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4 tips for putting together a perfect social media plan

Gustavo Goncalves
Gustavo Goncalves

Mar 22, 2023

Planning is important in any business scenario, right? With social networks it is no different. We know that in the beginning, the objective of these media was entertainment, but, for some time now, the user has been able to consume much more than just this type of content.

Positioning yourself and using networks in a structured way is the first step to conquering a space in this digital marketing universe. And, of course, for that, a lot of strategic planning is needed.

It was with this in mind that we decided to create this article. Check out some tips on how to set up this plan right now and engage as many users as possible in your organization's social networks.

What tips do you see in this post:

First of all, why have a plan?

The time has come for you to make the most of everything that social networks have to offer and make your institution understand, apply and use digital marketing on a daily basis.

Why have a plan?

The keywords for planning social networks are: anticipation and projection. When you create a strategy, you put all stages of your process on paper. Starting with defining your target audience and getting to the analysis of your campaign results.

The great advantage of social media planning is precisely to predict what can happen, who can be reached (or who you want it to be), what the results of this can be (in the best scenario, a large number of conversions, for example) .

In view of this, we decided to separate 04 tips, which will work as a step by step, for you to create your planning. They are:

  1. Strategy;
  2. Contents;
  3. Analyze;
  4. Readjustment.

Ready to face the challenge of increasing your engagement and improving your results using social media? Read on!

Step by step planning for perfect social networks

Learn how to set up a social media plan and get started today!

1. Strategy

Do you know who your networks connect with? Who is the target of the posts? All this begins to be elaborated in the organization stage of the strategy.

At this point, it is important to keep in mind the definition of the public and persona, that is, the perfect profile of your potential customers according to existing data, such as city, gender, income, profession.

At the beginning, this information may not be so specific, so it is ideal to have a periodicity for analyzing the persona and adjusting or creating new ones so that the contents are always aligned with the ideal profile

Define your KPIs

Your Key Performance Indicator, Key performance indicator in Portuguese, are metrics used to measure the results and effectiveness of the planning carried out. He will be the north for possible changes.

Some of the top KPIs for social media are:

  • Reach;
  • Engagement;
  • Conversion rate;
  • Cost Per Lead (CPL);
  • Click Through Rate (CTR). 

Record each of the values ​​before planning, during execution, and after a specified period. In this way, it will be possible to understand the impacts caused.

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2. Content

Before starting to build your contents, you need to think and draw up schedules (weekly or monthly) with content that may be relevant to the page. An effective way is to think about editorials so that their contents can follow a line of reasoning without getting lost in subjects that do not enrich the reader.

For example, if you own an endocrinology clinic, you can do editorials like:

  • Health tips;
  • Main questions about endocrinology;
  • Commemorative dates (that make sense for the brand);
  • Explanation about exams, diagnoses.

From these pillars, it is possible to extract several rich contents.


If you want to attract an interesting amount of followers, you can't make content sporadically. Algorithms work to prioritize creators of content that deliver more relevant content to users.

That is, in the schedule, establish at least 2 posts per week. Thus, you can contemplate different subjects and keep yourself interesting for users.


Posts made on Instagram are different from those posted on Facebook, which are different from those posted on YouTube and so on.

It is necessary to understand the possible formats and adapt the message. In addition, you should explore what is trending on each of the networks so that the algorithm can deliver good content.

For example: an Instagram reel can become a Twitter thread or a long Facebook post.

Don't just replicate everything!

New formats

The world of social media is in constant motion. Those who do not adapt to new trends and ways of communicating with the audience are left behind.

Always seek to understand the new movements in the digital universe and know when to invest in innovations whether in format or language. Just like the Tik Tok boom, there will always be a new universe to be explored and conquered in the digital environment.

3. Analysis

After starting to make the contents, it is necessary to analyze. Remember we talked about KPIs? So this is the time to step in!

With the records in hand, what has worked? What contents and/or formats were highlighted in the period? Were the KPI targets achieved?

This analysis will guide you in your next social media planning. In addition, it will be the key point in deciding where to invest more and how to advertise more assertively. This exercise is constant and indispensable!

In addition to the page itself report platforms, some tools allow the creation of reports, such as:

  • MLabs;
  • Sprout Social;
  • Hootsuite;
  • Buffer; 
  • Iconosquare.

4. Readjustment

What can be done to improve performance? What was missing?

This is the time to improve and deepen your digital communication strategy. Remember the personas? Well, if necessary, rebuild your persona so that it is aligned with your consumer.

If you have the data, now all you have to do is put your expertise into practice so that the results are even better in the chosen marketing strategy!

Innovations in your networks!

Let's recap what needs to be done to be successful on your social networks?

  • create your persona;
  • define your KPIs;
  • write editorials for the content;
  • set the frequency to be followed;
  • structure the weekly or monthly schedule;
  • build and adapt content for different networks;
  • analyze KPI results and targets;
  • apply adjustments and additions as per the extracted results;
  • do it all again!

Following these steps, you have a strong and efficient plan to replicate in any type of segment!

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