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Strategic Educational

Marketing planning, only with the best!

Technology, innovation, knowledge, business intelligence and the best partners in generating results in educational marketing. This is the panorama you will find when you get to know the MKT4EDU team up close.

We make use of technologies that allow us to collect, analyze and monitor data, such as Hubspot, RD Station, Sales Force, LuckyOrange and Kissmetrics, among others, to promote the success of your educational marketing actions and monitor the performance of your educational institution on and offline.

If what you want is success in the educational market, get to know our team better and what we can do for your educational institution!

Planning is looking to the future, predicting results and achieving them.



Getting students to an educational institution using the internet has become much easier than a few years ago.

What people are looking for online is knowledge, and if you share yours, there's nothing more natural than creating a connection with potential students.

Connection created, it's time to nurture the relationship, generate value, educate, entertain and inform this audience eager for knowledge.