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Certifications we have, technologies we use!


A team passionate about education and technology could not fail to seek the necessary qualifications to offer everything our customers deserve: strategies developed with intelligence, quality and excellence.

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Technology is one of our biggest passions, and we've probably tested over 200 different software.

This means that we are always looking to use the latest and greatest for the educational market, in order to guarantee maximum efficiency and functionality in our work processes.

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What to expect from your educational institution's strategic planning

  • 01. Strategic marketing channels

    More than having an online and offline presence, your educational institution must be in the right places to attract new students. And MKT4EDU knows exactly where, when and why you should invest!

  • 02. More effective messages

    Strategic educational marketing planning also involves knowing what to say, to whom, how, when and on which channel. And our team is ready to develop personalized messages that will attract more and more students!

  • 03. Leads ready for conversion

    The role of strategic marketing in educational institutions is to prepare leads for conversion in the most effective and agile way possible, so we collect, analyze and use behavioral data with intelligence and technology.

  • 04. Most profitable campaigns

    With data analysis in educational marketing, we can optimize all of your educational institution's campaigns, reduce efforts and maximize results, that is, generate more enrollments!

  • 05. More productive sales

    When leads arrive from marketing ready to make a decision, all your team of consultants has to do is complete the enrollment, without having to work around objections or resolve doubts.

  • 06. Lower marketing cost

    Online and offline educational marketing strategies, when integrated, accelerate results and also contribute to reducing your marketing cost, allowing you to attract more students without breaking your budget.

  • 07. Higher return on investment

    The financial impact of educational marketing can be even more representative for your educational institution. Just invest in professionals specialized in your market.

  • 08. Scalable growth

    Applying the best educational marketing strategies, there is only one possible path for your educational institution: exponential growth, based on experience, intelligence and technology!

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Strategic educational marketing planning, only if it's with the best!

Technology, innovation, knowledge, business intelligence and the best partners in generating marketing results. This is the panorama you will find when you get to know the MKT4EDU team up close.

We use technologies that allow us to collect, analyze and monitor data, such as Hubspot, RD Station, Sales Force, LuckyOrange and Kissmetrics, among others, to promote the success of your marketing actions and monitor the performance of your company on and offline.

If what you want is to leverage your results, get to know our team better and what we can do for your brand!

Why leave your company's strategy with Mkt4edu?

MKT4EDU is the largest educational marketing agency in Brazil, Mexico and the United States and also Hubspot's largest partner worldwide. This means that your brand can count on the best professionals in the market to develop a marketing strategy with excellence. We bring together all the marketing expertise in a highly qualified team ready to make use of the most recent and strategic technologies in the segment. Contact us and discover a new way to generate results for your capture!