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Innovation for Institutions: the power of Chatbot in Education

Gustavo Goncalves
Gustavo Goncalves

Feb 21, 2024

Innovation for Institutions: the power of Chatbot in Education

The generation born in the 2000s is beginning to enter Higher education institutions now. These people were born into a world with quality internet and behave differently than previous generations.

For them, connectivity, speed and practicality are fundamental points. That's where the Chatbot in education. This tool, which today already has Artificial intelligence (I.A.), is the perfect answer to please Centennials (born between 1990 and 2010).

Shall we understand a little more about this subject?

What are Chatbots?

Chatbot is the name given to a technology that combines two resources: chats (digital applications for conversations) and bots (robots programmed to respond to a series of interactions, whether or not they can use Artificial intelligence).

In this way, Chatbots are chats equipped with robots capable of interacting with your leads and students. They function as a first line of contact between Institutions of Higher Education and people. Depending on how the bot is programmed, it is capable of resolving the main queries and offering quality service without the need for support from a human attendant.

Why are they a necessity for Higher Education Institutions?

Thanks to the advent of the internet, people no longer want to go through the trouble of starting a call, waiting for an attendant to become vacant and only then asking something that could be answered in a few seconds in any virtual chat.

In addition to these people not using the phone to make calls, they also want a fast service. So, investing only in chat technology may not be enough, as this generates waiting lines and demands a large workforce from the company Higher Education Institution, who needs to hire attendants to take care of conversations.

As Chatbot this problem does not exist. Upon entering the website, the lead or student is automatically served. The bot initiates the interaction, answers the main questions, guides the person and forwards them to an attendant, if necessary.

This way, your Educational institution offers agile, efficient, friendly service with no waiting lines.


How can Chatbot benefit your Higher Education Institution?

This means that the Chatbot On education Does it only generate agility? In truth, no. The benefits of this tool are much greater. See some of them:

24 hour service

How the Chatbot does not depend on human interaction, it can be active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Therefore, whenever your lead gets in touch, they will find a virtual assistant scheduled to assist them and answer all their questions.

Lead loyalty

The agility and efficiency that Chatbots present increases the loyalty rate of its students and converts leads into customers.

The reason is simple: if your Higher Education Institution If you do not offer agile service, it is possible that the lead, in the interval between sending a message and waiting for a response, will look for alternatives. If he finds a college that serves him the way he wants, he is likely to enroll there.

Furthermore, lead loyalty begins at this initial moment and continues after he becomes a student.

Assistance in choosing courses

Depending on how the Chatbot is programmed, it can help your leads choose the course that best suits their profile. This is done through a combination of questions and keywords that guide the bot's response decisions.

Integration with different channels

Another interesting thing is the integration that is possible with different service channels (Facebook, WhatsApp, website, Telegram, etc.). This way, your Higher education institutions can be present at various points of contact with the lead, always providing quality service.

Some Chatbots are already so advanced that they can start the conversation on one channel and continue the service on another, which is a differentiator for many leads.

Chatbot in Education

What is the first step to adopting an excellent Chatbot?

To avoid losing money, your Educational institution needs to have a Chatbot that responds to the needs of your leads and students. This means that technology needs to allow integration between different channels, automation and I.A.

A tool of this size is capable of learning. The bot, as it interacts with people in chat, learns and develops more elaborate and appropriate response patterns, making it always up to date and ready to respond to your leads.

Few tools available on the market have this size. One of them is the Chatbot Hubspot, which was fully developed to offer the best experience for your leads.

If you are looking for a competitive advantage for your Educational institution, investment in a Chatbot is the way. Don't waste time and get ahead of the competition. The future is now!

Do you want to understand more about the current presence of Chatbots and what are the expectations for the future of this technology in the area of ​​Education? Contact us!

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