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Omnichannel consumer journey is essential in attracting students

Gustavo Goncalves
Gustavo Goncalves

Nov 1, 2023

The consumer and their purchasing behavior have changed, so it is necessary to change the way of selling and marketing.

The discussion between student recruitment online and offline seem increasingly irrelevant, as customers tend to adopt an omnichannel habit: they compare prices online, talk to other consumers outside the network, visit points of sale... all without making the distinction between the channels you use.

We can already say that there is an omnichannel consumer journey. Is your educational institution prepared for this reality?

Understand how this trend is changing consumer habits, how it impacts the students’ journey and how it is possible to explore this way of marketing!

What is the omnichannel consumer journey?

It is the journey that the customer takes before deciding to purchase through the multiple channels available to them. Today, it makes little sense to focus solely on physical or digital channels, or to use both without integrating them. The student does not distinguish between the two experiences, as the brand behind them is unique.

The omnichannel consumer journey, therefore, is much more complex. Students can be converted on any channel, which increases the need to invest in the consumer experience.

Why should you pay attention to omnichannel behavior?

If the omnichannel consumer journey is already a business reality in numerous sectors, in education, especially higher education, it is emerging with much more strength!

A large part of the audiences of these institutions are people who live 24 hours a day, have information at their disposal and will accept nothing less than a lot of Google searches, conversations and knowledge about the brand's reputation before making a decision.

Frustration with the relationship on one channel, digital for example, will impact the student's entire journey, even if you have excellent service in person or over the phone. In addition to quality in all media, it is necessary to integrate them, offering students an uninterrupted shopping journey.

Attracting students online and offline are the same thing. Both have the same objective and reach the same consumer who seeks relevant information on various channels.


How to benefit your company’s omnichannel consumer journey

Pay attention to your media on mobile

Mobile is much more than a complementary way of accessing online services. It is already the only means of browsing the internet for almost 50 million Brazilians. The consequence of this is a student journey that, for the most part, is covered on smartphones.

So, don't adapt your communications to cell phones, think for them initially! This improves navigability and, consequently, the user experience.

An additional tip is worth an additional tip here: Google recently announced that it will index content first on mobile. Therefore, invest in the mobility of your communication!

Have a unique student support service

It doesn't matter where the demand came from: by email, social media or telephone. The service team must be ready to resolve it regardless of its origin. Remember that in the omnichannel experience, it doesn't matter much which channel you use, but rather your experience with the brand.

estudande com celular na mão

Create integrated databases

For you to invest in marketing campaigns that take into account the omnichannel consumer journey, it is essential to have an integrated database. The information generated during a lead capture or when registering, must be available for consultation by anyone (from the sales and marketing team, for example).

Keeping in mind the omnichannel consumption journey, attracting students online or offline will become much easier. Make sure your educational institution is doing this correctly!

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