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5 tools to monitor performance in educational marketing

Gustavo Goncalves
Gustavo Goncalves

Jul 7, 2023

Data-driven marketing is already a reality in several sectors, including educational marketing. The need to focus communication actions on the student, generating value from the first contact, increases the relevance of monitoring performance indicators that allow optimizing marketing campaigns and obtaining better results.

These tools can help you better understand your potential students' needs, their interests, and the best ways to approach both content and sales.

Monitoring your Institution's educational marketing is a practice that will make your capture cycle flow more objectively, being incisive and accurate in communicating with your leads.

Increasing the amount of data and information obtained from your people is the best way to map and qualify who is really interested in being part of your Institution and being connected with everything it offers.

It turns out that this follow-up is becoming more complex every day, especially due to the amount of information available to us. That's where the tools for monitoring educational marketing performance.

Check out the tools that will be covered!

Knowing the need to work with data marketing can change the capture and retention strategies at your institution. Understand the importance of applying data technology in your organization's day-to-day life, making your educational marketing processes more productive and accurate with the right tools.

CRM - Customer Relationship Management

The first tool to be used in monitoring performance indicators is the CRM. It contains important information about lead attraction and conversion processes, as well as the entire history of relationships with its students before enrollment.

From the CRM, important indicators can be extracted: number of leads captured per period, conversion rate, customer acquisition cost, qualified and unqualified leads, among others.

And of course, there are some advantages that a CRM can bring to your Institution. The first is to improve the management of your students, since you have all the necessary information about them in a single place.

Another advantage is the optimization of the sales process. With a CRM, not only is customer information contained in one place, but sales information as well. Thus, it is possible to channel what will be offered to a certain person, being more assertive in convincing the enrollment decision.

And finally, we can also mention the connection that the CRM brings to the sales and marketing teams. With all the information, it is possible to carry out more accurate marketing strategies and keep the sales team focused on the loyalty of potential students.

Interests are mapped in a concrete way and both teams are able to be more strategic when approaching them.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation has also proven to be a great ally in educational marketing, as its HEI is capable of educating a large audience long before they even think about going to university, for example.

Imagine establishing a relationship with high school students from the beginning of this period, engaging and retaining a select audience. At the time of the entrance exam, marketing efforts are reduced.

Through marketing automation, it is possible to optimize the work of employees, making them dedicate themselves to strategic activities, increasing productivity and leaving the bureaucratic and manual parts automated.

Furthermore, tactics marketing automation assist in a more efficient contact with customers, bearing in mind that the public, the form, the channels of communication and conversion strategies are aligned with your needs and skills, company services and products.

In other words, your Institution knows exactly which students it wants for you and your potential enrollees are also able to identify everything your organization offers, because of a more assertive exchange of information.

One Marketing automation tool extracts important data to optimize your campaigns: number of subscribers to your newsletter, email opening rate, number of clicks, shares, visits, interactions, rejections and much more.

Big Data e Business Intelligence

We cannot leave aside the power of big data, a tool that collects, processes and analyzes a multitude of data in a matter of seconds.

The big question of Big Data is the possibility of crossing data and delivering a more complete analysis, through the so-called “5Vs”: volume, variety, speed, veracity and value.

Likewise, the Business Intelligence accelerates data analysis and assists in performance evaluation. Thus, it is easier for your institution to understand possible problems and, of course, find plausible and suitable solutions to improve the capture performance.

Combined, these two tools become a true results machine.

That's because your analyzes become more in-depth, your business insights are secure and your decisions accurate. This union means connecting all the management tools of your HEI in a single intelligence center, where it is possible to check the institution's performance in the smallest details.

You'll be better prepared to reach your prospects in the right way, with the right message and at the right time for them to convert. And why is this possible?

Simple! With the detailed analysis, you will have more information about your target audience and their behavior and this will make it easier to choose strategies, contents and ways of communicating yourpeople.

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SEO Analysis

It is undeniable that digital marketing is sharing attention - and budgets - with traditional marketing. Increasingly, people are using search engines like Google to access simple answers, such as finding a good educational institution.

In this sense, it is up to your educational institution to do a good job of optimizing for search engines, in order to improve the positioning in the organic results and, of course, generate more traffic to the site.

But this work will not be complete without the proper follow-up, that is, the monitoring of your SEO strategies. There are tools ready to provide various insights, such as SemRush and Moz, for example.

And of course, it's no use knowing the good SEO tools without knowing exactly what to monitor. Some of the main indicators for your Institution to keep an eye on are: organic positioning, website traffic, website loading speed and bounce rate.

Your website is a great indicator for you to put SEO strategies into practice. The higher and better your performance, the greater the proof that your visitors are interested in what your institution has to offer.

Take advantage of these indicators to create engagement methods on your website, update your blog, offer quality content, create landing pages and forms so that your conversion rate is ever higher.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the main tools for anyone who wants to monitor marketing results, regardless of industry. In educational marketing, it could not be different.

The platform aims to perform behavior analysis, making a general monitoring of your business. Through it, a robust database is offered, containing consumer profile, site performance, most visited pages, traffic source (demographic and geographic) and much more.

One of the great advantages of Analytics is that it is a free platform. With it, in addition to the analyzes and data collected, you can also access standardized reports and customize the dashboard according to the needs of your institution and the fundraising strategies created.

It can - and should - be a great ally to your SEO analysis, since with the results obtained on the platform, it is possible to monitor the SEO techniques that are being used on your pages and, of course, if they are working properly to improve your conversion rate.

What to do now?

Check out all the tools covered here. Talk to your sales and marketing teams. Trace the main difficulties of processes that your institution has in data collection and approach with potential students.

Start slowly! Educational Marketing aligned with data can change the reality of capturing and converting your leads, but make sure that you are correctly applying the analysis methodologies.

Choose one or two of these tools to apply over the next few months, test them out, engage your teams in the deployment, and gradually start monitoring them.

Monitoring the performance of your teams and their conversions is essential to make decisions about the next steps, adjust strategies and find the best actions to bring more and more enrollments to your institution.

Feel like you need a boost in monitoring the performance of your educational marketing? Contact us!


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