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Understand the behavior of subscribers and convert more students to your college!

Gustavo Goncalves
Gustavo Goncalves

Nov 6, 2023

Understanding the student behavior of the sales funnel is fundamental to creating marketing strategies that increase conversion of subscribers to enrolled.

Not knowing how the student arrives at your institution and what leads them to enroll is what may be causing the failure of your marketing campaigns.

The student's purchasing decision process must be completely known by your institution. Do you know how he finds your educational institution? Why does he decide to take the entrance exam and what prevents him from enrolling after registration?

If you answered no to any of these questions, now is the time to learn more about student behavior!

Why understand the student behavior?

The most common steps of sales funnel in education

  1. The student recognizes the need
  2. The student actively searches for information
  3. The student considers options
  4. The student takes the entrance exam and decides on an educational institution

Why understand the student behavior?

One of the biggest mistakes related to marketing strategies educational marketing It is the carrying out of planning based only on conjectures. Imagine a student profile, imagine what their behavior is or what type of content interests them.

Acting this way reduces the chances of conversion of subscribers to enrolled. Let's face it, reaching a real audience with actions designed for an imaginary audience is an almost impossible task.

Hence the importance of understanding the student behavior. Whichstarts lead him to make a decision? Which elements are most relevant in your enrollment decision? The responses are individual, but it is possible to notice patterns in these actions.

The most common steps of sales funnel in education

We can identify four moments of the student in the sales funnel in education

1. The student recognizes the need

You can identify numerous types of potential students at your institution at this time. There are those who have completed high school and are looking for college and a profession.

There are those who are in the job market, but want to progress in their career, but don't yet know that college can be an option. There are those who are dissatisfied with their chosen degree.

What is your student's need? It is important to map it out to produce specific content for him. To do this, carry out research or consult your own student community.


2. The student actively searches for information

The student has decided that he wants to attend college and we hope that you have helped him make this decision. Right now, he is actively searching for information about professions and educational institutions.

At this point, you should understand the following elements of student behavior: In which channels does he look for information? What opinions does he listen to? What content do you consume?


3. The student considers options

Now, the student has chosen a higher education course, but is considering entrance exam options. Which institutions do you like most? This is the time to show the advantages of your college and, to do so, try to understand the profile of this student.

What advantages of your educational institution are important to him? Handbag, student financing, brand reputation? Once again, the student behavior is directed by attention to your expectations.

4. The student takes the entrance exam and decides on an educational institution

This step is very important. If the student took the entrance exam it is because their interest in the educational institution is great. But don't abandon the relationship halfway, after all, this is an important lead!. Offer the advantages that seem most related to the student’s profile. Check the standards of former enrollees. When and why did they enroll?

With this information about the gaps that lead the student to make a certain decision, the chances of conversion of subscribers to enrolled are much larger. Understanding this conversion process, investing in the relationship and student loyalty, the success of your educational institution will be certain!

Learn more about the education sales funnel! Access our content about funnels in educational marketing!

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