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Discover 10 new automation features from HubSpot and how to use them!

Gustavo Goncalves
Gustavo Goncalves

Mar 13, 2024

10 new automation features from HubSpot and how to use them!

HubSpot is the world's leading Marketing automation company and has a vast catalog with various integration options and tools, capable of completely changing the Digital Marketing routine of your Educational Institution.

With the help of HubSpot automations, the work of Inbound Marketing becomes more organized and it is possible to observe sales opportunities with more precision.

Do you want to know what these technologies are and how they areEducational institutions? Can you use them? So, see the list we’ve put together!

  1. Organization of the sales funnel;
  2. Identifying business opportunities in the sales funnel;
  3. Webhooks from HubSpot;
  4. Integration with Facebook Messenger;
  5. Preparation, sending and monitoring of marketing emails;
  6. Ad campaign management;
  7. Creation of Marketing automation for nutrition flow;
  8. Lead scoring qualification;
  9. Automation for social media;
  10. Sales Tool Automations.

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1 Organization of the sales funnel

HubSpot's Customer Relationship Management (CRM) organization allows your team to create an organized sales funnel. In it, it is possible to allocate the position of each lead (person interested in what yourEducational institution offers) in your purchasing journey.

In this way, theEducational institution has a clearer view of potential enrollments, main dropouts and possible people to invest in so that they can advance in their purchasing journey.

2 Identifying business opportunities in the sales funnel

With the appropriate settings, HubSpot's CRM can track the lead's progress through the sales funnel. Thus, he identifies business opportunities and notifies his team so that they can invest in possible conversions.

Additionally, HubSpot allows a salesperson (or consultant, as you prefer) to “own” the lead and take responsibility for contacting them directly and making the sale.

3 Webhooks da HubSpot

o Webhooks Functionality created by HubSpot to move information from one web application to another. With this, the company allows its customers to integrate different tools.

Webhook is not an application, but a function within an application. Webhooks allow external systems to receive notifications of all events occurring within the system, in our case, HubSpot events. Webhooks are just part of an API, not the entire API.

With him, it's possible to integrate with the WhatsApp Business and also by sending SMS. Webhook is not the only way to do this at HubSpot, but it is one of the alternatives (in the case of WhatsApp, for example, there are internal applications that can be used).

This way, your Educational institution can keep several communication channels active and record information always in the same place, facilitating monitoring and reducing response time.

4 Integration with Facebook Messenger

As in the case of WhatsApp, integration with Facebook Messenger allows all communication made on this social network with your customers to be stored in the inbox of the HubSpot Conversations area.

In addition to practicality, organization and time savings, this integration also gives a macro view of the relationship with the lead and allows anyone, whether from Marketing, sales or customer service, to understand the context of the communication of a given student.


5 Preparation, sending and monitoring of marketing emails

Email Marketing is another field that benefits from HubSpot tools. On the platform, it is possible to create messages, send them, monitor interactions and measure the results of each sending.

Sendings can be scheduled and have an efficient editor that helps compose messages focused on conversion and creating a more cohesive user experience.

Another advantage of sending emails using Hubspot is the possibility of A/B testing. In it, your team can send two different email templates to 50% of registrations, 25% from template A and 25% from template B. After the chosen performance evaluation period, the other 50% of contacts will be sent automatically using the model with the best performance.

If you prefer to collect data with a larger group, it is also possible to send to the entire email base at once, 50% from model A and 50% from model B.

6 Ad campaign management

One of the biggest challenges of Inbound Marketing work is constantly monitoring metrics on the most different platforms. If we just think about ad campaigns, your team has to deal with multiple ad locations like LinkedIn, Google, Facebook, and others.

The more this information converges in the same digital environment, the better. And HubSpot offers this possibility. With it, you can manage and track ads on Google, LinkedIn and Facebook.

In addition to this management, the platform also generates campaign reports and analyzes conversion levels.

The platform also generates campaign reports and analyzes conversion levels. With this, your team has information about who has made contact with your ads and at which stage of the funnel they are.

By knowing your audience, it is possible to design automation flows for campaigns, improving ad segmentation based on each person's access profile and purchasing journey.

7 Creation of Marketing automation for nutrition flow

The HubSpot platform allows very specific nutrition flows to be created. For example: it is possible to schedule an internal email whenever X action happens, remove or add a contact in the segmentation area after registering Y behavior, and so on.

Depending on the strategy your team adopts, it is possible, for example, to have the lead owner (salesperson responsible for that person) change automatically, depending on the interests that the student registers in the CRM.

8 Lead scoring qualification

Monitoring the interaction and relationship your brand creates with leads is essential. But which parameter should be used for this? Well, HubSpot has one of the best methodologies: the lead scoring.

This monitoring model consists of a system of points that are modified automatically or manually and show the engagement of the contacts in your database.

Lead scoring is an efficient way to identify when a lead is ready to be approached to attempt conversion (registration).

9 Automation for social media

Another interesting alternative that HubSpot offers is integration with your Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts. It brings together the main functions of these social networks in one place and makes it easier for your team to control them.

By connecting accounts, your team can schedule publications, monitor the engagement of each post and have detailed reports on how your strategies are performing in these digital media.

automation features from HubSpot

10 Sales Tool Automations

HubSpot also has a series of tools that make the sales team's work easier. Among them, we have:

  • programmed text shortcuts;
  • message templates with customizable fields;
  • sending documents (course presentation, curriculum, information about laboratories, internships, etc.);
  • email sequence.

In addition to this, sellers also have a tool to schedule meetings. It creates leadpages that give access to the sellers' schedule and students can make an appointment on their own in one of the open slots.

As you can see, the tools present in HubSpot Marketing software are ideal for optimizing your Inbound Marketing work.Educational institution, from to lead attraction until sale (acquiring new registrations).

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