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5 tips on how to plan your CRM

Gustavo Goncalves
Gustavo Goncalves

Aug 11, 2023

strategy The CRM (Customer Relationship Management) strategy consists of planning together with the use of software. The strategy's proposal is to transform the consumer into the focus of the business in order to increase sales and profit, while reducing costs by automating processes during the customer's journey. Therefore, the strategy optimizes the work of the marketing and sales teams and ensures customer satisfaction.

However, a common mistake made by some business managers is to implement CRM software without having a strategic plan for it. In this way, the expected results are not achieved. Therefore, learn about 5 tips on how to plan your CRM strategy to win more and more customers and achieve all your goals. 

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Do a Business Needs Analysis

The first step is to understand what the business needs are and how the CRM strategy can help solve problems or enhance strengths.

Regarding the current management of the relationship with the client, map out which are the points that can be improved, study the characteristics of the market and the positioning of competitors, understand the weaknesses and strengths of the organization in the relationship with prospects and consumers, etc. After all, an analytical view is essential to optimize the marketing strategy.

Thus, after understanding and mapping all these issues, it becomes clear what are the company's needs that can be met with the CRM strategy. In this way, it is possible to identify the context of the implementation of the strategy and the software.

This is exactly why 4revops holds several meetings with companies right at the beginning of the CRM strategic planning process. Such meetings serve to survey the needs of the business, as well as to understand the prerequisites for configuring the software. Therefore, the professionals at 4revops create the ideal scenario for a successful CRM implementation.


Define the objectives of the CRM strategy

After understanding the needs of the company, it is time to define goals and objectives to be achieved through the CRM strategy. The marketing and sales teams are very important at this stage, after all, some common goals of CRM implementation are:

  • improving lead qualification;
  • increase customer loyalty;
  • increase the number of potential customer conversions;
  • generate more profitability;
  • lower the cost of acquiring customers;
  • improve the productivity of the marketing team;
  • optimize marketing strategy.

These are just a few examples, but there may still be many other goals to be achieved with a CRM strategy. At this moment, it is essential to define clear goals and key performance indicators to evaluate the efficiency of planning and execution in the future.

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Draw up the strategy

So, after a thorough study of the company and the definition of objectives, it's time to draw up the strategy. For this, it is important to clarify which teams and employees are responsible for certain functions, as well as establish the levels of access of each employee to the CRM tool.

At this planning stage, 4revops elaborates a flow design that meets all the company's needs, using all the resources available within the software. In this way, the process is automated to improve the conversion performance, as well as to achieve the other defined goals.



Use marketing automation with CRM

During CRM planning, also think about marketing automation as part of the strategy. After all, automation significantly optimizes the process of capturing leads, creating campaigns, selling actions with the existing base, automating the sales funnel and even customer retention work. Therefore, the ideal is to combine marketing automation with CRM to enhance the performance of the marketing team and thus improve customer satisfaction.

This stage of the journey is carried out by 4revops as follows: landing pages to capture leads, in addition to pop-ups and chatbots to collect information from potential customers. In this way, digital marketing connected to the CRM is designed to direct the generated leads. Once this is done, the automation works to carry out a segmented nurturing of leads. 

Within the sales funnel, a qualification process begins, as each stage of the funnel has a specific configuration, directing the lead to purchase. Then there is the post-sales automation work so that the customer is loyal.

Therefore, adding marketing automation in CRM strategy planning is very important to achieve the desired results and boost the performance of marketing and sales teams.


Add inbound marketing to your CRM strategy

Just as marketing automation makes a positive contribution to customer relationship management, CRM can contribute to inbound marketing. After all, with access to the information provided by the CRM, such as lead behavior and buying habits, it is possible to leverage the base segmentation strategy to carry out inbound actions.

Therefore, knowing the lead's interest in search, navigation or clicks helps to understand what type of content this potential customer is looking for. With this information, automation can act more intelligently, sending relevant content to nurture the lead and gain their trust for a future sale. However, this is not a function common to traditional CRM. So this feature is a big advantage for 4revops customers.

Anyway, with these 5 tips it is possible to plan an efficient CRM strategy that really brings the desired results. Therefore, it is clear that the planning stage is essential for the successful implementation of the tool.

Want to know more about CRM implementation? Get in touch and schedule a meeting with 4revops.

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