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What is Hubspot? See how the tool will help your company

Gustavo Goncalves
Gustavo Goncalves

Aug 10, 2023

What is Hubspot

Everyone knows that having a CRM is important for business. Now, having a CRM focused on the consumer experience is a differential, not everyone knows that! And that's where you need to meet Hubspot! To find out what Hubspot is and how this tool can help your business, keep reading this post.

What is Hubspot? 

Created and developed by Brian Halligan (no less than one of the guys who created the concept of Inbound Marketing), Hubspot is an all in one platform when it comes to content and relationship marketing.

It is a cloud CRM focused on Inbound Marketing

Hubspot CRM has the ability to integrate Marketing, Sales and Technical Support teams. Yes, all in one place! 

Used correctly, it is a tool that manages to ensure that all teams are aligned in any and all parts of the customer journey, as you may already know, this is of great value when we talk about making decisions to improve the customer experience. After all, happy consumers tend to recommend our work to others and so on. 

But you must be wondering: within each of these areas, there are several variables that can impact the consumer experience. Does HS really do all this? And the answer is: yes, it does.

Imagine a very big tool, where inside it, there are several mini tools that corroborate for the big tool to work. This is HS, a platform with several pre-integrated applications and usability. 

These apps save a lot of time by automating various time-consuming activities (emails, forms, results analysis, tasks, SEO analysis, Google and Face Ads, etc).

Imagine not having to worry about when and how to send emails, or not having to worry about manually tracking your customer journey, simply because one tool does it all for you… Amazing, isn't it?

This is Hubspot! It serves to optimize your time and the time of your team in an intelligent and connective way. 

And if you think that the Hubspot tool stops here, know that it also works as an educational platform and provides several free and extremely useful certifications to further train your company's professionals. 

How does Hubspot work?

As a CRM, the first thing it is able to do for you is to unify your contact and customer base. 

This makes it possible for you to have all your contact and company information in a unified basis, which makes organizing and controlling your data. In the digital age, you can't keep your wallet cards, right?

At first, this database will literally serve as a basis for the actions of your marketing and sales team. Later on, it can be divided into different bases (clients and non-clients, for example) so that activities and actions are taken according to the specificity of each client. 

This unification process is also very important when we talk about the consumer journey, taking into account that one of the pillars of Inbound is constant contact with the customer. Therefore, this data unification allows the tool to give us more accurate information about the moment this lead or customer is and what actions your company has already taken in relation to them (unification of teams and strategies). 

One more feature of the tool: when you enter the name of the company, the HS CRM will bring up a database of companies spread around the world to help you complete your registration with as much information as possible. 

This feature also allows you to use the tool's filters according to the information you want and also include specific notes for each contact or customer. 

Why should you invest in a CRM like Hubspot?

Have you ever heard of Marketing 5.0? According to the pope of marketing (Philip Kotler), we're in a time of making connections with the public. 

This is not new, the news is due to the unification made by Kotler when defending marketing 5.0. 

In this "new" reality, the fundamental bases for the success of a business are:

  • Marketing based on data;
  • Predictive Marketing;
  • Contextual marketing (personalization);
  • Augmented Marketing;
  • Agile Marketing.

You realize that for any action to be carried out within these bases, data analysis is necessary. And for that, nothing better than having all your data in one place.

Within Hubspot, all your teams will be equally connected and will have access to all your company's touch points with the customer.

With the tool, you can assign tasks to your entire team and track the results of your actions. Imagine the scenario:

A lead has registered on one of your online pages, then they have already received a welcome email and from there, several communications have already been assigned to this contact and you don't have to worry about any of these activities. 

From the moment a lead becomes part of your contact base, with HS, it is possible to follow every step of the lead with your business: emails, SMS, WhatsApp, contact with the chatbot, contacts with the central service… any and all activities carried out by your company can be linked to it. 

And now comes the most important part: all this data can be easily measured with dashboards and reporting tools. And you know something really cool about it? These reports can be predictive and not just analytical about the actions you are taking. 

A super facility when making decisions, it fits perfectly into the agile marketing commented by Kotler in the book Marketing 5.0

And you must be wondering: and how does a single platform manage to have so many features? This is where we enter the next topic.

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Artificial Intelligence and Hubspot: allies in decision making 

Artificial Intelligence has taken over the technology market and Hubspot uses it to its own advantage! 

Through the use of Machine Learning, it is possible for systems to learn from data and information, identify patterns and behaviors and then automate bureaucratic and repetitive activities. 

Reports and dashboards 

With Hubspot CRM, Artificial Intelligence is used to analyze collected information and transform it into detailed reports, which can be used to make your team more assertive and accurate when defining goals and actions. 

Imagine a large information hub that can connect all the most diverse areas of your company. Now imagine how beneficial this connectivity can be when analyzing actions for your sales funnel, for example. 

How much time do you invest today having to gather manual information when putting together a report? How much information can be lost in this data collection process? 

Far from us wanting to leave the use of spreadsheets aside, but how many formulas do you need to make to be able to cross the data of your marketing team's actions with the actions of the sales team to understand if they are actually working? 

That's the magic of Hubspot: automating these information gathering processes and turning them into relevant data. 


In addition to reports, it is possible to configure chatbots and optimize the service process, reducing costs. Like this? A robot can work 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. And with the use of machine learning, service can be increasingly improved, much faster (significantly reduces waiting time for service) and quality. 


Content Content is a strategy and creating this content according to your lead/customer's interest and your sales funnel is definitely an art! 

With the use of Artificial Intelligence, it is also possible to analyze the behavior pattern of your lead/customer and offer customized solutions according to their needs. 

It's time to change the level of your company

Here at mkt4edu, we managed to have significant results using this tool within our own company and with our customers. It is no wonder that in a short time of use, we are, for the second consecutive year, a reference in Latin America in terms of results using the tool. 

Using Hubspot as a CRM tool is in fact something that can help you position your company in the market in an even more strategic way. Hubspot customers are focused on data that generates results. 

If you are considering being part of this universe of connectivity, take the opportunity to check out the 5 things that Hubspot customers have that are different from the others.

5 things that Hubspot customers have that  are different from the others

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