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Sales Enablement: boost your sales right now!

Gustavo Goncalves
Gustavo Goncalves

Jan 15, 2024

What do you know about sales enablement? Does your educational institution understand how to use this methodology to sell more courses and increase enrollment?

Finding strategies to improve student enrollment is a challenge that any educational institution needs to figure out how to overcome. Here in the blog da 4RevOps, we have already pointed out several times the need to align marketing and sales teams to make actions more effective and assertive, something that is in line with sales enablement.

Get ready for today's post as we dive into the world of sales enablement!

What is sales enablement?

What is sales enablement for at your educational institution?

Return on investment

Improving the sales process and attracting students

Why use or sales enablement?

How to apply sales enablement in your educational institution

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After all, what is sales enablement?

This methodology is already better known in countries like the United States, especially among digital marketing professionals, but it can be considered new here in Brazil. Therefore, it is essential to clarify what this is about.

Sales enablement, also known as sales training, is a methodology that promotes increased productivity based on a systemic approach that serves as the basis for the content that drives sales of the company's courses.educational institution. 

To achieve this, your institution needs to have a specialized professional who has knowledge of the entire sales process. From attracting students to the company's website or blog,educational institutions, their conversion into leads, the nurturing process to qualify these leads until, finally, the closing of new registrations.

This knowledge is used to promote the important and already mentioned alignment between the marketing and sales teams. Something that depends on the professional's ability to ensure that the commercial sales pitch is targeted at the right audience and reaches them through practices that can be easily repeated and that are scalable (that is, that reach a growing number of potential students).

What is sales enablement for in your company?

Over the last few years, the attention of educational institutions has turned to inbound marketing, a methodology that also presented new paths for traditional marketing, now commonly called outbound marketing.

Return on investment

In this context, the institution's education began to invest in strategies such as creating relevant content for the blog, promotion of content through advertisements on social networks and others. And, to ensure that these actions have the desired effect, that is, to ensure the return on investment (ROI), is why sales enablement was created.

Finding ROI is a process that is based on defining and monitoring metrics that indicate the results achieved by the institution. Data that also serves to indicate the points that need to be better worked on or that can be explored to increase enrollments.

Improving the sales process and attracting students

The idea of ​​promoting alignment between marketing and sales in educational institution through sales training, here are some points that are crucial to the success of adopting the methodology.

The idea is to provide the sales team with more information about the interests and needs of each potential student, as well as presenting them with the most relevant content for each approach. This results in a more pleasant and persuasive conversation, aiming for success in attracting students.

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Why use or sales enablement?

Objectively, using sales enablement is a way to make the actions of the marketing and sales teams more assertive, especially when properly combined to improve student acquisition.

According to the State of Sales Enablement Report, from High Spot, companies with a sales enablement team or professional are 52% more likely to ensure that their sales process is properly aligned with the consumer's journey. And this means having more chances that the sales professional's speech is appropriate and targeted at those students who are at the ideal time to enroll in the educational institution. 

Thus, the use of the methodology not only favors an increase in enrollments but also tends to make the institution's resources better directed and used.

Sales Enablement

How to apply sales enablement in your educational institution

Taking as a basis all the knowledge that we mentioned is necessary for a sales enablement specialist, it is possible to understand that the methodology involves a series of distinct actions, which converge towards the same objective.

An important point is to ensure that the brand positioning and messages shared by your institution are consistently addressed to potential students. Something that demands strategies to strengthen the branding and the production of quality content which, as already mentioned, is part of what drives the sale of courses at educational institutions.

Furthermore, in general, the process of implementing the sales enablement methodology demands:

  • The hiring of one or more sales enablement specialists, in addition to other professionals who have the knowledge and skills necessary to participate in the new sales process to be implemented in the educational institution;

  • Guidance and training of salespeople to ensure maximum adaptation to the process and the best performance and efficiency.

At this stage, the new commercial process for selling courses from the educational institution. Something that also includes the identification of possible problems and their solutions, in addition to evaluating the real capacity of the hired employees;

  • The adoption of technological tools that favor interaction between the sales team ― and also with the marketing team ―, as well as others that provide data and facilitate the emergence of insights that contribute to the sales process.

    Again according to High Spot, 75% of companies use sales activation solutions. In the post 6 data analysis tools for educational institutions, we present some that may be useful;

  • Carrying out assessments to monitor the performance of sales enablement actions and strategies adopted by the company educational institution. This step helps the specialized professional find opportunities to improve the institution's performance in attracting new students and selling courses, especially bearing in mind their role in enabling a process that is scalable.

Your educational institution needs help adopting sales enablement? Enter in contact and talk to the experts at 4RevOps!

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