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Top Internet Selling Techniques Using Youtube

Gustavo Goncalves
Gustavo Goncalves

May 3, 2023

Did you know that Youtube was the most accessed from Brazil in 2022? Displacing pages like Facebook and Google, the platform is a success and can be a great ally of yours.internet sales, independent of your market niche. Want to know how?

In this post, we'll show you step-by-step where you should start investing in producing content for Youtube and seven tips to improve your online sales business using the platform! Come on?

In this post you can see:

It is nothing new that many entrepreneurs need to adapt to digital and if you keep up with technological advances, you have probably already invested in strategies to customer acquisition on the internet. But between us, are you satisfied with your results?

If you have invested in yourvirtual stores and sales channels, but you still haven't managed to reach your online sales goals, what may be missing from your strategies is precisely Youtube.

Therefore, in the next topic, we have gathered the main reasons why you should invest in the platform and we will show you how using it can make all the difference for you're-commerce!

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Why invest in Youtube Marketing strategies?

It's already clear that Youtube is one of the biggest platforms in the world, isn't it? In addition to being one of the most accessed sites, the tool has more than 2 billion monthly active users, according to Statistics do Kinsta.

But the high numbers don't stop there! As a Google search shows, 50% of people after searching for an online store, then use YouTube to view and review the product or service. That is, the platform directly influences the user's purchase decision.

With such strength, Youtube opens up a range of possibilities and can put your company in evidence, whatever your types of products. Therefore, being present on the platform can be a great way to increase your visibility and authority in the digital environment.

Not to mention that by producing useful and quality videos, you can still improve your engagement and interact with your target audience.

Furthermore, it is important to remember that videos are productions that are easier to go viral, increasing your opportunity to attract more visitors and improve your page's organic traffic.

And since we are talking about traffic, it is important to highlight that Youtube is linked to search engines and can help you to conquer the first pages of Google

Convinced that Youtubeit's fundamental for your strategies marketing and sales? So let's start investing in your channel! In the next topic we will talk about what is needed to start producing good videos for Youtube.

What does it take to create a good YouTube video?

There are those who think that to produce a video for YouTube you need a Hollywood overproduction. But this is a big mistake! Of course, your video needs to have good image and audio quality, essential elements.

But, that doesn't mean you need an Oscar-worthy movie production. If you're just starting out, the first step is to define your video content. What will you talk about on your channel? Study on the topic, make a script and structure your main ideas.

With the content defined, it's time to think about a recording space. The priority is a place where there is good lighting and does not suffer interference from external sounds.

As we said at the beginning of this topic, your video does not need to have a super scenario, but it is essential to have good image and sound quality. Therefore, prioritize a bright and organized environment where you can feel free to record, such as an office.

Ready, content and location you already have! Now it's time to turn on your camera and start recording. Investing in good equipment is necessary over time. But if you don't have a good camera, you can use your cell phone. There are several mobile devices that record in 4k and can be a great ally for your first productions.

And if you don't have professional equipment, another tip is to invest in editing. So, once you're done, take a good amount of time to edit your content. No fangs, okay? Try to improve the lighting, contrast and insert graphic elements in the video that can attract the user's attention.

You can include phrases, images, data and even memes. This is a great way to further enrich your video!

Okay, now that you know where to start, let's get down to business? After all, how to sell on the internet? Continue reading this post and find out which are the best techniques for selling, not youtube!

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6 tips to start selling using Youtube

Okay, it's time to teach in practice how to sell online for beginners.For this, we separate six strategic tips that will help improve your results with Youtube. Below, we list each one of them:

  1. Know the profile of your target audience;
  2. Define your goals;
  3. Use your channel as a virtual showcase;
  4. Enter keywords;
  5. Add links to your page;
  6. Explore the platform tools;
  7. Advertise no YouTube Ads.

Did you write down all the tips? Now let's talk in detail about each of its points.

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1. Know the profile of your target audience

The first step to investing in YouTube is to know your audience. After all, if you want to communicate with your future client, you need to understand their desires, needs and user behavior in this digital medium.

And since we are talking about consumer behavior, we have a complete video on our channel about it. If you want to check which factors can influence the purchase decision, just click on the link below.

Remember that your objective is to generate a connection with this user and getting to know him can make it much easier when it comes to producing more assertive content.

And we already talked about connection, it is important to emphasize that this is one of the main reasons that lead users to access a YouTube channel.

In addition, other reasons that can lead a person to access the platform are:

knowledge, entertainment and identity.

2. Define your goals

What is the purpose of your channel? Get more customers with audiovisual content, generate engagement or sell a specific product? Whatever your purpose, this is the time to define it.

By establishing your goals you can build your entire strategy and direct your efforts to achieve them. In addition, with well-defined goals, you can monitor your performance and evaluate your results.

3. Use your channel as a virtual showcase!

Remember that many users use YouTube as a kind of showcase to get to know the company, so when it comes to producing your videos, prioritize content that shows the benefits of your product or service.

To help you produce good content, below we list the best types of content for youtube:

  • Reviews;
  • Tutorials;
  • Guides;
  • Reviews;
  • Unboxing;
  • Vlogs;
  • Webinars;
  • Lives;
  • Educational videos.

For example, if your company is selling beauty products, you can do a skin care or makeup tutorial. Generally, videos like this usually have a lot of interaction and engagement on the part of the public, so it is worth investing in the production of this content.

4. Enter keywords!

Ok, by now you already know your audience, you know your objective and you should be full of ideas to record your content. Once the recording is finished, it's time to publish, but before that, you need to think about some important elements, such as: title, description and tags.

When it comes to YouTube video optimization, these are essential elements to improve your search engine rankings. After all, SEO strategies are not restricted to blog content, okay? In fact, they are essential on the video platform.

So the tip is: insert keywords in the title and description of your content! It's important to think of a title that arouses the user's curiosity, an impactful phrase.

In the description, do not forget to include some information about the content of the video, write a brief but explanatory text on the subject. And remember the keywords, both throughout the text and in the form of a hashtag at the end of the description.

Applying these tips, your video can be found more easily by those looking for a certain subject. Also, keywords can help you reach the first pages of Google, which will help a lot to attract more potential customers.

Extra tip: when inserting the keywords, use the google planner to analyze search volume and competition. The tool is very practical and can help you define and organize the best terms to apply in your YouTube SEO strategy.

5. Add links to your page!

And since we're talking about seo strategies, another important element is external and internal links. In the description, place links such as: channel playlist, blog, website or any specific sales page that you want to direct to the user.

Remember that Youtube is your virtual showcase, so after watching the complete video, the user may be even more determined to purchase your services. This is why links are so important to direct you directly to your webpage.

For example, if you are featuring a product, insert the link below in the description. Or if you are talking about a subject that you have on your blog, do not forget to add the publication. With this connection between your channels and practicality, you can add both to the user experience and facilitate conversion.

In addition, by including a link to other content on your YouTube channel, you can solve other doubts your potential customers have and make them interact with your brand.

6. Explore platform tools

Do you know what Youtube shorts are? If you use social networks, you may have already noticed that the famous stories model is present on all platforms such as: instagram, facebook, whatsapp and now on Youtube.

Called shorts, shorter videos follow the same line as stories and have a wide reach on the video platform, where your brand can go viral and engage your audience.

In fact, this is a tool worth betting on within Youtube, but it is not the only one. The platform offers several resources to improve your Marketing strategies, such as playlists, where you can list all the videos on a certain topic.

In addition, with the chat tool provided by YouTube, you can interact with your target audience in live content and answer their main questions, bringing your brand closer to potential customers.

7. Advertise no YouTube Ads

Have you heard of Youtube ADS? For those looking to generate and nurture leads, Youtube Ads can be a great strategy to improve your results. But, do you know how this tool works?

Youtube ADS is an ad-oriented paid media resource within the video platform. Do you know how Instagram and Facebook ads work? That's it, on Youtube Ads it's quite similar.

The great benefit of Youtube Ads is that with the tool it is possible to promote your video to those users who are looking for similar content and thus reach your future client more assertively and quickly.

Through the tool, you can configure your ads, define your objectives, segment your audience and thus boost your video.

Okay, after these tips you are officially prepared to start investing in your YouTube channel. But, to help you in the production of your content, we have prepared an infographic with the main techniques for you to sell with Youtube. Just click on the link below and download it for free.

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