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Chatbot in lead retention: find out and see how it works!

Gustavo Goncalves
Gustavo Goncalves

Mar 1, 2024

Chatbot in lead retention: find out and see how it works!

In 2011, the Gartner group carried out a study and found that 85% of customer service would take place without any human interaction in the most diverse sectors of the economy, including Education.

Eight years later we see that the prediction was correct. Today the Chatbots are already one of the main tools that companies use to offer a quality service to your leads.

Do you want to understand this trend, know its strengths and discover the use of Chatbots in Education

What's in store for you in this post:

Why are Chatbots economically advantageous?

The world is connected. And now?

Is human interaction no longer the main contact with the lead?

How are Educational Institutions dealing with this change?

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Why are Chatbots economically advantageous?

According to the Juniper Research consultancy report, issued in 2018, the use of Chatbots in the health, banking and retail sectors will generate savings of US$ 11 billion by the year 2023.

The main reason is response time. These digital tools allow multiple customers to be served simultaneously and make human contact useful for resolving specific cases.

In general, the great demands of companies, from answering questions to forwarding and helping with the selection of products (or courses), can be done in an automated way by a properly programmed robot — especially if it has the technology of Artificial intelligence (I.A.).

According to the Juniper Research report, by 2023 companies will save more than 2.5 billion hours in the aforementioned sectors. The same benefit is expected for other areas, such as Education.

In this way, the Chatbot ends up being advantageous for two reasons: at the same time as it speeds up contact with leads and offers quality service, the Chatbot It is also a cost reduction measure for your Educational institution.

Added to this, the Chatbots also play another very important role, which also generates savings for companies: they collect information. So, by using this tool, your Educational institution You can say goodbye to forms and that huge volume of disorganized information.

The world is connected. And now?

As you know, the world is currently connected. We watch a video on YouTube, share it on WhatsApp and the person posts a Story on Instagram while watching.

There are so many communication channels that thinking about responding quickly only on your website Educational institution It's unfeasible, right? A few years ago this was the reality of Chatbots, always restricted to just one communication environment.

But, just like the world, technology Chatbots has advanced and connectivity is now part of the most modern models. Some tools are even capable of serving the same person on one channel and continuing the conversation in another virtual environment.

This connectivity is another factor that makes conversation robot technology a trend.

lead retention

Is human interaction no longer the main contact with the lead?

Even with all this new environment, it is necessary to remember that the interaction between machines and humans does not mean that contact with other people ceases to exist.

In fact, robots are capable of simulating human behavior. They are programmed by people, so they carry response characteristics typical of a natural conversation between two individuals.

Another very interesting point is that the bot can have the “face” of your Educational institution. The programmer defines how the robot will talk. It can be more lively, serious or funny. Everything to convey the message that your leads want to receive.

As in Artificial Intelligence this goes to another level. The robot programmed with this technology can learn as it interacts with people in the chat. He becomes more assertive, develops new response patterns and it is increasingly difficult to differentiate him from a human attendant (except for the speed of response, of course).


How are Educational Institutions dealing with this change?

As you can see, the scenario for using Chatbots It's very promising, right? But has the area of ​​Education benefited from them? The answer, in this case, is ambiguous: yes and no.

We know that the Chatbots can provide excellent returns. However, only 34% of the 500 largest Educational Institutions From Brazil use some type of chat. Of them, only 42.3% (approximately 14% of the total) have a bot responsible for the conversation — the rest Institutions education Those who use chat rely on human agents to talk to leads.

This means two things: firstly, the Educational institutions are missing the opportunity to optimize their services and generate even more enrollments, gaining leads and making them loyal students.

The second point is that these data show us that Educational Institutions that use Chatbot have a competitive advantage. In addition to excellent service, response time is a determining factor in keeping people interested in your offers.

Added to this, some bots can help the lead search for a course that matches their profile. This is done through the use of some keywords. In this way, the Chatbot not only assists, answers questions and guides the lead, but also wins the person over and leads them to enroll.

Therefore, we can conclude that, yes, Chatbots are a trend for Education and more and more Educational Institutions will use this tool. Those who adopt technology tend to become a reference and the prominence achieved will be difficult to surpass.


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