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The 8 essential tips to improve your CRM. Check out now!

Gustavo Goncalves
Gustavo Goncalves

Aug 11, 2023


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a strategy that uses software to improve the relationship management you have with your customer. That way, when implemented correctly in your business strategy, this tool can attract more potential customers, increase your sales, improve your digital marketing strategy and predict purchases!

Check out now, 8 tips to optimize the CRM in your company to make the most out of this tool and to achieve the expected results:

  1. Use the information to create a sales strategy;
  2. Understand the purchase funnel of your company;
  3. Create a marketing strategy;
  4. Integrate the CRM with marketing automation;
  5. Coach your team;
  6. Create segmented and more precise offers;
  7. Keep your customers satisfied;
  8. Invest in customer retention.

Keep reading and check out the details of each one of these tips to optimize the CRM of your company.

1. Use the information to create a sales strategy

It’s important to understand that the CRM is not just an information data storage software. After all, analysing the obtained information, it’s possible to know the purchase cycles of your company, the efficiency of the marketing automation, leads behavior inside the purchase funnel, the efficiency of the sales team and other relevant data to create a smart sales strategy.

So, analyse the obtained information by the software to know when and how to approach every customer, which product or service you will offer, when you will contact again, if the purchase doesn’t happen with the first approach, how to keep a relationship with the customer after-sale, and so on. Because an efficient sales strategy is capable of improving the conversion rate and the company’s profit.

2. Understand the purchase funnel of your company

The purchase funnel is a way to understand, track and guide the customer during the buying journey. After all, even if the funnel has defined stages (top, middle and bottom), every company must understand how your own funnel works. In other words, the manager must know what are the behaviors and interests of the customers in each stage and which triggers suggest a funnel stage change. Besides that, it is also important to track the purchase funnel conversion rate.

Therefore, it’s essential that the CRM is used to gather customer information and allow the manager to understand the company’s purchase funnel. And more, the CRM must work to segment leads in an organized way inside the funnel.

3. Create a marketing strategy

A good marketing strategy is crucial to the productivity of the sales team. So, with the CRM software, align the marketing and sales team to maximize the results.

Take advantage of the CRM resources to develop a good marketing strategy and apply it in your Customer Relationship Management. It can make all the difference to attract potential customers and increase your sales.

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4. Integrate the CRM with marketing automation

Integrating the CRM with marketing automation is essential to optimize the use of the customer relationship management tool. After all, with marketing automation it is possible to nurture leads before the sales team reaches the potential customer. That way, the chances of conversion are much greater.

Besides that, with these two tools together, it’s possible to avoid mistakes such as duplicated actions or outdated data. What that means is that both tools work better together. And that’s not everything, there is another important fact in gathering CRM to marketing automation: the possibility of a cooperative and improved work between the sales and marketing teams. 

5. Coach your team

The CRM is more than a software, it’s a strategy! So, it’s crucial to implement this culture in your company and indeed make your customer the business focus. Besides that, all the employees must be acquainted with the tool in a way the data will always be updated correctly.

In addition to investing in a software that provides precise and relevant data, it’s fundamental to coach your team so the employees know how to make good use of the generated information. Thus, give the necessary support so the salesperson can measure all the potential customer’s background and make a smart approach based on that.

6. Create segmented and more precise offers

A good CRM strategy is capable of recognizing what, how, when and for what price a customer wants a product or service of the company. After all, the system gives every kind of information about leads. Thus, knowing the customer background, appling a good marketing and sales strategy and having a well coached team, it’s possible to increase the sales with a segmented offer that matches perfectly to the customer’s necessities.

7. Keep your customers satisfied

The greatest goal of CRM is to satisfy customers. So, to improve the use of this strategy and tool it’s necessary to create actions that seek for customers’ satisfaction during the entire purchase cycle.

That way, use the CRM collected data to know each one of your customers and deliver them a personalized service. So, spend time analyzing the interactions, identifying and learning the insatisfaction point, recording feedbacks and so much more customer satisfaction strategies.

8. Invest in customer retention

One of the benefits of CRM is the possibility of retaining customers and even making them promoters of your brand. That’s why it’s a waste not to use the tool to reach this result.

After all, with customer retention, it’s possible to predict purchases, what that means is your business will be financially stable. Besides that, it’s five times more expensive to get a new customer than to keep an old one. Thus, loyal customers represent more purchases, more profit, less spending and more precision and clarity to estimate the incomes.

Then, with these 8 tips it’s possible to improve your CRM and reach the expected results, increasing the sales team productivity, optimizing the digital marketing strategy, increasing the conversion rate and predicting the purchases.

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