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Newsletters: the importance of communicating with parents!

Gustavo Goncalves
Gustavo Goncalves

Jun 5, 2024

Newsletters: the importance of communicating with parents!

For every marketing team, customer retention is always a goal to be achieved. But, until you reach this result, you need to use some strategies and tools that allow you to improve relationship management.

But in an educational institution, why maintain an ongoing relationship with parents? To answer this, you first need to understand that, like any company, a school needs to retain customers and keep them close at all times. In the case of schools, the main decisive agents are precisely the parents.

With this in mind, now you can start to understand what a newsletter is for and what its role is when communicating with parents! Continue reading and become a CRM expert for your institution!

In this post, you will see:

How to work better with CRM?

What is a newsletter and what is it for?

How to use this strategy to better communicate with parents?

The 5 unmissable tips on how to create a newsletter

  1. Define the objective of your news
  2. Understand the direction to be used
  3. Define and create a content plan
  4. Define technical email issues
  5. Make automation a great ally to optimize your delivery

After-sales is essential to the company’s success!

Apply the tips to improve your relationship management with parents!


How to work better with CRM?

In marketing as a whole, one of the most important acronyms is CRM, for Customer Relationship Management which, in free translation, means Customer Relationship Management. This acronym represents the combination of strategic actions and practices that aim to enhance and create better relationships and communication with the customer.

The main point that makes this item so relevant is simple: satisfied customers are loyal customers, however, for this contentment to exist it is necessary to work on the relationship before the sale even takes place. According to a survey by Sercom in partnership with the Qualibest Institute, 94% of people interviewed feel the need for changes in customer service

In the user's journey, they need to feel the presence of the company to remember it at key moments, and it is with focal relationship actions that this is worked on in the user's unconscious.

To do this, you need to perform some actions such as:

  • Creation of specific content for this audience;
  • Sending nutrition flow emails;
  • Application of surveys to understand the level of customer satisfaction;
  • between others.

Based on these strategies, there is also the newsletter, a tool that can be fundamental in strengthening the bonds of this relationship. Understand!

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What is a newsletter and what is it for?

Known as a newsletter,a newsletter It is a type of email with content that is sent to those contacts who have shown interest in receiving communication from the company.

It is triggered on a recurring basis, according to the frequency defined by the company, and is delivered to the list of interested parties who have indicated their desire to receive updates by making their contact email available.

In this type of email marketing, it is possible to send a variety of content, from news, articles and blog or website updates. The newsletter is one of the most interesting ways to work on lead nurturing precisely because it makes it possible to carry out actions that enrich contact, while at the same time keeping the company present in the routine and imagination of this potential customer.

How to use this strategy to better communicate with parents?

And after all, how can this email marketing enable improved communication with students’ parents? If this is your question, check out the answer!

Having a list of contacts for sending the Newsletter is a way of knowing which leads are most willing to build a closer relationship with the company precisely because they have already demonstrated their interest.

With parents, this is a strong tool to open a direct and efficient channel where the team can disseminate relevant content, but also keep all interested parties up to date with what is being developed within the institution.

For example: a school that has high school classes can use the Newsletter to send an e-book with 10 tips to reduce children's tension during the pre-university exam period. Or, share a new post from the institution's own blog about the active methodologies used to prepare its students for the most diverse levels of assessments.

In short, the main objective is to nurture and be useful to these parents who want to know more about their children's student world.

Newsletters: the importance of communicating with parents! blog

The 5 unmissable tips on how to create a newsletter

If you have already understood the concept, importance and role of a newsletter when it comes to improving your relationship management with parents, the time has come to understand the first 5 essential steps to plan, produce and deliver your content.

To find out how to create a newsletter, check out our list of essential tips below!

1. Define the objective of your news

Before creating any type of content, you need to understand the objective for creating this material. It's time to ask some basic questions, but they will be of great value in better directing the creation and development of your company's newsletter.

To get started, ask the following questions:

  • Why create this news?
  • What is the audience profile for this material?
  • What is the goal to be achieved with this content?
  • And the periodicity?
  • What is the recommended language?

From these 5 simple questions, it is possible to start planning according to the answers obtained. When passing on the demand to the team, it is important to hold a kick-off meeting to define the professionals involved, their functions, deadlines and other elements discussed.

Remember that this is a joint effort and requires different skills, from good copy to the management of CRM tools. It is essential to keep in mind that the final material must always fill a pain point or prove useful so that it is considered relevant and interesting content, capable of keeping parents attentive to these notifications, and thus, you can convert these visitors into leads, and leads in customers..

2. Understand the direction to be used

After understanding and justifying the news and presenting the kick-off, it is time to create the direction for this content, always based on the people created, objectives set and defined approach.

This is an extremely important step because, if the analysis of interested parents is not done correctly, all communication risks going down the drain as it proves to be inappropriate for the public and/or objective.

That said, study the elements discussed carefully to create a coherent and effective direction for your educational institution. If your focus is elementary school parents, look at the content that talks about and will be useful for this group of parents. If the focus is on those responsible for high school students, make sure that the direction is in accordance with the standards and characteristics of this group.

This way, your newsletter will be able to be a success with the public and opening rate, being able to attract attention and ensuring that your email can always be a highlight in the inbox and not just another email. which will not be opened. The relationship with the customer is always about winning.

3. Define and create a content plan

Without planning and organization, no strategy achieves its objective. This also happens when putting your newsletter into practice.

Prior organization guarantees the coherence and longevity of a communication rule involving this type of email. Therefore, first define the main types of content to be sent and then organize your sending calendar so that production takes place with enough time before the shooting schedule.

As for the type of content, you can choose any of these depending on what best suits your objectives:

  • sharing institutional blog content;
  • institution meetings, events and webinars;
  • relevant research and articles;
  • important announcements and updates;
  • ebooks and guides;
  • between others.

By merging 2 or 3 types of content, it is now possible to create a varied and interesting plan for those who will receive the respective emails, which can generate a constant journey along the purchasing journey.

4. Define technical email issues

Like any product created, it is necessary to be aware of technical and visual issues that can significantly impact the delivery and understanding of the message.

Starting with the more technical issue, the email needs to have an attractive title and, above all, an email address that is not understood as it sounds. Despite being widely used, avoid those addresses with:

  • noreplay@
  • i respond@
  • marketingempreda@
  • newsletter@
  • no-replay@
  • mkt22345@

All these variations can be seen negatively by readers, thus causing the opposite effect to what was planned, distancing the user's attention. In a Newsletter, it's not a good idea to be impersonal, and that starts with your email address.

Meanwhile, on the visual side, the Newsletter needs to contain a layout with high readability and readability, with a good organization of the elements used to compose the whole. Therefore, pay attention to the weight of each image or text, as well as being careful with the colors displayed in the newsletter, the fonts and their respective sizes.

It is important to avoid any visual pollution that takes the reader's attention, damaging the performance of the email.

5. Make automation a great ally to optimize your delivery

In digital marketing, services that enable greater delivery with greater practicality are great allies to quickly and effectively put into practice everything that is created. It would be no different with the Newsletter.

Through automation, it is possible to schedule emails, carry out automatic triggers and cover all the contacts on the list at once, all of this optimizing the team's time and labor.

Today, on the market, there are several possibilities of software and platforms capable of performing this type of service, just find the one that best meets your needs.

After-sales is essential to the company’s success!

Relationship management is an important issue before making the sale, during the process and even after converting the lead into a customer. Therefore, even after the final stage, it is necessary to continue nurturing this contact so that the institution remains relevant and continues to maintain its important status in the routine of these parents.

With well-produced and correctly targeted news, it is possible to send unique content, capable of keeping this audience interested and aware of the importance of keeping their children in an institution capable of offering quality education.

Furthermore, this can be an interesting channel for publicizing internal issues such as events, meetings or presentations. Whatever the objective, the newsletter serves well to nurture the relationship between the school and parents of students.

But always remember: if your content is not interesting, you will not be able to maintain a strong bond with those most interested in knowing what the school can offer to enrich their children's repertoire and experiences.

Apply the tips to improve your relationship management with parents!

These golden tips can take you further and further with your knowledge about the tool and its possibilities. Now, you understand the main function of the newsletter and how to use it to communicate with your students' parents so that your retention rate continues to grow, as well as word-of-mouth marketing as a result of carrying out quality work.

If you've come this far and are interested in the newsletter topic, there's another text that will please you! Check out our other blog post, "XXXX" and apply this strategy in different ways.

If you're still here, take the opportunity to leave your perceptions on the subject, existing doubts or even a criticism about this content in the comments. Leave your message below!

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