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What is a communication guideline and how does it work? Check out!

Renan Andrade
Renan Andrade

Jun 8, 2022

What is a communication guideline

What would you define as essential for going from the consideration process to completing a purchase? For many, the keyword is achievement. From the Latin, conquistare, according to the dictionary, it means “to acquire or receive something due to force of work; attract the consideration of”. In digital marketing, this concept can also be extended to the result of actions and investing efficiently to achieve goals.And it is in accordance with this precept that the communication guideline is conceptualized and put into practice by thousands of technology-aware professionals around the world. Based on winning the lead, it is with it that the results can be potentiated and the customer network exponentially increased.

Check out the post below and understand what a communication guideline is, relationship marketing strategy and what tools can enable its good execution. If your goal is lead generation and conversion, this is a must-read. Check out!

In this content, you will see:

  • What is a communication guideline?
  • Why invest in this guideline in a marketing strategy?
  • 3 examples of communication guidelines for different times!
  • What are the benefits of marketing automation in the communication guideline?
  • Having a qualified CRM make a difference in the process?
  • Invest in this strategy for the success of your business!

    What is a communication guideline?

After all, how can we define a communication guideline? That is simple. This is a way to strengthen the relationship with the customer, directing different messages and content in different channels to keep them connected to the company and interested in the products and/or services offered.

It is, in essence, a way to make yourself remembered by the potential customer, guiding them through their purchase journey in a subtle and predetermined way. Also known as a relationship guideline, it is in this strategy that, with different goals, it is possible to trace different paths to be followed by the user seeking, as much as possible, to reduce the rejection rate and increase conversion.

During the construction and feeding of the communication guideline, the team can evolve in the sales funnel using Inbound Marketing concepts to able to:

1º – insert yourself in the prospect’s memory and imagination;

2º – show that you understand and meet the needs of this user;

3º – offer your services and, consequently, the solution to this user´s pain;

Can you see the evolution, creating trust and winning the lead? This is the main purpose of the communication guideline.

Why invest in this guideline in a marketing strategy?

In addition to bringing the customer closer to the qualified lead, using a communication guideline is an efficient way to have data on what distances the potential customer from the final action, making it possible to understand which of the steps needs adjustments, thus avoiding a bounce rate that exceeds or approaches the number of conversions.

It is important to point out that this strategy is valid for every contact with the lead, from the first registration email to the after-sales follow up performed to maintain this user´s nutrition. Thus, versatility and efficiency sum up well what can be achieved at each stage of the journey.

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3 examples of communication guidelines for different times!

Find below, 3 practical examples when the communication guideline can be used efficiently to improve the company results.

  1.  Communication for leads nutrition

The natural way in the relationship guideline is to nurture the lead with different stimuli and materials, creating a network of dialogue and proximity, keeping the company as close as possible to the customer, in a friendly way. Here, milder content can be sent, which have, as a message, the offer of ebooks and blogs that may be useful for the subject initially researched by the lead.

The aim is to take you to the next stages of the sales funnel, nurturing and qualifying you more and more.

  1. Lead conversion 

As expected from successful marketing strategies, lead conversion is sought during the flow by offering services in different ways, either direct (product promotion or testing - freemium) or indirect (with the availability of contact to know most).

For this focus, conversion is generally the result of a succession of contacts to create a closer relationship with the customer, avoiding a more aggressive budget, based only on selling unaccompanied by other types of dialogues and referrals.

  1. Guideline of customer success

Although the objective is to sell the product or service, the strategy should not stop when this objective is achieved. An important part of the relationship with the customer also resides in the provision of after-sales service, to analyze customer satisfaction and to be available to strengthen this relationship.

In addition, it is at this stage that the company can offer other services that are appropriate according to the interests noted in the customer's behavior.

What are the benefits of marketing automation in the communication guideline?

In view of the different channels explored for the development of the communication guideline and the immense amount of leads, in addition to the different possibilities that exist for the needs of users, the automation resource appears as a great ally to improve the process, delivering speed and ease.

This is because, using the right tools, it is possible to create a communication flow, in which the created guideline is organized and triggered whenever the user reaches one of the steps pre-established by the system. Once again, technology emerges as a way to improve results and achieve high efficiency.

For example, a college can program its flow to send the first email when the user downloads an e-book. Then, over the course of 10 days, with time spaces already defined, you receive different content related to the same subject and that takes you directly to different stages of the funnel, until converting leads into subscribers, who, until then, were just curious about specific courses.

Manually, controlling the steps and channels to be explored at the right time can be extremely difficult and often not very assertive, so automation tools should always be considered, especially for those looking for results and efficiency.

Does having a qualified CRM make a difference in the process?

Customer Relationship Management is directly linked to the objective of the communication rule, because its objective is to personalize the service focused on results to be obtained through the creation of a staggered relationship of reliability with the lead.

In this way, automation and CRM software are great allies developed to understand processes that, manually, would be almost impossible, as well as reach a diagnosis quickly.

A qualified CRM automatically means having a tool capable of going beyond the basics, making the process increasingly effective and simple for the entire team.

Invest in this strategy for the success of your business!,

An efficient guideline is all you need to leverage your communication strategies to win leads and, ultimately, make them your new customers.

To learn more about this type of relationship marketing resource, read the post “Marketing automation and CRM: why is it important to use them together?” and enable your team for this type of service. Don’t waste time and access now.


Marketing automation and CRM:  why is it important to use them together

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