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5 reasons to unite Inbound Marketing and CRM to your strategy

Gustavo Goncalves
Gustavo Goncalves

Aug 11, 2023

Both Inbound Marketing and CRM are essential strategies for the success of any business in today's market. Since both have common goals, such as attracting and keeping customers, the integration of these two strategies is capable of optimizing (much) the company's sales process.

In this way, learn about 5 reasons to unite Inbound Marketing and CRM and understand how this integration is capable of positively reflecting on the success of sales and the financial results of the business.

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Synchrony and unity of marketing and sales teams

One of the advantages of integrating the CRM with the Inbound Marketing strategy is to ensure collaborative work between the company's marketing and sales teams. In this way, it is possible to count on a spirit of collaboration between the employees and optimize the performance of the two sectors.

With the common goal of attracting and retaining customers, sellers can use the leads and lead information generated through the digital marketing to approach and serve customers more effectively. Likewise, the marketing team benefits from the data generated by the CRM tool, improving lead nurturing, sales funnel segmentation, email marketing strategies Outbound Marketing, among others.

Therefore, by synchronizing and uniting the marketing and sales teams, it is possible to achieve better and faster results, ensuring a greater number of closed deals and good financial performance. That is, this is a great reason to combine Inbound Marketing and CRM with your strategy.


Information always up to date and in one place

When the CRM software is not integrated with the tools used by the marketing team, some problems can happen. An example is the duplicity of registrations and outdated information.

Imagine the following situation: a potential customer was attracted to the sales funnel through digital marketing campaigns and the marketing team segmented this lead as “top of the funnel”, that is, a customer who is still at the beginning of the process of sales. 

However, this lead goes to the physical location of the company and makes the purchase. Without the information being in a single place, the marketing team continues to treat the lead as someone who has not yet completed the purchase journey, and the work should already be related to after-sales and loyalty.

Therefore, avoiding outdated information is very important to guarantee the performance of both the Inbound Marketing strategy and the CRM strategy. Therefore, it is essential to update information in a single place, through the integration of strategies.

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Greater customer satisfaction

CRM and Inbound Marketing have customer satisfaction as a common goal. Therefore, these tools, when worked together, achieve their goals optimally. After all, with the information obtained through content marketing, the seller is able to approach the customer by delivering exactly what he wants. And which customer is not satisfied with a personalized service?

In addition, with the data generated by the CRM tool, the marketing team is able to improve its strategy. In this way, it is possible to deliver quality content to the customer, as the greater amount of information allows improving content production, lead nurturing, e-mail marketing work, among others.

Therefore, if the customer is satisfied, he will buy from the company again and even recommend it to friends and family. thus ensuring that the common objectives of the Inbound Marketing and CRM strategies are achieved, once the attraction and loyalty of customers has taken place.


Better management through the union of Inbound Marketing and CRM

One of the great advantages of the CRM tools used by 4revops is the possibility of having access to the behavior and buying habits of the lead. In this way, the Inbound Marketing strategy can be much more effective. After all, with this information, it is possible to have better management and strategic planning of base segmentation for inbound actions.

That is, knowing the lead's interest in research, navigation or clicks helps to understand what type of content he is looking for. This contributes both when approaching and selling and nurturing leads, producing content, etc. In this way, decision-making through management is much more accurate due to a good analytical view based on data.


Increased ROI (Return Over Investment)

ROI is the calculation of the relationship between profit and the amount invested to obtain such profit. In other words, it is the return on investment. Therefore, every company aims to achieve a significant number of ROI. After all, it means that the company is making big profits with little investment.

By joining Inbound Marketing and CRM to your business strategy, it is possible to increase ROI, which means achieving excellent financial results, as integrating the two strategies into a single platform allows for a smaller investment to achieve greater profit.

In addition, this union will provide improvements in internal processes, greater practicality and productivity for the marketing and sales teams, collaboration and unity among employees, optimization of content marketing, etc., resulting in better numbers in capturing leads, sales and customer loyalty. Therefore, the company will achieve better revenue rates, therefore, in practice, this indicates better ROI rates.

So these are 5 great reasons to combine Inbound Marketing and CRM with your strategy. Furthermore, it is clear how these two tools together are essential for the success of the business, increasing the number of sales and providing excellent financial results.

Are you interested and want to know more about how to achieve excellent results in your company? So, learn about CRM strategy: an essential application for the success of any business!

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