meta descriptions of your site, it is also necessary to anticipate what the competing institution is doing. What strategies does she use? Because? Are you generating more signups or enrollments?

SEO is a competition, so put your educational institution to train with the best professionals in the market!

What to expect from an SEO Strategy

  • 01. A responsive and intuitive website

    SEO involves a series of precautions, including design, loading speed and ease of navigation. The more user-friendly your site is, the more comfortable visitors are to stay longer.

  • 02. Visibility

    An educational institution's website is its online headquarters, so it must receive all the traffic generated by all its digital marketing actions. With the right optimization, you make your website easily found on the internet.

  • 03. More visitors

    A well-optimized website with SEO techniques becomes a real visitor magnet. Do you know why? More than 90% of all clicks on the internet are given to the first three search results.

  • 04. Most Qualified Leads

    The main objective of SEO is to attract the right leads to your educational institution, those who are ready to enroll and contribute to your results. To do so, you need to select the right words, terms and strategies.

  • 05. Greater credibility

    A credible site is one where your URLs are friendly, your meta description is clear and assertive, and users know exactly what they will find on each page. How to achieve this? With Search Engine Optimization!

  • 06. Lower cost of educational marketing

    SEO helps to reduce your educational marketing costs, especially expenses with paid advertising, or the famous sponsored links. When organic placement is good, there's no reason to spend more if you're always on the first page of Google.

  • 07. Best user experience

    SEO strategies also contribute to improving the user experience within your website. That's because, with the right tools, we can optimize from the elements that should be highlighted, to the keywords of your content!

  • 08. More enrollments

    If you receive more qualified leads and have greater credibility, enrollments arrive much faster, with less effort from your team of consultants and with better retention rates.

With RevOps, you’ll have results. Count on us to have success on Capture, Conversion and Retention.

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