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4 new trends in Educational Marketing strategies

Guillermo Tângari
Guillermo Tângari

Mar 26, 2024

4 new trends in Educational Marketing strategies

Technology advances and consumer behavior changes. This is no different for the area of ​​education: each generation of students requires a new adaptation of their educational institution.

That's why Educational Marketing continues to update and develop new tools and methodologies that favor the retention and recruitment of students. In this market, staying up to date is essential.

Therefore, we have listed the main trends in Educational Marketing strategies that your educational institution needs to keep an eye on.

What you will see in the post:

  1. AI Chatbot
  2. Online registration and registration
  3. Content Marketing
  4. Audio Marketing

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1. AI Chatbot

One of the main trends within the area of ​​Computer Science is the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI). This technology was developed to simulate human intelligence. She is able to learn according to the programming that guides her actions.

This technology is being implemented in chat tools, making the robot created to respond to website users have a more natural and human conversation. Plus, it improves your response patterns as you interact with leads and students.

The Chatbot with AI is a trend for several fields of Educational Marketing, from welcoming students to your educational institution's website to resolving student problems (which helps with student retention).

2. Online registration and registration

Capturing students offline still has space and represents an important part of the Marketing of educational institutions. However, every day we see more access to institutional websites and people who use the virtual environment as their only channel.

Hence the need to also offer an online registration alternative. After all, if the student researches your brand on the internet, finds out about your courses on the website and reads your blog, nothing is fairer than that they can also sign up for the entrance exam or enroll in the virtual world.

But… how to do this? Well, there are several strategies. Capture forms are the most common, but they are already being replaced by a technology that we have already talked about in this text: AI chatbots.

The student can enter their website, have a humanized conversation with their chatbot, provide all the necessary information and the robot itself already stores the data in its CRM (Customer Relationship Management).


3. Content Marketing

Content Marketing strategies are already part of the routine of any brand that wants to have an online presence, right? If you follow our blog, you may have already read some material on the subject.

However, the production of content made by your educational institution in the blog format is only essential. There are other formats that should be part of your Educational Marketing strategy.

Video content production

Thanks to the improvement of internet plans in Brazil, and advances in digital platforms and social networks, video content is being consumed more. The new generation of students prefers to make (or watch) a video on TikTok or Instagram than reading a written article.

Media in video format is not something momentary. It generates more engagement, more publicity and allows for more accurate data collection about the behavior of your audience.

User-generated content

Another very interesting trend regarding Content Marketing strategies is the production of content made by students and former students.

They have already contacted your service, know your brand and can speak, from experience, about what they learned and what their time at your educational institution was like.

This material is a type of report, and it attracts the attention of people interested in the services you offer. After all, before signing the contract, it’s good to listen to what a “former client” has to say, right?

Educational Marketing strategies

4. Audio Marketing

As we said, it is increasingly rare to have people who read complete blog posts. That's why other media have grown and become more interesting alternatives.

However, this does not mean that your educational institution can stop production. It is precisely the content on the blog that has the keywords that search engines, such as Google, use to rank your website.

Does this mean that that content will never be fully read by anyone? None of that!

There is a way to make your educational institution's written content a little more attractive to the public. The name of this strategy is Audio Marketing.

Audio Marketing consists of transcribing written content (blog posts, e-books, infographics, etc.) into audio.

This strategy increases engagement and allows users to access all content without having to stay still on the page reading. These people can listen to your blog posts while they are on the bus, on the treadmill or any other activity.

Furthermore, Audio Marketing does not require so much adaptation. All your team needs to do is place a player with narrated content at the top of your blog pages.

If we stop to look at the relationship between the trends we list in this text, we can notice that Educational Marketing points in a single direction: the increase in the use of technological resources.


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