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Relationship ruler: practices for relationships with students

Gustavo Goncalves
Gustavo Goncalves

Aug 10, 2023

A faithful and lasting relationship is the dream of many people. But calm down, we are not talking about marriage! The subject here is the relationship rule with students, do you already know this concept?

We are keeping an eye on resources for attracting new students and school retention, but we know that none of this happens if the educational institution (IE) does not maintain a good relationship with students. In fact, interaction begins even before enrolling, so it's good to think of methods to build and maintain contact.

In fact, any resemblance to personal relationships is not coincidental! Therefore, we have prepared this article especially for you to understand what the communication rule is and how to put the strategy into practice. 

What you will see in the post:

Come on?

What is a relationship ruler?

The relationship ruler (or communication ruler) brings together a series of marketing actions to build a good relationship with the consumer. The Inbound Marketing strategy is based on the user's behavior in the communication channels and must accompany him as he progresses through the sales funnel.

Thus, contact with the person is constant, including both the prospect and the lead as well as the already loyal customer. The intention is to interact with the public in a personalized way, that is, individualizing the service and the content that reaches each one.

The idea is to seek to understand how he behaves and thus improve the brand's communicative approach with the aim of attracting and retaining him.

But, after all, how to put the concept into practice in an assertive way? See below.

5 good practices of the communication rule

It is important to know that a personalized and successful communication depends on a main factor, which is knowing the consumer's profile.

The personal information that the user provides on its platform is valuable for the methodology to be applied efficiently. Just think of the following example: if someone calls out to you in a crowd, but doesn't mention your name or some very personal characteristic of you, will you look?

Let's list some marketing strategies that will be useful for your EI when creating a good relationship rule with students.

1. Welcome

Everyone likes to be welcomed and there's no denying that! And we are not just talking about physical establishments, because, even in the virtual environment, we can please those who are arriving.

When a lead signs on your page, it's only fair to thank and welcome them, isn't it?! This first contact will be valuable for the brand, which, right from the start, will have shown to be receptive.

2. Sending Offers

Did someone say offer? That does call the consumer's attention, even more so when he receives exclusive offers.

A discount on enrollment or tuition won't do anything wrong, see? Remembering that segmented promotions make communication with the student even more individualized!

And both for the first contact and for sending future opportunities, the ideal resource is one that we already know well: the workflow design. email marketing.

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3. Content production

Not only sales experience a relationship with the customer. Incidentally, the story is unlikely to start with sales, which is why it is so interesting to offer relevant content to potential students.

Inbound Marketing is a favorable tool for this, after all, attracting new students and nurturing leads are also part of the strategy.

Think about your students' needs, present the solutions and call them to action. O call to action makes all the difference! Whether to read another post, subscribe to the newsletter or request a product or service, inviting the reader is always a good idea.

4. Contact on commemorative dates

Have you thought about congratulating the students of your educational institution on the most special date of the year for them?

Send congratulations on your birthday, but also on student's day and even on enrollment anniversary, why not?! The idea is to work on creative and happy communication, which creates an even closer bond with the student.

5. After-sales strategies in the relationship ruler 

After-sales, finally, is a crucial point in the relationship and email marketing rule, since the support given to the customer says a lot about the school and, consequently, about the user experience.

In this case, it is essential to maintain service channels to solve students' doubts and questions, and even to avoid evasion (the famous churn). Yes, student support helps a lot with school dropouts!

And it is a fact that a humanized, personalized and agile service brings another positive point to the EI, and this can be done through chat bots programmed to serve students with little or no human intervention.

Bonus tip: the relationship after lead conversion

It is worth mentioning that the work does not end when the visitor becomes a lead. Even after conversion, contact with this user is essential to strengthen this relationship, in addition, feedback from this lead can be an important point of improvement in media performance. 

This is because once the communication rule is over, another fundamental part of the process comes into play: the relationship rule so that the commercial part continues to nourish this user with relevant and valuable offers.

What are the benefits of the relationship ruler?

Communication is the key to maintaining good relationships, have you thought about that? And in schools it is no different, since close contact can reflect positively on the experience of their students.

The benefits for the IE that adopts this good practice are many, but see just a few:

  • Reduction of school dropout, which is synonymous with greater student retention;
  • Increased ROI, i.e. return on investment;
  • Increased customer loyalty;
  • More engaged users in communication channels;
  • communication aligned with the interests of each individual.

If what your educational institution needs is a solid and lasting relationship with students, get your hands dirty and develop a strategy. The starting point is to carry out a survey about the market and what is most important in the experience of people enrolled in your institution.

After mapping, it's time to look for actions that are more consistent with the school and the consumer's profile. Afterwards, it's just a matter of executing the relationship ruler!

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