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Understand how you can prospecting leads on linkedin

Gustavo Goncalves
Gustavo Goncalves

Mar 6, 2024

Understand how you can prospecting leads on linkedin

When we talk about social networks, both Facebook and Instagram are the first options that come to mind. But what about LinkedIn, how does it work? When it comes to being a social network for professional relationship, recruitment and information purposes, no one beats LinkedIn. While other social networks increasingly invest in sharing moments, ideas and sensations, LinkedIn's main objective is to create commercial interactions.

But in the midst of all this, doubts arise how to prospect leads on LinkedIn. Furthermore, how to get increasingly qualified leads amidst so many movements, strategic proposals and innovation? That's what you will discover now!

What you will see in the post:

How to prospect on LinkedIn?

How to prepare and apply inbound marketing?

Network Tools.

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How to prospect on LinkedIn?

If you have experience with other social networks and are just starting out in the world of this gigantic network, you may have noticed that the content, themes and interactions are much more formal and professional. This becomes clear when we think about the proposal of the network itself. However, when we imagine prospecting for leads, knowing how to position yourself can be a challenge for those who are not prepared.

First of all, it is necessary to understand that the gateway to achieving good and qualified prospecting is to make use of what matters most on LinkedIn: information. This is because you can have access to a lot of information that helps your pre-sales process

Contact is made easy and information such as job title, company and chat are available at any time. All of this makes your qualification much easier. This way, you eliminate leads outside your scope and invest time and resources in leads that are true opportunities.

It is extremely important to take into account that as much time as you have your lead's background, they also have yours. That colder approach that happened not long ago of introducing yourself from scratch, telling the company's entire story, doesn't work very well on LinkedIn. So it's always good know your lead very well.


How to prepare and apply inbound marketing?

PROFILE: As we said previously, your entire profile/page is exposed to your lead. What makes a complete and well-organized profile attractive and incomplete data repulsive/disregarded. As it is your business card, your profile must offer an experience that tells what your institution is and how it can be relevant to whoever is viewing it. In other words, you have to be enchanted right away! The competition is close by and those who don't prepare and develop good content are left behind. Because it is through content that people feel attracted or not to what you say and defend.

CONTACTS: Building your network of contacts doesn’t happen overnight. Once you have a well-structured, organized and content-filled profile, understanding how interactions on the network work is the next step. Basically, you have your direct connections (friends) and indirect connections (friends of your friends). Just like a spider's web, your friends' indirect contacts can also receive your connection request. This way, you can scale your requests and prospects in quantity.

Remember that these tips will help you prospect through your personal profile. Your institution's profile works like a fan page. Connecting to your institution's page will give you the status of "representative" of your brand. As long as she shows influence through your content.

RELATIONSHIP: Now that people know that you represent your institution, your relationship with these people to turn them into leads and, in the future, into students takes place through your content. But new content? Yes! It's not just sharing what your university posts. Ideally, you complement what is displayed by your institution from a professional point of view. We must never forget that LinkedIn is a professional network and that is why it is important to position yourself in this way. This is the way to apply the inbound marketing on LinkedIn. Because it is precisely at this moment that your inbound strategies, previously applied in other networks, must be positioned according to the profile of your connections.

prospecting leads on linkedin

Network Tools

Groups - using interest groups to prospect is an excellent way to find leads with common interests. In the same interest group, you can find your gold mine of leads.

InMail - this messaging system allows more formal and invasive contact, such as using the telephone, to not be mandatory. This can increase your conversion and help you build a more assertive approach strategy.

Note: to send messages to people who are not part of your connections, you must subscribe to the premium version of LinkedIn.

Search: With the use of smart filters, you have access to a refined search. You can search for your leads by name, title, subject groups and even articles. Focus on using the best terms and prioritizing your persona, as this is when you can qualify your prospects and leads.

In short, LinkedIn offers many options and paths for those who want to prospect, meet and capture leads. As long as it is used correctly, this professional network has everything you need to make a difference in your fundraising routine.

If you still have questions about what inbound marketing is and want to learn other ways of prospecting.


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