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Register online: find out why you should apply!

Gustavo Goncalves
Gustavo Goncalves

Mar 22, 2024

Register online: find out why you should apply!

When thinking about Educational Marketing, one of the most interesting strategies for getting a list of leads (people interested in your brand) is registration, right?

It is thanks to them that we can collect data from students who are interested in a course at your educational institution, whether for the entrance exam, enrollment or just curiosity.

However, telephone and in-person registrations alone are not sufficient. Your educational institution needs to adopt new technologies. That's what we'll talk about today!

Why is online enrollment a trend in Educational Marketing?

What is artificial intelligence and how does it improve the recruitment chatbot?

How does 4RevOps use online registration?

First step: defining bot activities;

Second step: building the AI;

Third step: conversation essays;

Fourth step: conversation flow and frequently asked questions;

Fifth step: training;

Step five: get in touch with the benefits of enrolling via bot.

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Why is online enrollment a trend in Educational Marketing?

In-person and telephone registrations are really interesting ways to attract students. However, our world is already digital and new generations use the internet for absolutely everything.

You may have already heard a joke like: “in my day, cell phones could make calls”. Yes, the world is connected by the global computer network (or cell phones with 4G).

Younger students will contact your educational institution through your website. If they do not find all the information in this virtual environment and cannot register through the page itself, these leads will most likely lose interest.

What is artificial intelligence and how does it improve the recruitment chatbot?

Knowing this change (known as digital transformation), you may be thinking about how to place forms on your website. After all, this is the form of information collection that can be used.

However, even online forms are becoming obsolete and the new generation of students do not deal with them so well (dropout rates are high).

So… what to do?

It is at this moment that we have to look around us and observe the technologies that have really brought about a significant change, especially in the area of ​​Educational Marketing.

In this case, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the highlights. This is a technology that can be programmed to learn — AI is configured for a certain function and the more it performs that task, the more it learns and improves its processes.

This technology can be placed in robots that provide customer service in chats (those conversational chats that we find on the websites of many companies). Thus, we have the chatbots with AI.

This technology can be configured to chat with your leads and register them as if it were a conversation with a person. The robot asks, the lead responds and the data is saved.

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How does 4RevOps use online registration?

4RevOps has experience in Educational Marketing and has been using these tools for some time. Therefore, we will show you what we have done so that you can understand and apply it to your educational institution.

First step: defining bot activities

The first step in building an AI chatbot is defining:

  • the bot's audience and the tone of voice used;
  • cases in which the bot will work and what services it will offer;
  • conversation contexts, persona (with desires, profile, motivation, context of involvement with the bot, etc.);
  • bot persona — we create a profile for the bot, a personality, tone of voice, name and several other characteristics, as well as its limitations and actions.

At this point we also define how the bot will talk. This step is called “Conversation Design”.

Second step: building the AI

Once the parameters are defined, it’s time to select the chatlayer (software on which the bot will be built) and the Artificial Intelligence that we will use. They must respect the requirements and roles defined in the first step.

Third step: conversation essays

Once the AI ​​and chatlayer have been properly selected and configured, we need to feed the bot with information. This is the time for conversation rehearsals.

We started conversations with the machine to simulate its interaction with students. We do this until we reach a more natural conversation.

Fourth step: flow of conversations and frequently asked questions

We establish a conversation flow that the bot must follow. This flow respects the registration data collection process.

In addition to this, we also define the most frequently asked questions in case the lead at some point “breaks” the flow to ask something. This way the robot can respond and continue registration.

Fifth step: training

Once configured, the chatbot is put into practice talking to people who have no knowledge of the AI ​​used. This allows us to find unexpected actions and the robot begins to be trained to deal with these situations.

Register online

Step five: get in touch with the benefits of enrolling via bot

After completing the entire process, your AI chatbot will begin to produce results. It will speed up contact with users, reduce abandonment of registrations and will build relationships with your leads (the robot is relaxed and it is more pleasant to talk to it than answering a form).

As you can see, technology has already arrived in Educational Marketing and this is a trend. Every day we see more virtual contacts. Therefore, your educational institution needs to be prepared to receive the new generation of students who live in the age of digital information.


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