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How to manage activities from Hubspot features

Gustavo Goncalves
Gustavo Goncalves

Apr 5, 2023

At some point within your company, you must have already faced the challenge of managing activities for your team. Whatever your business idea, let's agree that creating, organizing and monitoring so many activities is not an easy task and can take a lot of time.

The big question here is: how have you been doing it? Having good software at your disposal can greatly speed up this process, in addition to, of course, facilitating the organization of your tasks.

The good news is that, to make the marketing process agile, today, we have access to one of the biggest CRM systems: a Hubspot! 

In fact, software can be a great ally when it comes to managing your team. The platform that arrived to help structure your activities makes it possible to strategically integrate your marketing, sales, and service teams in one place.

If you still don't use the software within your company, know that you may be missing the chance to optimize activity management and make your work even more productive. Want to know how? Continue with us and discover the benefits of Hubspot and how to manage tasks using the platform.

In this post, you will see:

Before we teach you how to create and manage your activities, it's important that you understand what is hubspot. After all, to implement a new tool in your task management, you need to know it in practice. Next, we will talk more about it and present the advantages of the platform.

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Hubspot: what is it and what are its benefits?

If you haven't heard of Hubspot yet, we want to introduce you to one of Hubspot's biggest advances.technology for humanity.

Hubspot is one of the main CRM software and the most complete in the world. Founded by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah in 2006, the platform has several features and was created with the aim of facilitating processes for marketers.

Based on the concept of Inbound Marketing, Hubspot CRM follows the news of the Marketing 5.0 and has several tools to facilitate your capture and retention strategies, from interaction to analysis of results and preparation of reports.

Among the benefits of the platform is the activity manager, through which your company has the possibility of organizing tasks and optimizing various processes. Another big advantage of Hubspot is that you have all your contact information on a single platform.

That's right, within the CRM software, your company can centralize all the necessary information, organize user service, improve your customer's experience, record relationship history, monitor your lead and obtain data control.

In addition, through interaction tools, the software also directly contributes to a better relationship with your customer.

Not to mention that, with the implementation of the Hubspot CRM, your brand can say goodbye to decentralized teams, as the platform unites your entire team within the platform, consequently increasing the productivity of your company's departments.

Now that you've understood in depth what Hubspot is and you know its advantages, let's go to practice? Continue reading this post and find out, below, how to start creating activities within the platform.

How to create tasks in Hubspot?

If you've made it this far and are looking to improve your task management, Hubspot can help! In this topic, we will explain step by step how to create and manage your tasks in practice. Come on?

Creating tasks in HubSpot Sales from the desktop

To create and manage tasks for your team, there are no secrets! Just open the Hubspot page on your computer or download the mobile version on your Smartphone and click on the "Sales" tab, which is at the top of your dashboard, at the beginning of the Hubspot menu.

Soon after, five options will appear: business, tasks, documents, meetings and manuals. When you click on the tasks tab, you will be directed to a new page where you can follow all your team's open activities, manage them and create new ones. Easy, isn't it?

When selecting “create tasks”, you need to define and describe some essential points, such as: title, activity that will be done, who will be responsible for it, put the task in a queue, set a deadline and, finally, create reminders and notes.

Creating tasks from contact and companies record

Within Hubspot, you can even create tasks by directly associating them with a company, contact, or deal.

For example, if you want to add a task to a specific contact, just click on your contacts tab, which is at the top of your panel, and select the desired person.

Soon after, you will be directed to a new page where you will have some information about the contact. Below the person's name, there will be some buttons in orange like: create note, create an email, make a call, create a task, schedule a meeting and more options.

Just click on create a task and a new tab will appear for you to include details about that activity. If you want to add a task to a company or business, the process is the same, ok?

It is still possible to open activities for more than one contact or company. You just need to check the boxes in the left corner, next to the company or contact name, and tick all those you want to create a task for.

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Hubspot: after all, how can I manage my activities?

Ok, tasks created. Now, it's time to track and organize them! As we mentioned earlier, by clicking on the sales tab and then selecting the tasks option, you can view all the activities recorded for your digital marketing team members.

You can see all the tasks, such as: those that are due today, those that have already passed the deadline, upcoming events, tasks that you are involved in, and also those that have already been completed.

In addition, on the upper right side, there is also the option to view the information in a table format, where you can check the tasks according to the moment of the process, such as: not started, in progress, waiting, completed and deferred.

With a more dynamic and faster view, this model allows you to keep your processes organized in a refined way and provides an overview of the tasks in progress, in which you can follow the progress of your team, define priorities and identify possible difficulties.

Extra tip: How to use Hubspot's project management tool?

Another great benefit of Hubspot is its project management, one of the most complete for companies that have a high demand or a large team.

The tool allows you to do all the processes and organize everything that will be done in one place. Within it, it is possible to plan campaigns, distribute tasks, monitor deliveries and much more.

In addition to being able to organize your entire team on a single platform, with the tool, you can control everything through structured task lists.

With so many benefits, I imagine that now you want to start using this tool, right? Accessing it is very easy. Just go to your Hubspot account and click on your profile on the top right hand side of the screen. Soon after, a tab will appear, just click on “projects” and you will be directed to a new page.

Within the platform, you can view all tasks and even create new ones, if necessary, just click on the bar in the left corner of the screen, where you will have access to all your company's projects. By clicking on the top menu, you can still filter and check the deadlines and those responsible for the tasks.

After this post, creating and managing your activities will be much easier like Hubspot, won't it? And speaking of the platform, its features do not end here!

Regardless of your company's types of business, Hubspot CRM can bring great benefits to your Digital Marketing strategies, including your customer retention process. Want to know how? If you want to undertake online, find out, in our last post, How Hubspot will help your business with customer retention.

Click here and learn more about Hubspot!

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