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RWeb Design is a fundamental part of marketing strategies. In addition to making your website easier to navigate, whether on mobile, tablet or laptop, it also offers solutions directly linked to converting visitors into leads and then into new registrations.

In addition, Web Design is an important tool to make the dialogue with your audience more friendly. The choice of colors, fonts and the organization of information is crucial for your potential students to understand your messages and, more than that, to engage in your brand's actions.

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Web Design is creation, intelligence and technology brought together

Harmony to increase brand awareness

Part of a good marketing strategy in the educational area is to harmonize design elements in order to generate a perception of the brand with its stakeholders, whether internal or external.

In short, this means that whenever a person sees a certain set of colors, fonts and visuals, they automatically remember your brand. This strategy, when applied in online and offline environments, is capable of bringing numerous results to your educational institution.

In addition to positioning the institution as a reference, helping to attract and generate new enrollments, it helps create a more reliable environment for students and contributes to more assertive communication with employees.

What to expect from Web Design for Educational Institutions?

  • 01. Harmony of graphic elements

    Gain greater brand awareness and more assertiveness in your digital actions by harmonizing your website, email marketing, social networks, conversion pages and all other digital pieces of your educational institution.

  • 02. Increase in website conversion

    Generate more leads from the visitors you receive daily on the institution's website by adopting usability and conversion measures. Stop wasting these opportunities now with a quality Web Design!

  • 03. Increase your conversion possibilities

    Create conversion pages (landing pages) optimized for each course or segment of the institution. Combine this action with the macro strategies of your educational marketing and multiply the results.

  • 04. More results on social media

    A results-focused Web Design is able to increase engagement on your social networks, bringing more visitors to the site and increasing conversion possibilities.

  • 05. Mobile thinking

    Dialogue with your audience on your laptop, desktop, smartphone or tablet. Responsiveness is also important to improve your position on Google result pages!

  • 06. Loading speed

    Make your website and conversion pages lighter and easier to load. In addition to contributing to increased site visits, this is also an important factor in your SEO strategy.

  • 07. Increase the perception of value

    The harmony of colors and fonts, added to the organization of information and responsiveness of the pages, directly contributes to the increase in the perception of value of its products.

  • 08. Be first in Google results

    Factors such as website responsiveness and page loading speed, when combined with quality content, are critical for your educational institution to appear first in Google searches.

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