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What is it and why should your Institution invest in Audio Marketing?

Gustavo Goncalves
Gustavo Goncalves

Mar 25, 2024

Keeping a user accessing the same page and reading a text that your team produced, until the end, is one of the objectives of content production. It's not enough to just make the best publication, you need to innovate, use various triggers and constantly reinforce user behavior.

In such dynamic times as the ones we live in, this becomes even more difficult. People don't have time to read anything until the end and the competition on social networks and blogs is already based on the extra seconds of retention that each page has.

But there is a strategy that can change this: Audio Marketing.

Do you want to understand what it is like and how it works?

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What is Audio Marketing?

As the name suggests, Audio Marketing is the use of a strategy that transforms your Educational Institution’s materials into audio. This includes texts, website pages, articles and even e-books.

The proposal is to offer more alternatives so that site users can choose how they prefer to consume certain content. With a player at the top of the page, people can choose, for example, to listen to an audio post instead of reading the paragraphs.

Why are audio posts interesting?

As it is now common for each person to do several activities simultaneously, reading a blog post or e-book in its entirety becomes practically impossible. This process is constantly interrupted by WhatsApp messages, Instagram notifications, work and so on.

By opting for an audio model, your Educational Institution creates more versatile content that can be consumed both by those who want to read quickly and by those people who prefer to listen to the content while doing something (running on the treadmill, for example).

According to a study carried out by Vooozer, using Rock Content as a success story, the use of audio posts increases Time on Page (the average time users spend on the page) by up to 43%.


How is Google Analytics affected by voice marketing?

This data presented is important for a reason: in a study that SEMrush carried out it was identified that Time on Page is the second most important ranking factor for the Google search engine, behind only the number of direct visits that the website receives.

In other words, by increasing Time on Page, your Educational Institution's website has a great chance of climbing the rankings and reaching good positions — this data can be monitored in your website Google Analytics.

Furthermore, if content retention is very good, there is also a tendency for Audio Marketing capture to be equally efficient, as people start to consume more brand content.

How to create a complete Audio Marketing strategy?

Having understood what Audio Marketing is, it's time to see what needs to be done so that your Educational Institution starts using this strategy as soon as possible. Check out!

Use SEMrush and identify the posts to be worked on

First of all, you need to do the same thing you do with any strategy: plan. Creating an audio version for all the content that your Educational Institution has already produced is something that will generate a lot of expense and the return will not be as high.

Instead, use SEMrush to identify which pages of your Educational Institution have the best positioning in search engines. They should be your main focus, since by dubbing the content they can climb the rankings and even reach the first page or first place.

Additionally, pay attention to the keywords used. It is important to invest in content that has the potential to reach a large audience. Keywords with low search volume may not be worth the time spent doing Audio Marketing.

Keep an eye on the competition and find themes to invest in

An excellent indication of which content deserves the most attention from your team is the competition. See what the main Educational Institutions that compete for students with you have done in content production.

Look for trends or patterns and try to identify which strategies have performed best. Then, create relevant content within these trending topics and use Audio Marketing to give your material even more visibility.

Record audio for your content production

Keeping in mind which content is best to optimize, it's time to put an audio track on it. The big question here is: how?

Some platforms read your content automatically, but with a robotic voice (which is not a good alternative). It is also possible to count on companies that do custom dubbing for each content you select.

There is also the alternative for your team to read the content, record it and host it in a player that can be placed on the website.

The best alternative is at the discretion of your Educational Institution. For some institutions it will be better to pay for the service, as purchasing the equipment would be very expensive. Other Educational Institutions, on the contrary, already have an audio recording room and can invest in their own creations.

Audio Marketing

Consider audiobook production

Since we are talking about optimizing content and taking advantage of the opportunities that Audio Marketing offers for your Educational Institution, how about using this new strategy to boost student recruitment?

Do you know those ebooks that are used to capture leads (interested people) and collect information to contact you in the future? This same content in audio format (audiobooks) tends to be even more attractive and can be a really interesting opportunity for your Educational Institution.

Take this into consideration when you are thinking about your Audio Marketing strategy.

As we have seen, not only Content Marketing, but also Capture Marketing can benefit from the use of audio strategies in materials produced by your Educational Institution. This is one of the newest strategies in the digital environment and if you adopt them now, your website will stand out and have a big difference.

Do you want to understand how you can use this strategy, and other digital resources, to improve the results of your Educational Institution? Schedule a meeting with one of our consultants and find out!


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