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Competitiveness in education: how to beat your competitors

Gustavo Goncalves
Gustavo Goncalves

Oct 13, 2023

The education market has undergone many changes in recent years. The emergence of new business models, online expansion and expansion of private education networks are part of this new scenario that intensifies competitiveness in education.

Added to this, students have much more decision-making power. Local entrance exams are not the only options for applying to colleges in every corner of the country.

To do well in this scenario, get to know the best marketing strategies for education companies. They will put you ahead of the competition!

What you will see in this post:

A challenge: to competitiveness on education;

4 marketing strategies for education companies;

  1. Inbound Marketing;
  2. Marketing Automation;
  3. Digital marketing for student retention;
  4. Segmentation.

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A challenge: to competitiveness on education

Whether small or large, educational institutions, especially those in higher education, have already realized that it is necessary to act with good strategies to face such a broad and competitive market. Leafleting at school doors and billboards on main roads are no longer enough. It is necessary to invest in well-planned educational marketing, measure results and adapt to this new reality.

4 marketing strategies for education companies

Faced with these challenges, we will show you how to overcome this competitiveness in education through 4 good strategies:

1. Inbound Marketing

In inbound marketing, people actively contact the educational institution. Unlike advertisements, for example, which reach people when they don't want to come into contact with certain content, the inbound starts from the principle of attraction mainly through the production of good content.

Inbound marketing helps to overcome the competition by reducing your investments in paid and traditional media, producing targeted and high-quality content and generating authority for the institution.

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2. Marketing Automation

Investing in a good marketing automation strategy is to be one step ahead of the competition. Many institutions are betting on this tool, but few understand the full potential that automation can bring to educational institutions.

Segmentation, data analysis, learner journey analysis: it's all possible with marketing automation.


3. Digital marketing for student retention

Attract students very well. Classrooms fill up, return on investment increases, and everyone is satisfied. The problem happens when the retention rate is very low and the entire effort to capture goes down the drain.

You should care about student retention as much as you care about enrollment. For this, you can use the same strategies, including digital marketing to maintain the relationship. Relationship with the student community, by the way, is one of the weaknesses of many educational institutions.

4. Segmentation

For each of the marketing strategies for education companies presented to bring results, it is necessary to produce the right content for each client or potential client. So, you need to segment your database.

Only with this will you be able to reach the right audience, in addition to avoiding spending on strategies that do not bring returns.

With competitiveness in education increasingly high, it is not possible to continue in the same way. Invest in good marketing strategies and watch the threat of competition become smaller and smaller!

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