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4 offline marketing strategies to attract more students

Gustavo Goncalves
Gustavo Goncalves

Oct 23, 2023

Attracting more students to university, and keeping them, is a reality that is fully possible when good strategies for educational marketing are used.Among these strategies are those that rely on digital platforms as the main means of reaching potential enrollees. These online marketing tools are powerful, however, it is also possible to invest in offline marketing to attract more students to the university, retain them and generate a good reputation for your brand.

What you will see in today's post:

The importance of diversifying marketing strategies

4 good offline marketing strategies to attract more students

  1. Exposure in traditional media
  2. Branded Content
  3. Promotional actions with students
  4. Actions of a social or socio-environmental nature

It's time to understand the value of offline marketing to attract more students. Check out the best strategies and learn how to conduct them!

The importance of diversifying marketing strategies

There is no doubt that digital marketing has its place. With it, it is possible to segment the audience well, accurately measure the results achieved and evaluate the success of the strategy.

Despite the advantages, it is worth not being tempted to ignore other ways of marketing. Have you ever stopped to think that a good part of your audience might be outside of online media?

So, the saying goes: don’t put all your eggs in one basket! Before investing your entire marketing budget in a single strategy, do some research into your audience's profile, understand where they tend to find information and which media are most effective in reaching them.

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4 good offline marketing strategies to attract more students

1. Exposure in traditional media

Radio, newspapers and billboards are examples of media that still generate great credibility. They tend to require higher investments than those made in online channels, but it is possible to obtain a good return with them.

One possibility for this is to work with press relations actions. Professors, students and directors at your university can be the source of journalistic articles for radio and TV. This is a cheap way to expose your brand and increase your credibility.

In addition to press relations, advertising is also a possible solution. However, pay for quality spaces where the public can be reached — segmented magazines, for example — and check the cost-benefit of the operation.

2. Branded Content

If you don't want to depend on ads in major magazines or articles published in newspapers, no problem! You can invest in your own publications. The term Branded Content refers to content produced by a brand that generates authority for it. The brand becomes a producer of content, be it educational, informative or entertainment.

Producing a specialized magazine that circulates in the community or holding recreational events (a race, for example) are good examples of Branded Content actions.

3. Promotional actions with students

Word of mouth and student recommendations are worth a lot! People tend to value the opinion of those who are close to them (friends and relatives), so referrals are good forms of marketing.

Invest in actions that provide discounts for students who refer other students and create discount packages for members of the same family. This benefits your brand and the student community.

offline marketing strategies

4. Actions of a social or socio-environmental nature

Finally, invest in actions that bring the institution closer to the community. The key word here is engagement: find out about the problems that exist in university mediations and check what it can do to help residents.

There is a huge diversity of actions with local schools or of a socio-environmental nature that can be developed. This type of marketing, in addition to attracting more students to the university, helps to create a positive image for the institution.

Did you see how offline marketing to attract more students can be easy to execute and Low budget? Assess your brand’s current needs, study your audience and put these strategies into action!

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