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LinkedIn for Business x personal Linkedin

Gustavo Goncalves
Gustavo Goncalves

Mar 8, 2024

LinkedIn for Business x personal Linkedin

In many ways, we find similarities between LinkedIn for Business, personal LinkedIn, and other social media such as Facebook. However, in practice, the big difference is the professional environment we have available and the forms of interaction between companies.

When we talk about Linkedin, we think about how we can benefit from the incredible networking opportunities that the network offers us. And to enjoy all its benefits you need to know its features and options. And that's why we created this post, so you can understand the difference between Personal LinkedIn and the LinkedIn company.

What will be covered in this post:

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How it works?

The first thing to do is create a profile. It is a personal profile that you need, if your desire is to work on your networking, stay on top of issues related to your market and build interesting professional relationships.

If you want to promote your brand, prospect for your IE and make marketing on LinkedIn, it's time for you to create a company profile. The coolest thing about all this is that, just like on Facebook, you can have both. Through your personal profile you can manage your business profile without worrying about creating multiple accounts on the platform. Always keep in mind that LinkedIn provides an excellent environment to work on your inbound marketing to a selected audience.

To help you identify the real differences between one profile and another, we will present the main features of each one. This way, it becomes easier to understand how to use LinkedIn effectively.


LinkedIn Personal

One of the main differences between personal LinkedIn and LinkedIn for companies is that the first has interesting features for applying for jobs in your area of ​​interest. In turn, the second presents tools so that your organization can offer job vacancies for personal profiles.

Within the personal profile, the information requested is about your characteristics as a professional. You can include your photo, academic career and professional career. All of this allows other people to have access to the professional you are.

The idea is to create connections with other personal profiles and engage in the exchange of useful information for the movement of your business. To stand out on LinkedIn in your personal account, the best way is to share relevant content. Sharing articles that meet the needs of your connections is an important attraction for building a quality network.

Unlike Facebook, we can see that LinkedIn users are much more willing to consume professional content. Through these articles, you engage your connections and become a reference on the topic you share. A promising path for those who want to take their networking to another level.

LinkedIn for Business

LinkedIn for Business

The social media LinkedIn It is a great tool for companies to communicate efficiently with other companies and with professionals from the most diverse areas. As it is entirely aimed at the professional and intellectual environment, it has attracted extremely interesting profiles of prospects for universities.

Most of the new accounts created are from pre-university students and people interested in advancing their career. Within the competitive and challenging environment that LinkedIn involves its users, it awakens interests in each one's academic growth. And this is when your EI should present itself.

Even though there are similar tools, the business profile differs from the personal one because it is much more similar to the fan pages we find on Facebook. It is a path that prioritizes the work of Institutions to reveal their personality and mark their presence.

In short, we can say that the business profile is like a showcase in which the organization exposes itself, using tools that facilitate the sharing of various information such as mission, vacancies, products, events and services that your IE offers. These features are not found in the personal profile.

The ideal is to create a kind of community that involves several networks of qualified contacts, involved with your page.

If you want to lout how LinkedIn can be relevant to you and your institution, access our article on how to earn more ab prospect leads on LinkedIn!

How prospecting leads on linkedin?

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