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Student recruitment: how to attract more enrollments? 8 tips!

Gustavo Goncalves
Gustavo Goncalves

Apr 8, 2024

Student recruitment: how to attract more enrollments? 8 tips!

Attracting students is crucial to the success and growth of an educational institution, be it a school, college, professional course, language course, among others. But many managers don't know how to apply efficient educational marketing strategies to increase the number of students at Educational institutions. Therefore, it is important to learn how to attract more enrollments and differentiate yourself from other institutions.

Therefore, 4RevOps has prepared 8 tips for you to put into practice and achieve success in your educational business by increasing student enrollment. Are they:

  1. Invest in educational marketing;
  2. Have digital marketing strategies;
  3. Inbound marketing;
  4. Take care in content production;
  5. SEO strategies;
  6. Email marketing;
  7. Run a freemium campaign;
  8. Take advantage of Artificial Intelligence to attract students.

ontinue reading our post and check out each of these tips in detail now!

Invest in educational marketing

The importance of investing in marketing is nothing new, regardless of the business sector. In turn, in the teaching area, it is essential to put together a good strategy for educational marketing to give visibility to the brand, attract more students and retain students.

Educational marketing is nothing more than the application of marketing strategies in educational institutions. In other words, it is the use of research, planning, management, monitoring and marketing techniques adopted in an Educational institution with the aim of attracting and retaining more students.

Therefore, the 4RevOps works to understand the people of your institution, the shopping day of students, the most opportune communication channels and what students look for in an educational institution. In this way, an educational marketing strategy is created capable of providing unforgettable moments for those who trust the school, college or professional course.

Therefore, an essential tip for attracting more enrollments is to invest and work with qualified professionals to develop and apply a good educational marketing strategy. Therefore, it is possible to achieve better results and guarantee not only the recruitment of students but also their retention.

Have digital marketing strategies

Behavior of the consumer is increasingly associated with the virtual environment. Therefore, building and executing strategies for marketing digital is essential to attract more enrollments.

Insisting on old methods and neglecting digital marketing because you believe that strategies that worked in the past will continue to work in the present can be a mistake with terrible consequences. After all, digital transformation is a real phenomenon in our society.

A famous example is Blockbuster, a movie rental company that did not innovate its business model and lost its customers to the innovative Netflix. Therefore, the consequence of Blockbuster's lack of updating was the company's bankruptcy. Terrible, isn't it?

Therefore, these are some of the reasons to have digital marketing strategies:

  • It's where your audience is.
  • It is perfect for segmenting and attracting the ideal audience for your institution.
  • It is possible to measure and adapt the strategy.
  • It has excellent value for money.
  • Optimizes the commercial process.

Therefore, to improve the recruitment of students at your educational institution, be sure to build and use strategies so that Educational institution has a good virtual presence.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing It is also called attraction marketing, as the objective of this strategy is to make students come after your educational institution. Therefore, this practice cannot be missing from the planning of the institution that wants to attract more enrollments.

Therefore, the purpose of inbound marketing is to create emotional connections with students through relevant, informative and personalized content available on the website, blog and social media of the institution. Therefore, once the interest of potential students is gained, a relationship begins based on valuable information and marketing automation.

Your institution, then, takes on the role of consultant and friend by sharing important knowledge with the student, creating a relationship of trust and placing your institution first on the student's list of options.

Therefore, investing in inbound marketing is essential for the educational institution to become a machine for new enrollments, in addition to being an efficient means of preventing student dropout. In other words, it is an investment with a guaranteed return.


Take care in content production

Content production is one of the most efficient digital marketing and inbound marketing strategies. Therefore, it is extremely important to create and maintain a blog on your educational institution's website. After all, this is a great way to educate the public, resolve doubts and solve problems of potential students, bring them closer to the institution, demonstrate authority on the subject, highlight the differences and strengths of Educational institutions, qualify leads, among many other advantages.

Therefore, a good strategy and application of content marketing It is an effective way to attract students, gain credibility and transform the institution's blog into a source of enrollment.

Therefore, investing in a content marketing strategy is essential for attracting students. However, it is worth highlighting that this is work that must be done with attention and professionalism, otherwise, in addition to not achieving the expected results, the institution may demonstrate a lack of authority. Therefore, pay attention to your strategy and content production!

Student recruitment

SEO strategies

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), is a set of practices with the purpose of optimizing and improving the positioning of a website on the search engine results pages. In other words, imagine that a person interested in taking a Law course searches for the keyword “law school” on Google. Of course, you want your educational institution's website to be on the first page when that person searches.

Therefore, understanding and using SEO strategies is a way to reduce investments in paid ads and create a good reputation and credibility to increase enrollment.

Furthermore, it is essential to use SEO strategies throughout the website and in content production. This way, more people are attracted to the institution's website and blog, increasing lead capture.

Email marketing

Email marketing is a digital marketing strategy that aims to nurture leads directly. Therefore, still using the example of a person interested in studying Law, imagine that, after accessing your institution's website or blog, they provide their email address and allow the Educational institution to send a newsletter.

This way, email marketing maintains segmented, intelligent and direct communication with this potential student until the lead is qualified and the sales team gets in touch to enroll.

Therefore, email marketing is extremely efficient for attracting students, especially when used in conjunction with marketing automation, therefore, it is essential that it is practiced in your Educational institution.

Run a freemium campaign

Freemium is a business model in which the company offers a free product and, if the consumer wants to have access to premium features, they must pay for it. Therefore, an educational marketing strategy in a higher education institution, which uses the freemium business model, could be to offer free courses during the holidays.

Therefore, potential students can benefit from the institution's infrastructure and quality of education free of charge, however, only for free courses during the holidays. In other words, to actually earn a higher education diploma, the student must pay the course fees. Therefore, creating freemium campaign strategies is an effective way to attract more enrollments.

Take advantage of Artificial Intelligence to attract students

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a resource with a track record of success. After all, this technology is capable of identifying patterns and creating analyzes based on data in a matter of seconds, while a human being can take days to do the same.

Therefore, using this feature, the sales team's efforts are directed towards leads with real potential to enroll. This works as follows: AI identifies patterns and determines the best strategy for the educational institution to invest time and money in leads that have the greatest potential to be a student. In other words, the conversion rate increases, costs decrease and profits grow.

4RevOps works with several AI tools; including Watson, from IBM Cloud, Google Cloud, Aito, Chatlayer and Jumper. After all, 4RevOp is a specialist in educational marketing and aims to connect marketing strategies to the dissemination of education around the world through experience, automation and Artificial Intelligence.

Therefore, these 7 tips, when put into practice correctly and with planning, are extremely effective in attracting students. Therefore, for the success of your educational institution, invest in educational marketing and apply strategies such as digital marketing, content marketing, email marketing, SEO, AI and freemium campaigns. This way, you will certainly stand out as a manager and attract more enrollments to Educational institutions.

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