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Increasing the number of enrollments is increasingly challenging. Competition is huge and certainly all educational institutions use very similar strategies to attract students.

So, what to do when enrollments don't arrive at the rate you expected? Invest in Search Engine Marketing!

We are talking about the famous sponsored links. This strategy can and should be carried out by educational institutions that seek fast and accurate results.

The enrollments
take a while to arrive?

SEM is more enrollment in less time

Search Engine Marketing is Data Intelligence

Creating paid ads for Google is the sum of two skills: copywriting and data intelligence.

Copywriting to create attractive ads that are optimized for student searches. Data intelligence to analyze which campaigns are most effective and make the necessary adjustments to maximize return on investment.

Here at MKT4EDU, we combine these two advantages for the benefit of our customers, with experienced professionals and the best data analysis technologies in the education sector.

The main performance analysis tool on sponsored links is Google Analytics, where we measure from the number of times an ad appears to the demographics of who clicked on each link.

What you can expect from Search Engine Marketing

  • 01. Attracting students at the right time

    Research reports that 90% of users know exactly what they are looking for on the internet, that is, with an attractive ad optimized with SEO techniques, you attract the attention of those who are ready to enroll.

  • 02. More qualified leads

    Anyone who clicks on a sponsored ad is in the decision phase of the purchase journey, that is, in the process of choosing the best educational institution and enrolling.

  • 03. Attracting students at the right time

    Whenever your educational institution has a new campaign, such as Enem, Fies, Prouni or second graduation, you can quickly publicize it through paid ads on Google.

  • 04. Results by geographic location

    Each educational institution has a specific area of activity, which can be a city, state or country. The more accurate your paid ad strategy, the lower your marketing cost and the higher the number of enrollments!

  • 05. Multiple goals at once

    Visibility, enrollment, enrollment. There are several marketing objectives for an educational institution, and often they need to be achieved at the same time. With multiple SEM campaigns running, this is possible!

  • 06. Real-time performance monitoring

    With the right technologies, you can track the effectiveness of each ad in real time, being able to make the necessary adjustments at any time. This guarantees higher performance in your campaigns and more results, of course!

  • 07. Higher return on investment

    Sponsored links require investment. But with the right keywords and constant monitoring, you can turn each click into an enrollment, which will generate value for your educational institution for a long time.

  • 08. More enrollments in less time

    The ideal is to attract students every day, throughout the year. But, to accelerate the results in the enrollment season, nothing better than launching Google Adwords campaigns to attract more students in less time.

With RevOps, you’ll have results. Count on us to have success on Capture, Conversion and Retention.

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