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Possible new markets that will emerge with virtual reality

Gustavo Goncalves
Gustavo Goncalves

Jul 10, 2024

Possible new markets that will emerge with virtual reality

According to a survey carried out by Gartner, by 2026, around 25% of people will spend at least one hour in Metaverse By you virtual reality. Currently, this is already a very popular subject and many companies are already starting to enter this new market, or rather, world.

However, will we really see changes related to the market with the arrival and popularization of virtual reality or Metaverse? In this post, we will talk a little about virtual reality and which markets and professions could emerge from this new area.

What you will see this post:

What is virtual reality?

What markets will emerge with virtual reality?

Development of ecosystems and worlds;

Storytelling aimed at the metaverse;

Security management for virtual worlds;

Metaverse Education;

Immersive games.


To check it all out, keep reading!

What is virtual reality?

Good, but what is virtual reality? It is an operating system and user interface technology, which uses 360-degree images or 3D graphic resources to create a high immersion experience.

A well-known example of virtual reality are, precisely, the glasses virtual reality. When using them, it is possible to have the feeling of being inside the environment that is being viewed through the device.

Another use that has become quite popular is virtual tours, in which the user can see a series of 360º images of schools, colleges or other establishments, being able to analyze all their environments in an immersive and complete way.

A virtual reality works with visual and sound stimuli, which must make sense of each other. Furthermore, there is the possibility for the user to interact with the environment or objects, according to the system configuration.

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What markets will emerge with virtual reality?

Now that you understand a little better what reality is virtual, it’s time to analyze how these and other technologies can create a series of promising and necessary new markets for this new reality of humanity.

  • Development of ecosystems and worlds;
  • Storytelling aimed at the Metaverse;
  • Security management for virtual worlds;
  • Education of Metaverse;
  • Research science.

Do you want to understand how each of these markets will work? Continue reading to understand the possibilities that this new world will offer us!

Development of ecosystems and worlds

One of the pillars of Metaverse and its own virtual reality are the worlds created within this technology. After all, it will be within these places that users will have their experiences.

Therefore, it is expected that there is a Marketplace focused on developing ecosystems for virtual reality, in which institutions will be able to hire a team to create environments focused on selling products or services, whether directly or indirectly.

The professional who will work in the development agreement ecosystems may work in already known areas, such as administration, human resources, marketing, in addition to the technology sector itself.

Storytelling aimed at the Metaverse

In this current world, it is possible to see the importance of storytelling to generate connections between companies, brands and audiences, and we believe that this will not be so different in the virtual world of Metaverse.

This is because it will take more than just beautiful and modern environments to captivate the public, but also to promote immersive experiences and missions, which know how to tell the story of the organization and insert your client into this scenario.

In this way, there are chances of the emergence of the storytelling market aimed at Metaverse and for the needs of institutions and brands within this environment to achieve public activation through the tools.

Possible new markets that will emerge with virtual reality blog

Security management for virtual worlds

When you start to understand what Metaverse is, a question that is commonly raised is regarding the security of these environments. After all, confidential information or even money can be easily obtained by hackers if the virtual location does not have good security.

In this way, we will be able to see the creation of a market aimed at ensuring security in industrial environments. Metaverse, creating and monitoring strategies digital security so that data and users' money is safe.

Currently, we can already observe several technology engineers who are specializing in systems security and who will be able to work effectively and easily within the Metaverse.

Metaverse Education

With so many new developments, it will be necessary to have people who are able to direct and teach the rest of the population about virtual reality, the Metaverse, what is NFT and other technologies that encompass this new world.

However, the teaching does not need to beWith restricted only to topics related to the Metaverse: lots of schools and colleges will be able to use technology to be able to teach classes to students from anywhere in the world.

Furthermore, it is also possible to create different environments to make classes more interactive, such as, for example, teaching a Geography class in an environment that simulates the types of soil found in the country.

Immersive games

In Brazil, the games market is a success, and the tendency is for this area to gain even more space for innovation with virtual reality. In fact, there are already games that use this technology, such as VR chat and Beat Saber.

However, anyone who thinks that games can only be used for entertainment purposes is mistaken. In the educational area, for example, it is possible to create situations that integrate the knowledge learned in class to be resolved.

Currently, games from Metaverse, in addition to entertaining users, also help them earn money, mainly by buying and selling land and characters or bitcoin mining.

In short: No Metaverse, we can expect news for the ecosystem development, storytelling, security management, education and games markets.

Thus, knowing the possible new markets that emerged with virtual reality, you can now adapt your business to one of these areas or even create a new product or service that meets this new demand.

Do you still have any questions about the Metaverse? Then it is recommended that you check out this other onepost on our blog where we explain better what this new feature is and its main trends.

Metaverse: discover the universe of virtual reality


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