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WhatsApp marketing and online: how to create a successful campaign?

Gustavo Goncalves
Gustavo Goncalves

Jan 26, 2024

Distance learning institutions have become increasingly popular. Currently, they are one of the most interesting options for those looking for better positions in the market.

Online institutions also need to promote marketing to attract students, perhaps even more so, as we are talking about courses taught over the Internet. Among the many digital marketing strategies, WhatsApp Marketing it's essential.

The messaging app already surpasses 1.5 billion users active every month worldwide. 120 million of that number are Brazilians, according to Facebook itself.

Therefore, if you don't already use WhatsApp to strengthen your online institution's relationship with customers, don't waste any more time!

WhatsApp Marketing: the marketing tool of the year

How to create a successful WhatsApp campaign

  1. Have a number dedicated to WhatsApp Business
  2. Take customer service to another level
  3. Always offer quality content

WhatsApp Marketing: the marketing tool of the year

Forget WhatsApp as you knew it. Nowadays, it's not just a messaging app. It is an extremely useful tool for your digital marketing strategy.

WhatsApp marketing can benefit your institution in different ways, but always revolves around the following objectives:

  • Attract new students;
  • Create and strengthen relationships (student retention);
  • Establish authority.

How to create a successful WhatsApp campaign

1. Have a number dedicated to WhatsApp Business

On WhatsApp you need to be connected to a cell phone number. Therefore, it is interesting to have a number dedicated to WhatsApp Business, which will be used exclusively to communicate with students, also separating it from your personal account.

This will be the number you display on the University website and in social media, informing students that they can get in touch via WhatsApp.

2. Take customer service to another level

In marketing, it is difficult to make statements and establish something as absolute truth, as things change quickly, but very quickly. But if there's one thing that doesn't change in the world, it's the importance of good service.

Email service, for example, is still widely used, but it is not as effective as WhatsApp service. Being served in real time, politely and having all doubts resolved wins the heart of any customer.

In addition to almost immediate responses, with WhatsApp Marketing you can offer exclusive treatment to customers, such as creating a chatbot, which also increases retention and, above all, increases the chances of attracting new students.


WhatsApp marketing

3. Always offer quality content

What do you do after creating a contact list?

WhatsApp has a 70% engagement rate bigger than Facebook, that is, you need (and must) offer users quality content to ensure that each of them engages with your online institution.

Intereconomy, a business TV channel, uses WhatsApp Marketing to provide users with business news, interesting interviews and stock analysis. The cost is zero.

And do you know the best part? You can do the same!

If you have a blog on the institution's website and feed it based on content marketing, you can send links to new articles to your contact list. If you work with ebooks to attract leads, you can also send them via WhatsApp.

For more professional tips on how to attract more students to your institution and retain them, keep following the blog posts. Do you have any questions or suggestions? Interact with us!


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