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The success of an educational institution starts with the way it communicates with the people closest to it: the students who circulate around it.

Physical media, such as billboards and graphic pieces, have a high power to impact students' perception of value in relation to an educational institution and can significantly impact enrollment.

If you want to expand the possibilities of attracting and converting students, you cannot be limited to online or offline campaigns. You need to integrate them intelligently, maximizing results.

Does your educational institution have an offline presence?

Gone are the days when it was practically impossible to collect data from outbound marketing actions. With the right tools, we can analyze everything from the effectiveness of a billboard to the performance of your service team in converting enrollments!

And of course, here at MKT4EDU, we make use of the best data analysis technologies, seeking information from online and offline sources to optimize your campaigns and attract more students to your educational institution.

With Google Adwords, we create, execute and monitor your sponsored links strategies on Google, generating more conversions every day. Your email marketing strategies are created, implemented and optimized with the help of Hubspot, the world's largest marketing automation tool!

Outbound Marketing is done with technology, data and experience

Outbound Marketing is focused on Relationship and Branding

Online media have the ability to connect your brand to hundreds of students. But offline strategies have a differentiator that's hard to beat: face-to-face.

Every time a student comes face-to-face with their educational institution and has the opportunity to speak with a consultant, their credibility increases and the possibilities for new enrollments increase.

This is because the relationship established becomes more personal, based on the trust that the consultant has when giving information to the student.

In other words, offline marketing strategies continue to be just as important as online marketing strategies for generating results!

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