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What are the best tools for website optimization? - Mkt4edu

Renan Andrade
Renan Andrade

Aug 9, 2023

 website optimization

Do you know how to make your website appear in the first search results on search pages? Do you know the best work tools and how they can help you achieve this goal? Today, we will talk about website optimization, its importance and how it can make your company take new directions within this type of digital marketing. 

A good part of a strategy made by digital marketing professionals is formed by the positioning of the company's website as one of the first results in websites and search pages. 

For this to happen, we must know and delve into the careful work of website optimization, so that the website is well evaluated by the algorithm in the search engines. For this, we are going to present the best tools to optimize a website and how they can help your website to stand out in the sales process. 

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SEO and google ranking: understand the relationship

One of the most known and used ways in the work of website optimization is SEO - Search Engine Optimization, which consists of designating the optimization of websites so that the Google algorithm can evaluate better search engines. And how can google help leverage your company's website? 

In fact, it's about teamwork. The search is done on google, and thanks to some tools used, the algorithms can cause a greater number of hits, called organic traffic. That is, it makes people able to access your type of content when searching for something that your company offers. 

This ends up making the user's approach to the company more natural, without looking like a marketing strategy, and reducing the need to invest in other forms of advertising.

Actions for website optimization

Some actions can improve your website's traffic engagement, such as changes and implementations that can be carried out to improve the result. Check out the best tools to optimize your website and how they can achieve the expected goal.

Link building

What is link building? This tool comes from the idea of ​​making a link popular, making it more relevant on the internet and reaching more people, through clicks, sharing, among others. In this way, search engines end up ranking better the pages that have more reliable links, that is, the more links, the more likely your site is to be one of the first on Google, making the link building strategy an essential tool of the SEO strategy.

But attention: the number of links in link building is uncertain, however, it will not be favorable to your site if they are not reliable and/or exceed a reasonable amount, so always pay attention to the veracity of the link and observe in which times they can fit as naturally as possible into your text. The more natural and organic the insertion of this link, the better placed your site will be.


CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) a technique used to help the performance of a website and make the user able to enter and finish their action without an interruption, such as closing tabs in the middle of reading. But why is this access so important? Let's find out.

Talking about conversion optimization means turning that access into a lead generation or even a customer. But in what way? Through ebooks, landing pages and other materials, in order to improve your reach and increase user conversion.

These techniques are a means of turning these hits into registrations or even purchases, and in return, your website can offer some exclusive content, such as an ebook.

The CRO's differential is not only access, but also how many of these accesses will be transformed into customers, called conversion. In these cases, it is very important to think about the user experience and how you can attract them to be a consumer of the brand, for example.

Conversion rate is the formula that calculates the amount of conversion performed on a page vs. the number of visitors. For example: in the case of an online store, it would be the amount of sales vs. the number of visitors.

This is one of the most important metrics for your business. Through it you will understand if all your effort and investment is working as planned.

SEO Techniques

To rank your site well in search engines, it is necessary to establish some SEO techniques so that your site can reach new people and, consequently, have more access. Some techniques are very important, check below what should be on the list.

1. Don't do plagiarism

One of the most important points in ranking within the search engines is in relation to the originality of your company's content. Google, for example, always knows if it was plagiarism and who published the content first, making your company's website not so well within the rankings.

2.Have quality content

The creation of content, when well designed, is one of the factors that, by itself, attract more customers. A material that provides all the necessary information about a product or service, for example, is of paramount importance for the customer to find everything they are looking for, staying longer on the site. Furthermore, search platforms know how to identify good text and give it relevance. 


research Generally, searches on search engines are made for keywords or terms that refer to what you want to search for, so it is extremely important to use many keywords, which will direct your text to that your site ranks well.

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production A good content production is essential for a good construction of the bridge between company and consumer. From the moment the internet emerges in the customer's life and makes everything more dynamic, the company needs to be attentive and try to produce more connected, faster content that meets the public's needs. For good content production, good research is needed to know your target audience, their opinions and company ratings, among others. In this way, you will be able to produce content that meets the demands and that can solve all doubts, in addition to generating greater interest in your brand/company.

In addition, focusing on content production is a great tool to rank your website, since the more content you publish, the more relevant you become, and with that, the easier the algorithms rank your company in search engines; in addition to having other factors, such as: the more interest your website generates with the content, the more time the user will spend there, generating greater traffic and, consequently, ranking your company's website, among others.

Understand your website traffic

Within digital marketing, traffic is related to the movement of users on websites, that is, it refers to the flow of people who are accessing that content. On the internet, this traffic is related to a number of conversions, generating leads and customers: the more hits, the greater the chances of this conversion happening. 

With this, we have some types of traffic that change this form of customer access and that, if used well, can make the algorithms rank your site well. Check it out below;

1. Organic traffic;

As you say, it's something organic. Access comes naturally, visitors can find your pages in a search on research sites, clicking on a link on some other site or receiving it in a communication application, for example. This is one of the best methods, because it is economical and has as much result as the others. 

2.Paid traffic;

The concept remains, however, in this case, this traffic consists of the click of sponsored links, which is when a company pays to advertise its website on various platforms on the internet, being able to generate more access and, consequently, more traffic, but in a paid way, changing your cost per acquisition.

Use keywords

Keywords or, translating, keywords are the terms most used by people in the search for a certain subject. It is from these words that the texts that appear on google originate, for example. Keywords make the ranking successful so that your text remains well trafficked in search engines. But in addition to its use, it is essential to know which keywords will stand out in your text, making the search direct the reader directly to your website.

Carry out a diagnostic assessment Carrying

A diagnostic assessment of your website consists of observing what is being done, understanding how it can be improved and what tools and methods need to be used to leverage your website. For this, it is also necessary to understand the purpose of the company's website, whether it is traffic and / or conversion, so that it is clear which methods can be used to better rank your website and, thus, more hits.

Understand the

heatmap The heatmap, translated from English as heatmap, isa tool in which the graphical representation shows in which points of the site or your blog there was more activity by the user. In other words, we can say that the heatmap analyzes interactions on the site, such as time on site, clicks made and even page scrolling. 

The interesting thing about this tool is that, with it, we can assess the customer's interest through their clicks and, thus, funnel their preferences within the site, bringing a complete customer lead.

Free tools for SEO optimization

Now that you know a little about the tools and how to use them to optimize your site, here is a list of some platforms that offer these services free and for a fee. Just analyze your diagnosis and understand which tool will be best for your goal. Check it out below;

  • google analytics 

The most famous of the SEO tools, Google Analytics can be the direction for you to start establishing your traffic strategies well. In addition, it offers the best data on visitors, organic traffic, and so on.

  • ubersuggest

This site was created to help you create your own content. When you put a keyword on a topic you want to cover, for example, it shows you suggestions for related words and even other content, which can give you support for a better creation

  • google search console

This SEO tool focuses on delivering a series of information about your site, such as clicks, impressions, page indexing, among others. Betting on Google Search Console can be ideal for a good website analysis for your company

Paid tools for SEO optimization

  • Semrush

If you are looking for a tool that offers more services, Semrush offers SEO, in addition to social media marketing, search competition and content marketing on a single platform. In addition, it guarantees to increase your organic traffic with some SEO tools within the platform itself, such as discovering new keywords to boost and analyzing backlines, in addition to having one of the largest databases in the world.

  • Lucky Orange

Difficulty generating conversions with your website visitors? According to Lucky Orange, 99% of your website visitors will not become customers, and the paid tool knows how to transform. Theplatform has a plan that includes full access to all features, including dynamic heat maps, user recordings, live chat, polls and polls, conversion funnels, real-time dashboard and daily email reports. mail. They are ideal items to leverage and optimize your company's website.

Count on who is an optimization expert!

Now that you know about digital marketing aimed at website optimization and understand the importance of using tools and methods so that they can leverage your website, know, too, that it is extremely important to have one that offers you a professional service to meet your needs. your demand. 

We, at Mkt4Edu, offer optimized content production services, that is, we will apply everything that has been covered in this text in the best way to attract more looks to your website and, consequently, more traffic, ranking your company well in searches. of search. Count on us!

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