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3 tips to make a lead hot for conversion

Gustavo Goncalves
Gustavo Goncalves

Aug 9, 2023

tips to make a lead hot for conversion

If you have already worked with inbound marketing, you should know that converting leads is one of the main phases of all the work developed in this strategy. Turning visitors into leads and leads into customers is the main objective. This whole dynamic involves planning, determination and patience on the part of the educational institution.

Your success in attracting students is closely linked to the relationship you have with your entire base of prospects, leads and customers. It is important to understand that generating leads and not converting is a waste of time and investment. Understanding that conversion deficiency is a real issue is an important step towards effectively integrating inbound marketing into your strategy educational marketing.

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To help improve your chances of conversion, we've separated some tips that will help you conduct your planning and qualify the lead efficiently. Let's start?


Know your lead

Knowing the behavior of the lead is the best way to prepare your lead until he becomes a student. That's because from the moment you really get to know him, you start to understand his needs. By understanding these needs, it becomes much easier to produce relevant content that adds value to your brand and what you sell. 

If you don't study your lead, you can be sure your competition is doing it. Opening this gap to the competition is allowing your prospect or lead to receive a solution that you have neglected. Also, how will you know that what is actually shared with your base is relevant if you don't delve into your customer's needs?

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Beware of excesses 

It takes a good content marketing strategy to nurture it with quality - and not saturate your lead. Filling it with information thinking you are nourishing your base is the best way to go for those who want to miss out on opportunities. The first step, which is knowing your audience, is mandatory avoiding bounce rates. The second step is knowing how to share relevant content in the right measure. 

Saturating your leads' inboxes with emails, even with good content, can make all your work shallow. If you believe what you want to share is really relevant and interesting, give your lead a reason to believe that too. Investing in good headlines and titles is an option to increase your open rate, that is, having a well-structured and relevant email and content, you guarantee your clicks.

Coming out of the universe of emails, on your blog and other channels is not much different. It is necessary to unite the knowledge you have of your leads with your content creation dynamics. That way, you avoid overeating and ensure more solid nutrition.



Personality of the Educational Institution

A factor that has been different for many educational institutions is to develop the personality of their brand in an authentic way. Developing this personality doesn't happen overnight, but it's not a "seven-headed bug" either. What matters most at this stage is to establish a relationship of trust between your educational institution and your lead. 

Reflecting the quality of education you offer in the way you communicate and revealing a little of your dynamics within the classroom can be the best way to build a bond. Your design, website and every content shared should reflect the best you have to offer. In addition, social networks have contributed to the reputation of the brand, so we must always be aware of them. 

Everything we've mentioned so far is part of the first steps to prepare the lead for conversion. You can include these processes and tips in your action plan and direct your content strategy towards that goal. It is important to keep in mind that these are not the only paths, but they are very important. 

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