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Strategies for attracting students for higher education

Gustavo Goncalves
Gustavo Goncalves

Jun 28, 2023

Have you noticed how the educational market is more competitive? With each passing day, the number of educational institutions increases and, consequently, the competition for students' attention as well.

In order not to be left behind in this race to capture leads in higher education, universities need to invest in Educational Marketing assertive and aligned with the profile of your target audience. But, do you know how to do this?

Keep reading and discover eight tips for capture students and how to put them in practice at your educational institution. Let's go?

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What is student engagement?

A student recruitment is a set of strategies developed by educational institutions with the aim of attracting leads and converting them from visitors to enrolled students.

On this journey, you need to understand the lead, their fears and dreams, and present the best solutions so that they can become your future students.

One of the biggest goals of Educational Marketing is precisely to attract and retain students. With the right strategies, it is possible to change your results, attract new leads and transform your enrolled students into great propagators of your brand.

But, do you know how you can do this? In the next topic, we will present eight tips to put into practice in your strategies.

8 tips to attract students to your educational institution!

Now that you know that a good Marketing strategy is fundamental in this capture process, I imagine you are wondering how to do this.

This is a frequent question within the educational institution, that's why today we've put together eight tips for you to put into practice and start attracting more students.

  • Understand your student's profile;
  • invest in Content Marketing;
  • Make your website more attractive;
  • Make covenants;
  • Promote community-oriented events;
  • Participate in educational programs;
  • Invest in sponsored links;
  • Mark presence on social networks.

1- Understand your student's profile!

The first step towards an effective fundraising strategy is to understand the profile of your target audience. After all, you can't relate to someone you don't know, can you?

When it comes to getting good results, analyzing the potential student's profile is essential to create real connections with your lead. By studying the student's profile, you can identify their behavior during the purchase journey.

Therefore, our tip is: create a personas. As Has been Personas are semi-fictional characters of the ideal customer, based on real data from your audience. With one personas done well, you can understand the pains, goals and visualize possible solutions for your future student

In addition, the persona can guide the educational marketing actions. It helps your service team, sales, and even in the production of good content.

2- Invest in Content Marketing!

And since we're talking about Content Marketing, of course this is another essential point for your fundraising strategy. If at first you needed to get to know your student, now you need to create a dialogue with him.

Therefore, the time has come to attract him through the production of relevant and useful, that can solve your doubts about the university, either with a blog post like this one, website or even using its communication channels.

But, before investing in content production, it is important to analyze the sales funnel. What stage is your student in? Is he a visitor, an unqualified lead, or ready to enroll?

At each stage of the funnel, your Marketing team must invest in specific content. For example, if your potential student is a prospect, you should nurture them with top-of-the-funnel content, that is, introductory subjects, blog posts on a certain subject, career tests and even guides on interests or questions from the company.person.

In this attraction stage, all of this content can serve as bait to turn the visitor into a lead. It's important to know what stage your future student is in so you can nurture them with the right content at the right time.

3- Make your website attractive!

You must have noticed how nowadays we use the Internet for almost everything, right? From researching a course to choosing a quality university, people have increasingly sought the practicality and flexibility of the digital universe.

The reflection of this is that Brazil is one of the countries where people spend the most internet time, second only to the Philippines. And of course if everyone is connected, your students are too!

Therefore, if you want to attract these users, having an attractive website is essential! In addition to passing on information about your university, inserting the institution in search engines and connecting you with the student in this digital environment, a good website can be a great way to obtain important information about your potential student.

Before creating a website, you must keep in mind that some factors are essential to make it more attractive to your visitor, such as: Easy and dynamic layout; Beautiful and organized design; Responsive website, that is, adaptable to all devices.

4- Make covenants!

A good way to attract students to your educational institution is to enter into agreements with companies, granting discounts to professionals who enroll in their courses.

The exchange is quite fair: the company discloses its educational institution and you offer financial advantages for students to enroll.

5- Promote community-driven events!

It is interesting that your educational institution gets involved with the local community in order to build a good reputation and, as a consequence, develop a good strategy for attracting students.

The tip here is to promote events that attract people to your educational institution. They can range from June parties to open lectures. Remember to have good quality informational material to hand out to face-to-face participants.

For those who are not present, how about doing a live broadcast on Facebook? Or else film the event and make it available on your YouTube channel, making registration by email a requirement to see it?

6- Participate in educational programs!

Some states, like Paraná, have television channels dedicated to education. These channels offer educational programs for the most diverse profiles of students, including higher education students.

Closed television channels also usually have programs aimed at education or else focused on debates and interviews, another great opportunity to make your educational institution name appear.

7- Invest in sponsored links!

The attraction of students in higher education has increasingly turned to the internet. This is because search engines are the first resource used to obtain more information about an educational institution.

The fastest way to get conversions is to invest in sponsored links. Google Adwords is the most used tool for creating ads and allows you to monitor your results in real time.

You set your budget, create and target your campaigns, determine the maximum cost per click you're willing to pay, and run a series of ads in a matter of hours.

Just don't forget that prior planning is necessary, with the selection of the best keywords, analysis of your competition's strategies and definition of your campaign objectives.

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8- Be present on social networks!

According to data from theHootsuite e WeAreSocial, OBrazil is currently the third country who uses social media the most. are about 150 million online users, which represents 70.3% of our population.

Most of these users are young people between the ages of 16 and 24. That is, potential students for your educational institution. But, to reach them, it is clear that it is necessary to invest in the presence of your university within social media.

Forget direct sales or self-promotion. These platforms are focused on relationships, one of the most powerful weapons in Educational Marketing.

If you build a social media strategy aimed at interacting and engaging your community of followers, the tendency is for more and more students to be attracted.

Promote content aligned to the interests of these students, launch questions, challenges, contests and quizzes. Get them to say what they need and provide them with value. Each content shared must direct to your institution's website, after all, this is your biggest conversion channel.

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