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What are the main trends in Digital Marketing?

Gustavo Goncalves
Gustavo Goncalves

Mar 11, 2024

What are the main trends in Digital Marketing?

It is possible to identify the main Digital Marketing trends for the year. In general, companies working in this area have a consensus on what we can expect in the coming months.

Knowing what lies ahead and what should be prioritized is essential for your Educational Institution's Marketing strategies to be updated and successful in attracting new students.

Therefore, we have put together a list of the main trends. Check out!

What you will see in the post:

Chatbots for user support;

More frequent use of private chats;

Increasingly personalized User Experience;

Constant investment in Artificial Intelligence;

Google Machine Learning Enhancement;

Improved SEO Optimization Techniques;

Marketing Automation for user relationships.

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Chatbots for user support

The internet no longer has room for static and inflexible tools, such as contact and registration forms. Users want to have their questions answered right away and are not willing to wait for it.

Thus, the Chatbots have been an interesting alternative and have proven to be one of the main trends in digital marketing. Not only can these tools talk to your website users (based on what they're programmed to respond to), they also collect information in a more natural way than forms.

More frequent use of private chats

Following this wave of more dynamic communication, email continues to lose space (despite still being a very important channel) to private chats. Users have chosen to contact brands through the means they frequently use: WhatsApp and Facebook and Instagram chats.

But there is no point in taking the messages that would be sent to email and migrating them to these other channels. It is necessary to adapt and communicate with the “language” of the platform used for contact.

Increasingly personalized User Experience

The two trends we mentioned point in the same direction: personalization of User Experience (UX). Students, like anyone who accesses the internet, do not want to receive generic answers.

Today, the brands that are a reference in Digital Marketing are those that focus on one-to-one, creating products for a large audience, but serving individuals individually. Want to understand how this works? See the answers on Netflix on your Twitter.


Constant investment in Artificial Intelligence

Personalization in service, improvement of User Experience and Chatbot. Do you know what's missing from this equation? Artificial intelligence! It is largely responsible for automating contact between companies and customers (or educational institutions and students).

This technology can be programmed to reproduce human-like behaviors. When we put this in a Chatbot, for example, we have a tool that is capable of chatting with website users without it seeming like everything is a lifeless, robotic text (like the calls that people still receive from phone company salespeople today). and banks).

Google Machine Learning Enhancement

Google, as you probably know, uses very advanced Artificial Intelligence to do everything it does. It has a feature called Machine Learning.

The more Google receives searches and interacts with users and their behavior patterns, the better it presents results (have you noticed how efficient Google's voice search is? A few years ago it understood practically nothing in Portuguese).

This year this ability to learn should be improved and Google will begin to understand, with more precision, contexts, related searches and search intentions.

Improved SEO Optimization Techniques

With the improvement of Google's search standards, several practices in Content Marketing (production of content for websites, blogs and social networks) need to be reviewed. Especially those related to SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

For several years, the basis of SEO was the production of content with relevant keywords (terms that people type most frequently on Google) and the use of topics (titles, as we are using throughout the text).

However, this had a crucial error: the keyword that appeared in the content did not always respond to what the user was looking for and they had to return to Google and do a new search.

Now Google's search tool works with user intent. It doesn't just analyze keywords, but rather what each person, based on their search pattern, is wanting to find. This means that the first site that appears in the results may be different for everyone depending on their search history.

To answer this, the production of content (such as your Educational Institution's publications on your blog) should no longer focus only on keywords, but rather on answering the main questions of Google users.

Digital Marketing

Marketing Automation for user relationships

Bringing together everything we’ve talked about so far, we arrive at one of the main trends in Digital Marketing: Marketing automation.

Chatbots, automatic emails (like those offered by the Hubspot platform), automatic posting of publications according to the editorial calendar and several other functions.

Marketing automation is a scalable measure that allows your Educational Institution to be prepared to serve, in a personalized way, the entire flow of people it can attract.

As digital connection only tends to increase, having automation is a strategic choice, but also a cost-effective one, since meeting such a huge demand with people doing everything manually borders on the impossible.

In general, Digital Marketing trends point in the same direction: personalization and improvement of the User Experience. The focus is clear. Your Educational Institution has to optimize its digital media and make users, whether they are students or not, enjoy the interaction they have with the brand.

And since we're talking about Digital Marketing, we have a content tip for you. Read our text about “How to improve your organic content positioning” and stand out in Google searches!

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