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Offline lead generation: 4 strategies you can’t miss

Gustavo Goncalves
Gustavo Goncalves

Oct 27, 2023

An offline lead generation It has some particularities compared to online. In general, there is greater resistance to providing data: non-customers seem more concerned about providing contact information when offline.

This and other specificities require good strategies to capture leads with outbound marketing. It is necessary to think about creative strategies that optimize the marketing budget and generate good results.

In this post, we brought four ways to attracting students with outbound marketing

  1. Holding events
  2. Vestibular
  3. Offline promotional actions integrated with online
  4. Cold Calling

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1. Holding events

Events are the most efficient way to generate leads offline. They help to increase the number of enrollees, in addition to being an easy way to find partners and suppliers. Obviously, the action should not be thought of with the sole purpose of generating leads, as it requires a good investment.

Once the event has been planned, the capturing leads with outbound marketing can start from the moment of registration. Take advantage of the fact that many people are willing to provide their personal information in exchange for being able to participate in in-person events.

During the action, carry out raffles and promotions that motivate participants to leave contact with the institution. If the event is held by a third party, use your stand to present the services offered and give away gifts in exchange for registration with a few questions asked.

2. Vestibular

The entrance exam campaign is a great time to generate leads with outbound marketing. Of course, the effort to attract students must extend beyond this time, but you should not miss the opportunity to bring together the largest number of people interested in a higher education course at your Educational Institution.

Pay attention to taking advantage of leads captured in previous entrance exams. Often, they are forgotten, and the institution misses the opportunity to generate new enrollments.


3. Offline promotional actions integrated with online

Integrate offline and online actions! An example of this strategy is the use of check-in on Facebook.

A potential customer's visit to an educational institution is a good opportunity to connect with them on social media and start a relationship that, in the future, will generate new sales. With social media check-in, finding this lead becomes easier.

Furthermore, it is a form of marketing that reaches other potential customers, as this student's social circle may be interested in the services of your educational institution.

Offline lead generation

4. Cold Calling

The concept refers to contacting someone over the phone without ever having had contact with that person before. It may be a weird way to do marketing, but it is possible to get results with this strategy.

At the beginning, you probably have superficial information about the contact, which doesn't immediately make him a lead. It is important to have a qualified team to lead the cold call, able to identify the signals of who is on the other end of the line.

The advantages of attracting students with outbound marketing There are many and they even involve possibly less competition. Competition for ads, keywords and other tools in the digital environment can be high in your segment, requiring much greater professionalization of the strategies developed.

To capture leads with outbound marketing or with inbound marketing, it is important to think about the consumer. Creating personalized strategies is what actually impacts the recruitment of students!

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