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What is a diagnostic evaluation in marketing strategy?

Gustavo Goncalves
Gustavo Goncalves

Aug 9, 2023

Diagnostic Evaluation

Do you believe that the purchase process of your EI needs optimizations but has no idea where to start? The definition of that can be in the diagnostic evaluation - an essential tool for your company to take the next step in the prospect of new enrollments and students’ maintenance.

It is a 360º analysis that comes from many researches about digital marketing strategies you can use. It represents a clear vision of your brand’s performance, what’s the strong points - that can be better developed - and what are the opportunities to improve and the alternatives to follow.

Does it seem complex? Don’t worry! We are going to clear it with some details. Keep reading this article to make this topic a priority to your EI.

What is diagnostic evaluation and why should your institution worry about it?

The digital marketing diagnostic is a toolkit that allows an online performance analysis of a brand. Through it, it’s possible to identify problems that jeopardize the relationship between the students and your EI.

The diagnostic evaluation is necessary even for those who already have a marketing strategy, such as Outbound or Inbound Marketing, because the plan by itself can’t guarantee success. It’s necessary to review it steadily, looking for opportunities to improve.

Indeed, the importance of diagnostic evaluation in digital marketing has never been so great as it is nowadays.

We live in different times that demand a detailed view of every action. To be sure that will happen, you can observe the shocking data about school evasion this year. According to a Unicef report, the impact of the pandemics in school evasion was so great that 1.38 million students between 6-17 years old stopped attending school.

Of course this huge number involves a complexity even greater than the communication of the EIs. On the other hand, even families with a position to give private education are choosing movements as homeschooling or moving to other educational ways.

When talking about relationships with parents and students, some schools are getting it right, but the most is wrong. The thing is: you can play with the internet anymore. EIs that don’t specialize in digital marketing will be fated to lose enrollments more and more.  

Do you agree with that?

Oh! Talking about marketing specializing, understand now what’s seen in a diagnostic evaluation.

What can be evaluated and what are the main tools of this analysis?

In what communication channels is your EI on? Do you show your company in social media posting regularly? How about the contents? Are they relevant to your audience?

These are some questions to consider when evaluating how much and in which way your EI is present in the virtual world.

It’s possible to answer these questions by tracking the social media metrics and the website traffic analysis. Noting the ranking of your blog posts in Google searches also will help you to conclude if your SEO strategy is working or not.

Making a detailed examination depends on contemplating data and also evaluating the customer’s relationship through an analytic vision of the CRM software, for example.

In addition, diagnostic evaluation focused on digital results covers a set of market researches, consumer’s tendencies and other external variations that can create purchase opportunities. In fact, methods such as SWOT analysis helps a lot in identifying strong and weak points of your brand, pointing to what the opportunities and threats are.

Finally, tools such as CSD matrix, buying journeys, RFM analysis and flight plan work as a truly X-ray of your EI’s brand.

We could talk depper about every one of these methodologies and it would probably help you somehow, but we need to go straight to the point, telling what is not good and what you or your marketing agency can do towards this.

Success in students’ capture and retention: how can a diagnostic evaluation help?

In the end of the day what you really want is adequate increase numbers or, at least, an enrolled maintenance. To check if your institution has or not success in these issues and for what reason, count on the most valuable material you have: the opinion of your students.

Based on the vision and experience of those who know the EI, it’s possible to make a capture diagnostic and also a retention diagnostic. That can be led in a more assertive way through Artificial Intelligence tools capable of processing large scale information.

An AI allows you to determine the baselines of your research. As a result, the collected data are converted into easy-interpretation infographics, enabling a strategy of the general context and of each intended variation.

Based on the acquired information, it’s possible to have the big picture of the situation the EI is in and insights to create action, avoiding, then, students evasion and capturing new ones.

Does your EI really need a digital marketing diagnostic evaluation?

Even if your Ei has already a very consolidated digital marketing and has already seen good results lately, it’s always important to review the scenario and the action plan.

Nowadays, as never before, is the moment to evaluate precisely the way marketing is being led and look after your students’ needs.

Numbers don’t lie, but they can change!

That’s why we say it again: embracing a diagnostic evaluation can be the before-and-after experience that will determine a new moment of the relationship between your institution and your former students and increase the purchase opportunities.

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