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how is your

online positioning?

Having an excellent online positioning can be the difference between high investments in marketing to attract students or making your reputation and credibility a true enrollment machine.

When your educational institution is present in Google's first organic search results, capturing is even easier, as more than 90% of clicks are given in the first three positions of the SERP.

And how to get to the top of these search results? With Search Engine Optimization or simply SEO. After all, what is SEO?



SEO is not just technical, it's intelligence

Optimizing educational institutions' websites for search engines cannot be restricted to simple checklists or best practices tutorials.

A true SEO strategy involves intelligence and a good deal of knowledge about your market: the educational one. And what does it mean?

That in addition to optimizing the titles, subtitles and meta descriptions of your website, it is also necessary to anticipate what the competitor institution is doing. What strategies does she use? Why? Is it generating more applications or enrollments?

SEO is a competition, so put your educational institution to train with the best professionals on the market!