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Why is my conversion rate so low? The 5 reasons!

Gustavo Goncalves
Gustavo Goncalves

May 13, 2024

Why is my conversion rate so low? The 5 reasons!

Anyone who has a business or company is focusing on creating content that is not only useful to users but also builds paths that lead to the famous conversion, that is, that leads to an action that can later be measured to become a potential opportunity of business.

Some actions may end up making it difficult for the lead to reach the registration form for conversion. Therefore, it is important to stick to practices to be corrected or implemented, optimizing the process and seeking more results.

Knowing the importance of this strategic analysis, we have separated some common mistakes that reduce conversion and some valuable tips to increase your results. Check out!

Main mistakes that reduce the conversion rate

If your conversion numbers are not satisfactory, some factors and actions may influence this result. Check out common practices that cause content to not perform well. Check out!

Absence of CTA

The Call to Action or Call of Action, in free translation, is an element used to encourage the user to perform an action. Impressing urgency and using imperative phrases, the CTA is a fundamental part of directing the lead through the different stages of the funnel in your SEO strategy.

To be used properly, this element must be arranged

more than once on the page and in different ways, all attractive and organized. For example: on a blog, you can use CTA Banner in the middle of the content and, at the end, a CTA in gif to attract attention, but with the same direction as the previous one, but with a more objective phrase.

When not used, the user does not feel attracted or engaged to advance to the next steps and, ultimately, become a qualified lead or purchase a service and/or product.

Long and not very objective forms

To increase the list of qualified leads, it is necessary to apply forms that are efficient in capturing contact information and nurturing these leads. Without this information, the conversion rate tends to remain low, as few users are being fed content according to their stage in the sales funnel.

Disorganized, long and not very objective forms are big mistakes that harm data collection. That said, it is important to focus on quality and not size. With contact information, it is now possible to offer different content that leads to conversion. Therefore, to avoid creating landing pages that are not clear and objective, it is not at all attractive to have to deal with bureaucratic and huge forms.

Why is my conversion rate so low? The 5 reasons!

Inadequacy of the sales funnel

Conversion is the final part of the sales process. Until that moment is reached, several other issues must be considered. Trying to skip steps to increase conversion is a procedure that only disqualifies and creates bottlenecks in the funnel. You need to understand the persona for whom the content is being created and offered, then analyze your journey map and adapt your creation to that user's needs.

If the potential customer is in wrong part of the funnel, this conversion is unlikely to occur, since the directions do not make sense with what he is looking for or with the pains he seeks to solve. It's like going into a store looking for notebooks and the attendant only shows you pens. It doesn't make sense and doesn't solve what the user wants, hence the importance of having well-defined people and content in the planning.

This study is essential for the most varied topics raised and products offered, whether ebooks, webinars, infographics or any material that can be offered during the nutrition and sales flow.

Not analyzing the famous AARRR metrics

Anyone who works with digital marketing strategies cannot miss the opportunities to analyze AARRR metrics, known as pirate funnel. It is an inverted pyramid-shaped organization divided into 5 stages: acquisition, activation, retention, revenue and, finally, recommendation.

At each of the five moments in the funnel, it is possible to obtain data and analyze it in a targeted way to understand points such as: strategy effectiveness, perceived problems, customer relationship with the product and/or service, cost value for capturing leads , among other valuable information to improve the aligned strategy.

Do you want to increase conversion without first understanding the importance and what each of these items can inform? This is a much more difficult path to take.

Use only sales language

When we talk about conversion rate, it's not just about sales, but about gaining the lead's attention and positioning yourself as a useful element for that user. Instead of just offering products, you need to provide content that, in a gradual and targeted way, takes you from the consideration stage to acquisition.

When we enter a store and are bombarded with people offering products, it is likely to cause discomfort rather than attract attention in a positive way. The same happens when the potential customer only receives sales offers without the delivery of other types of content that can enrich their experience, acquiring new knowledge and creating a relationship of trust and credibility with the company.

Every company has the purpose of generating revenue and profit, however, it is what is done until that last moment that will guarantee or not the success of the strategy. This is using Content Marketing in the appropriate way.

Good practices to increase results

If your intention is to increase results and improve the user experience, in addition to correcting previous errors, there are more tools that can be implemented to offer a greater reach and, consequently, a greater conversion in accordance with your goals set for the company.

Knowing this, follow below some ways to highlight your content and better nurture your website or blog visitors. Check out!

Invest in copywriting

Interesting and informative texts are efficient ways of drawing the reader closer, offering, in a short space of time, the solution the user is looking for. By adapting your copy according to the personas, this resource can be an excellent alternative for optimizing content and connecting in the best way with your potential client.

Understand the CRO heatmap

To increase conversion rates, a good practice is to analyze the Conversion Rate Optimization, translated as conversion optimization, and the heat map, that is, using tools to understand which parts of your website are receiving the most visits to understand what to explore within what you already have, also aiming to optimize the pages that are not being highlighted to provide greater circulation within the site.

With these two elements, it is possible to better understand what to do to convert more and get quality leads during the process.

Use resources such as Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots

In addition to optimizing internal processes, the implementation of Artificial Intelligence and Chatbot is key to increasing lead capture and conversion. With them, customer service is benefited, speeding up the process and ensuring that many people resolve their doubts and receive qualified referrals without the need to direct human work for such action.

Furthermore, with these two systems, it is possible to achieve other objectives, such as sharing content, capturing data and organizing information into an optimized flow. For these and many other reasons, AI is an element that can guarantee an increase in your conversions and, consequently, your results.

Schedule your page to feature eye-catching pop ups

Pop ups are messages that appear on the page while the user is browsing. It can appear when opening the website or at the time of closing, this is an alternative to get closer to potential customers and offer services that would not necessarily be seen at first.

The objective is to attract attention and offer interesting content so that the user is tempted to become a lead, offering their contact details in exchange for the material in question. The pop ups have a similar format to a landing, however, it is like a floating page on the website that can be dismissed. With eye-catching colors and text produced according to copywriting rules, this is a resource that can be well exploited to encourage the user to complete an action before abandoning the page, thus reducing the bounce rate.

Organize your strategy!

Did you see how different points can make all the difference when it comes to gaining leads and increasing your conversion rate? Now that you better understand how they work, try to apply each one of them in an organized and studied way to get the results you want.

Remember that one practice complements the other, so the more you adopt these methods, the greater and better the chances of achieving the desired conversions effectively.

Do you want to delve deeper into the subject to excellently apply strategies that show results? Check out our content about “How to reduce bounce rate and increase conversions?” and understand how these two rates go together and are diametrically opposed to generate results. Don't miss it!

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