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Strategic indicators in education: what track online and offline?

Gustavo Goncalves
Gustavo Goncalves

Feb 20, 2024

Strategic indicators in education: what track online and offline?

When an educational institution decides to invest in marketing strategy it is taking great steps towards being extremely competitive in the educational market.

However, investing in tools that seek to attract new students is just the first step, as it is essential that there is monitoring and measurement through strategic indicators.

The so-called KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) or key indicators can give a macro view of the campaign, showing the cost of each action and the return on investment made.

Do you want to know which main KPIs that your educational institution should take into account? The 4RevOps help you with this challenge of measuring expenses and profit.

Cost per lead;

Cost per acquisition;

Average ticket;

Conversion rate;



Profitability differs.

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Cost per lead

OCPL is an indicator that measures how much your educational institution is spending to attract a student for your courses. It is an account that divides the total spent on the campaign by the number of people who showed interest in your institution. With the result of this account you will have the CPL. Learn about the importance of leads in CPL in an article by our blog

Cost per acquisition

The CPA measures the expenditure of educational institutions to convert a potential student. It measures the campaign spending as a whole and is divided by the number of students actually enrolled.

Average ticket

Average ticket in an educational institution, its objective is to measure how much a student spent on average on courses, undergraduate, postgraduate courses, etc. Divide the revenue by the number of sales and with the result it is possible to measure which area to invest more in, what is already working, etc.

Conversion rate

The conversion rate is one of the main strategic indicators inside marketing digital. With it, you can find out how students have interacted with your campaigns in registrations, filling out forms, social networks, websites, landing pages, etc. To know the conversion rate number, just divide the total new leads by the total visits. Did you know that your conversion rate largely depends on content marketing?



The ROI (return on investment) is one of the main thermometers in Marketing campaigns. With it, it is possible to know exactly what the return achieved was based on the investment made. To do this, just subtract the income from the investment and then divide by the investment.


The profitability It is nothing more than an indicator of profit, a positive result, that your educational institution has in relation to what it offers. And to measure this KPI it is necessary to divide the net profit by the gross revenue and multiply by 100.

Strategic indicators

Profitability differs

Despite also referring to profit, the profitability differs from profitability, as it does not consider gross revenue, but the investments made in projects and the institution. In other words, to know the profitability of your educational institution, just divide the net profit by the investments and multiply by 100. .

Did you realize the importance of strategic indicators to measure the results of your educational institution’s marketing campaigns? The 4RevOps can help your institution become a reference in the educational market.

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