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Inbound, social networks and entrance exams: what can't be missed?

Gustavo Goncalves
Gustavo Goncalves

Jan 1, 2024

If you already follow our blog, you must have read the post Your Educational institution really need to be present in social media?. In it, we show why it is important to have an active profile and, now, we will explain better why we should invest in attracting students with social networks for the entrance exam.

The idea involves realizing that it is on the networks that your institution has the best chance of making itself heard by your target audience and that social networks act as a megaphone for your marketing strategies inbound marketing.

For this reason, we want to tell you like networks Social media helps attract more students through organic posts and paid ads. 

What you will see in today's post:

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Social networks and inbound marketing

Linked to inbound is the content marketing and the adoption of SEO techniques that make the content produced by your educational institution stand out on the Google results page. However, it is not only through the search engine that potential students find their educational institution.

Disseminating the content produced through resources such as sharing posts on social networks should be part of the institution's inbound marketing strategy. 

According to show HubSpot, when addressing the importance of social networks inbound, is to fulfill the initial objective of the methodology, that of attracting students, that social networks must be explored to the maximum. Something that also takes into account the fact that Brazil stands out as one of the most active in the world on Facebook and has users participating in other popular networks such as Instagram and Twitter.

For all these reasons, for an educational institution, knowing where its audience is and how to use these means to boost its university entrance exam publicity campaign and attract students with social networks.

Organic posting and the presence of educational institution on the social networks

With their social media profiles, an educational institution has two ways of disseminating the content it produces, in addition to creating content directly on platforms to attract students: through organic posts, which we discuss now, and paid advertisements.

The thing is, no one likes to talk to themselves. Just like the educational institution wants students to interact with their publications ― with likes, shares, comments and clicks to access their blog ―, the public also expects the educational institution to match this contact.

Understanding how social networks help attract more students involves knowing that the way the institution behaves on social media influences the success of its organic posts and campaigns. This is because contacts initiated on the network are two-way streets and lack of interaction by the institution to contribute to the strategy.

Just consider that a student who asks a question in a comment needs an answer and expects to receive it. Otherwise, you will feel frustrated, which may affect your interest in relating to others.educational institutions to the point of no longer being a potential student.

It's as we highlighted in the post How to use social media to attract new students when saying that "the interaction and relationship reflect on the experience that the institution is dedicated to offering from the first contact, something that adds a lot of value to the process of attracting and attracting students". 

Therefore, the institution needs to leave the network and use the space to encourage interaction. Something that can be done with posts that include questions or surveys, for example. In any case, it is necessary to take advantage of the situation to resolve doubts and maintain dialogues that attract positive attention, which helps with attracting students on social media.

It is also worth mentioning the reasons why the educational institution needs to have an active presence on social media that goes beyond attracting attention to your posts. The conduct also opens space for the institution to collect feedback and evaluate placements that better guide its actions to attract students.in the social media.

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Inbound for educational institutions and paid advertisements

It may be that, when thinking about how to use inbound marketing to publicize the entrance exam, doubts arise regarding the combination of this methodology with the practice of paying to reach more people. This is because it is common to associate ads with traditional marketing and its interventions that go against inbound, but this is not the case.

The ideal (and also utopian) scenario would be one in which it is possible to make posts look great organic reach, but networks have algorithms that make this difficult. It is true that active presence contributes, but it is not enough.

Thus, inbound can also use paid ads to boost posts and campaigns, for example, through Facebook Ads. The main thing is to be aware that paying to increase the reach of posts aimed at attracting students with social networks only works if the educational institution knows how to select your audience.

To create a paid advertisement, whether on Facebook itself or on other networks, the institution must use its person developed as part of your inbound marketing strategy. This way, you are able to direct the message to the right audience.

Inbound aims to show the student the content they need and when they need it and that is what the educational institution needs to be based on when thinking about how to use inbound marketing to publicize the entrance exam. The idea therefore applies to targeting paid advertising to potential students who are preparing to enter Higher Education.


Strategy and alignment

For all this to work, it is important that the presence of educational institutions on social networks and their content dissemination strategies are aligned with the strategy institution's marketing center. 

Actions to attract students with social networks need to be planned and monitored. The performance of each organic post and the results of each paid advertisement must be analyzed in order to indicate improvements and opportunities that favor the dissemination of the university entrance exam.educational institution during the campaign.

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