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How social media contributes to brand reputation

Gustavo Goncalves
Gustavo Goncalves

Feb 1, 2024

All over the world, the value of social networks for brand reputation is "extraordinary", that is, it goes far beyond marketing, it is essential to keep any company in the spotlight, and they are great allies in increasing recognition.

They are essential to build a good relationship with the target audience, define their commitment, to increase engagement, acquisition of services or products, conversion, market recognition, and to improve customer service, avoiding brand rises on social media.

But, above all, to increase the brand's reputation and maintain a competitive advantage, generating value for the company.

Therefore, it is necessary to have clear and well-defined strategies to increase the authority of the educational institution, and increase the brand's reputation in this market.

What is brand reputation?

Online reputation

How important is social media for your educational institution’s brand reputation?

  1. Generates traffic to your website
  2. Segment the audience
  3. Make your educational institution recognized

How to make?

What is a digital marketing consultancy and how is it carried out?

What is brand reputation?

Brand reputation is the company's conduct, what it means to people, and the value it delivers to society.

Online reputation

Online reputation is a company's conduct in the digital environment, whether for a product or service. This reputation is influenced by the content distributed by the brand, reactions and interactions with web users, that is, activities on social networks, etc. For any brand, online reputation is very important as it can affect the company's credibility and visibility.

How important is social media for your educational institution’s brand reputation?

If an organization has a good reputation in the market, consumers may prefer that company even though there are similar companies that offer the same products or services at different prices.

And it would be no different for educational institutions, the reputation of an educational institution can allow it to differentiate itself in the highly competitive market, and becomes the decisive factor in the choice of potential students.

It is a fact that, whenever someone is looking for a product or service, they choose the brand with the best reputation, and the least negative feedback.

See the benefits of social media for brand reputation!

1. Generates traffic to your website

Social networks allow educational institutions to gain notoriety and help to increase demand for the educational institution.

To achieve this result, you need to make people want to visit the website. And one of the main strategies is to share valuable content on social networks (with links to blog articles, web links, forms, new product announcements, discounts...).

The page will become a territory of expression, and the site's visibility will increase through social networks.

Segment the audience

Segmentation makes it possible to reach a relevant audience with the same characteristics as your potential students (down to tastes and interests, ages, etc.)

Social networks are real assets to define the student's profile, and to better meet their expectations. They allow very good targeting of users to address a specific message.

Social networks then become a tool to better understand potential enrolled students, including through questionnaires and comments, while establishing a privileged and lasting relationship.

Make your educational institution recognized

The recognition of an Educational Institution depends on the visibility it has in the virtual market. Consolidating brand awareness means increasing the authority and reputation of the educational institution's brand, increasing the number of enrollees, and consequently, the institution's recognition.


How to make?

How to manage the company's brand on social media? And how to increase credibility and reputation in the digital environment? How to start? What are the best strategies?

These doubts can be recurring when managing and choosing the appropriate social networks, for example.

This difficulty occurs due to the fact that each network has its particularities, targets and communication codes. That's why it's important to adapt the content posted, define communication goals and objectives, and the style of messages to be conveyed.

Creating a Facebook page is not enough, you must understand your business goals, your market and your behavior on various social media.

Therefore, before starting digital strategies for your brand, the ideal is to carry out a digital marketing consultancy to the educational institution.

social media

What is a digital marketing consultancy and how is it carried out?

A digital marketing consultancy aims to help with these doubts, and provide all strategic planning for brand management, through target audience analysis, definition of personas, market study, social media analysis suitable for the company, reputation analysis, among other services.

And there? Do you already know how to improve your educational institution’s online reputation? If in doubt, contact us!

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