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What is AARRR? The 5 reasons to use pirate metrics!

Gustavo Goncalves
Gustavo Goncalves

Aug 10, 2023

Pirate metrics

Despite the name, this is not a content about sea robbers. Pirate metrics are of great value to the digital marketing strategy market. But, what is AARRR? You can find this and much more in this post.

If your goal is to understand the internal and external actions that directly impact your company's health, this is the metric you can count on. That's because, using a complete organization, it is possible to understand the user's trajectory from the first moment until the conversion.

Without delay, check out this rich and exclusive content now prepared to help you improve your results through AARRR pirate metrics! Check it out below.

In this content you will see:

  • Learn all about AARRR Metrics;
  • What is its application in marketing?
  • Check out 5 reasons to join AARRR!
  • Find solutions with pirate metrics.

Learn all about AARRR Metrics

Created in 2007 by Dave McClure, the pirate metric became known by that name because it has a structure that, when placed in the acronym (AARRR), resembles the noise made by pirates portrayed in movies.

The letters represent the 5 phases represented in the marketing funnel created by McClure, in order to divide different processes into stages, from the most important points about the product and strategies used, according to consumer behavior.

The letters represent, respectively:

  • A - Acquisition;
  • A - Activation;
  • R - Retention;
  • R - Revenue;
  • R - Referral.

The main motivation for creating this model came after McClure noticed that many startups (his acting focus) had poor results because they were based on insignificant metrics, which did not say much about behavior and, consequently, did not help with the changes needed to improve. the conversion rate.

Similar to the structure used in inbound marketing to attract and convert customer success, this strategy is also organized in the form of a sales funnel, having a plan for the top of the funnel, middle of the funnel and bottom of the funnel. Learn more about the topic.

What is its application in marketing?

Created with the main objective of increasing conversion numbers, this funnel, despite being recent, has proven to be a good option to assist in the management and administration of companies of different sizes and startups.

As it is considered a recent model, this is also an updated way of looking for ways and understanding the customer's journey according to the actions that are carried out until its conquest. For an in-depth analysis of the relationship between product/service and customer, AARRR is essential.

Check out 5 reasons to join AARRR!

It was clear that the purpose of its creation was to serve as an efficient method to generate growth for companies and institutions that applied it. But, after all, why use this strategy in your management? If you're still not convinced of the benefits, we've brought you 5 reasons that make AARRR a great model to follow to increase conversions!

1. Improved understanding of customer behavior

Pirate metrics are, at their core, a way to understand how potential customers behave along their path to conversion. To be aware of the entire project from start to finish, the company must carry out analyzes directly linked to how this interaction occurs, the difficulties encountered and possible solutions.

The effectiveness of this methodology is essentially linked to behavior. Therefore, with it, it is possible to carry out a mapping so that the advance in the funnel can occur naturally and effectively, reducing the evasion margin. Knowing customer behavior is just as important as knowing how to communicate with them.

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2. Possibility of adapting the strategy

A driver who knows his car well knows, by the noise of the engine, when there is a problem or malfunction in a system. Following this same analogy, AARRR metrics play the role of noise, accurately indicating what is not doing its job properly.

With this knowledge, the process of adjustment and adequacy of the strategies used can be carried out in a more assertive way, in view of the answers found during the analysis of the pirate funnel.

To improve conversions, this type of metric allows a satisfactory result, which is why it is widely used by companies and startups.

3. Greater control of the company's values and data

The pirate metrics are, without a doubt, an efficient way to understand the results, creating connections with the different stages and advances of the lead in the funnel. It is with this strategy that a detailed study is carried out, raising questions according to the numbers obtained.

For example, in Activation it is important to take into account the information:

  • Time of stay on the website;
  • Number of clicks on links and buttons;
  • Number of hits to other pages on the site;
  • Number of subscriptions to your newsletter;
  • Number of material downloads.

With this and other information, it is possible to have accuracy in the information, allowing greater optimization of the site or content to improve these values and thus, optimize the conversion.

4. Optimization of services provided

The more you understand about the potential customer and the relationship with your product or service, the easier it is to understand where to improve and which action model best suits the lead's needs.

With accurate information and adequate metrics, the work increasingly reaches new levels of assertiveness. The process compensates for the work with the positive feedback with improvement of the important numbers to effect the capture and retention.

5. Overview of the management performed

In each of the topics raised in the AARRR, the deeper the analysis goes and the more complete the understanding of the strategy as a whole becomes. While functioning as an in-depth view, this can be an essential strategy to enable companies to have a broader understanding of what is presented to the public and what is their response to this onslaught.

Thus, it is an excellent thermometer of quality and efficiency.

Find solutions with pirate metrics

For efficient management, using strategies that can enhance results is always a golden opportunity. With pirate metrics, you can expand your range of options and make the right improvements in your business.

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Also, if you are interested in applying the metric, but still have questions about it, leave a comment in the field below!


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