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7 tips to improve student enrollment at your college

Gustavo Goncalves
Gustavo Goncalves

May 31, 2023

When we talk about the process of student aptitude for higher education institutions, we are talking about a process that begins long before the year in which the future university student actually takes the entrance exam.

Some analyzes made here at mkt4edu prove that before becoming a university student, this prospect can start to be impacted about three to four years before making his decision.

And this is an issue that is becoming an increasingly sensitive subject in the educational segment. Fierce competition, along with a more demanding profile on the part of students, makes educational institutions face new marketing and sales challenges.

Usual strategies need to be reinforced intake after intake, and we need to use all the technology necessary to help in this process, especially when we talk about capturing leads on the internet.

What will you see in this post?

  1. What is Brand Management?
  2. Marketing automation in education
  3. How to use a CRM in educational marketing?
  4. What is itWeb Analytics in educational marketing?
  5. Use the power of content in favor of your educational institution
  6. The power of experiences for educational institutions
  7. Big Data e Business Intelligence no marketing educacional

So, do you want to improve the results of your campaigns? Here are some essential tips to help you in the capture process!

1. What is Brand Management?

Let's start with a basic item (and often forgotten): brand management. We can say that brand management is the set of actions to make your brand coherent and present in the market in which it operates.

Efficient brand management is one of the keys to assertive communication that reinforces your branding.

This necessary reinforcement of brand management allows the potentialization of its communication reach. Having a strong brand that brings to the future university an image (and brand memory) according to what he seeks in an educational institution, can make a big difference in his recruitment process.

You must already have implied that, but understand that the brand management process goes beyond digital! It has to do with the voice of your brand, with the colors, campaigns, employee behavior, with the culture, with the way your students talk about you...

Here, it is also important to monitor the position of your educational institution in educational rankings, how your students are learning, satisfaction surveys and feedback.

The more authority your brand has, the greater the chance of conversion in the future!

2. Marketing automation in education

Time is "flying". Have you ever had the feeling of needing a day with 48 hours instead of 24 hours? Well, today everything happens very quickly and this is also true for your lead!

theoretically,the shorter the response time to a lead, the greater the chances of closing a deal.

In other words, the waiting time can jeopardize your entire student recruitment strategy, after all, today's consumers change their minds quickly. If you take time to pay attention to him and your competitor doesn't, the probability of competition getting ahead is great!

And how to save time in this contact? With Marketing automation. Technology is really wonderful in this field and, currently, we have robust tools that allow you to automate everything from your educational institutions blog to sending email marketing to your lead base.

This technological framework gives you the freedom to create landing pages and capture leads online, trigger a nurturing stream, analyze traffic data and have subsidies to make quick decisions.

Which brings us to the next item on the list!

3. How to use a CRM in educational marketing?

A CRM - Customer Relationship Management, is an indispensable tool for your capture process to be optimized and organized. That's because capturing involves several different areas and a CRM will help you coordinate everything by keeping the necessary records.

Tools like Hubspot, help you to integrate your marketing and inbound marketing actions to manage your contact base, accompanying the purchase journey from beginning to end.

In addition to generating powerful insights for your educational institution, CRM also allows you to optimize the most diverse repetitive processes (as we mentioned in the previous item).

4. What is itWeb Analytics in educational marketing?

Social networks have revolutionized the way of connecting with people and have opened up space for a more human and true interaction between educational institutions and future students.

They are also a very rich source of data that can be used in support of your student recruitment strategies, as well as other online platforms. All you need is a powerful Web Analytics tool.

You can use Google Analytics or other equally powerful technologies to collect and analyze your audience's behavioral data, understand what your audience's frequent questions are and thus provide them with enlightening and useful content, which leads them to walk through the funnel and reach the decision-making process .

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5. Use the power of content in favor of your educational institution

Content is the foundation of Inbound Marketing and in the educational scenario, this is no different!

Producing content that connects with your university future and that adds value to the moment in which he lives, will help you to gain even more their trust and attention.

This valuable content must be structured and use proper SEO (search engine optimization) techniques to improve ranking in search engines like Google, especially when we talk about blog posts.

Here it is also worth mentioning that the content helps to reinforce the authority of your HEI and, consequently, engagement on social networks. This reinforcement can even go beyond geographic barriers and reach people from different regions, that is, it has a very wide range of possibilities.

6. The power of experiences for educational institutions

The post-pandemic world has undergone profound transformations and the need to live experiences has emerged with more and more force.

Today, consumers don't just buy a product, the purchase is an experience and when you achieve a prominent place in the experience with your potential customer, the chances of an emotion-based conversion are high!

Exhibition fairs to show the campus, actions aimed at the universe of professions, gifts that reinforce its presence in everyday life. These are things that, although they require a certain investment, conquer a differentiated place in the mind of the consumer.

7. Big Data e Business Intelligence no marketing educacional

Two of the technological tools that cannot be missing from your educational institution: Big Data and Business Intelligence. 

While the first brings together a set of technologies capable of collecting and processing a large amount of structured or unstructured data, the second allows you to analyze this data in depth, bringing business insights to light.

Applied to educational marketing, BI and Big Data are capable of revealing trends, such as increased demand for a particular course or greater generation of traffic to your website as a result of an article published in the local press.

Based on this information, your marketing team knows exactly what to do to increase brand visibility, increase website conversion or create targeted campaigns.

With the help of these technologies, you can also follow the performance of each marketing and sales action in real time, determining which ones are really productive and profitable and which ones are not having the desired effects. essential for marketing 5.0!

In the Information Age, attracting students is increasingly linked to the ability to collect, process and analyze data.

If you want to learn more about the best tools and strategies to leverage your fundraising strategy, talk to our team. We are among the best student recruitment companies and certainly, together we will understand the best path for your educational institution!


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