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6 data analysis tools for educational institutions

Gustavo Goncalves
Gustavo Goncalves

Dec 20, 2023

For some time now, the so-called "big data revolution", which instituted the massive collection of data, has been changing the internal processes of educational institutions. It is increasingly common to use data analysis in student recruitment, as well as retention actions and global improvement of results.

Because they deal with many students and diverse processes, educational institutions naturally produce a high volume of data at a pedagogical and institutional level. And to make strategic use of the countless information that can be accessed and produce results, it is necessary to have good data analysis tools for educational institutions.

These are tools, like the 6 we present below, that enable the organization and understanding of information to support the decisions of educational institutions. Check it out:

#1. CRM for educational institutions

#2. ERP

#3. Marketing automation

#4. Sales automation

#5. Bandage Pipedrives

#6. Social media dashboards

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#1. CRM for educational institutions

One of the data analysis tools for educational institutions is the CRM ― acronym for Customer Relationship Management or Customer relationship management.

In CRM, information is gathered about the various contacts established between an organization, its customers and potential customers. This means that, in the educational segment, this tool gathers information from students and potential students in their interactions with the educational institution.

CRM for educational institutions such as HubSpot which is even free, optimizes the collection of data such as name and contact actions such as sending messages or emails. And this allows your institution to have access to relevant metrics for data analysis to increase enrollment and even retain students.

#2. ERP

The acronym ERP refers to Enterprise Resource Planning or Enterprise Resource Planning, an ERP is an integrated management system, a data analysis tool for educational institutions that brings together different data on a single platform, providing managers with a more complete view of the processes underway at the educational institution.

The tool favors data analysis when attracting students because it combines information about students, campaigns already developed by the educational institutions and its performance, in addition to other processes that influence the increase in enrollment.

Thus, instead of making decisions based on isolated information, the educational institution now has a global panorama to guide its attraction and recruitment actions.

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#3. Marketing automation

There are different marketing automation tools that can be used by educational institutions. One of them is the HubSpot Marketing, which works as complete support for the team at educational institutions, making the job of guiding potential students along their purchasing journey towards closing their enrollment simpler.

Hubspot Marketing allows you to automatically create CTAs (calls to action or calls to action) and landing pages that encourage engagement and the acquisition of qualified leads. Additionally, it offers real-time SEO suggestions and the ability to easily run A/B tests.

More than that, the platform gathers data on the entire sales funnel of the institution. Therefore, solutions marketing automation. They are interesting data analysis tools for educational institutions because they show the results obtained through their use. From this, educational institutions can also identify changes that are necessary to improve results and increase student enrollment.

#4. Sales automation

In This post, understanding the importance of smarketing for attracting students, we tell you how marketing and sales teams need to be aligned to increase the number of enrollments at an institution.

In this sense, it is common for the sales team to search for relevant information presented by the CRM used by the company.educational institutions. But the idea is to allow this team to focus more on relationships with potential students and less on bureaucratic tasks such as searching for and copying data from the system.

These are sales automation tools, such as HubSpot Sales that minimize this need for human interference and automatically generate reports. These, in turn, favor data analysis to increase enrollments and facilitate the work of the educational institution's sales team.

With Hubspot Sales, the team gets to know better who the students are interested in their educational institutions and which courses or subjects each of them considers relevant. 

With the lead score ― a scoring system that evaluates the lead's situation in the purchasing journey ― based on workflow monitoring and even pre-established behavior, the tool indicates which students are ready to receive a call from the sales team.

All of this allows for a change of approach in the sales process, directing it towards the needs of potential students, as suggested by inbound sales for educational institutions.

#5. Bandage Pipedrives

Pipedrive is a tool that was developed to assist in the management of longer sales processes, such as the educational market. The tool can be described as "a CRM that puts salespeople's needs first."

Sometimes, the journey that the student takes from their first contact with the educational institution until enrolling is long. And this doesn’t just involve the consumption of materials produced for the blog, social networks or email marketing.

As a whole, the student's journey is not linear and, therefore, the exchange of messages between the student and the educational institutions can present a "back and forth" flow that involves the sales team.

To prevent the team from getting lost in this movement, which occurs simultaneously for several potential students, it is necessary to have a good tool for monitoring the sales process. That's what a pipedrive does.

And, as it should be, this is a data analysis for recruiting students because it allows the team to also monitor their results at each step taken. Which, consequently, allows us to identify more effective actions based on student responses, compared to points that need to be worked on with a view to increasing enrollment.

educational institutions

#6. Social media dashboards

For educational institutions, social media are sources of more information valuable than many imagine. Information such as reach, including organic reach, and the number of impressions or views a publication had are easily found on networks, but are not sufficient to support data analysis to increase enrollments.

Therefore, you need to know that there is even more data in dashboards. Through them, you can discover the profile of the people who interact most with your company.educational institutions, what are the best times to publish and which of them (texts, photos, videos) generate the most engagement.

For institutions that make sponsored posts to reach a greater number of potential students, the volume of useful information obtained from dashboards tends to increase.

In any case, the important thing is to understand that dashboards are good data analysis tools for educational institutions because they provide a "portrait" of participation of institutions education on each network. And this helps to evaluate actions and their results in comparison with the proposed objectives to, from there, promote adjustments that are necessary to improve results.

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